Shadowlands power leveling: WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide: How to Hit Level 60 Fast

WoW Shadowlands Leveling Guide: How to Hit Level 60 Fast

With the release of the Shadowlands expansion, leveling in World of Warcraft has changed dramatically as one of the best MMORPGs. Character max levels have gone from a whopping high of 120 down to 60, with the 1 to 50 leveling experience outside of the new content being far faster than it once was. Here are all the tips and tricks you need to level a brand-new character from 1 to 50 and, further down, how to level your first, and any subsequent characters, to level 60 quickly in Shadowlands.


  • How to level from 1-50 fast
  • How to level from 50-60 fast
  • Leveling alts from 50 to 60

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How to level from 1-50 fast

Play in Exile’s Reach

Class and race-specific starting zones from the “vanilla” World of Warcraft and The Burning Crusade haven’t changed since their inception. They still focus more on exploration and discovery than the story they’re trying to tell in the process. But even though it’s clearly meant as a tutorial for new players, the new Exile’s Reach starting zone is by far the fastest 1-10 zone in the game.

Rather than having multiple quest hubs scattered around a relatively large (and oftentimes boring) zone, Exile’s Reach is built with more modern MMO trends in mind. You zip from quest to quest with speed, all while learning your class and messing around with some of the game’s newer mechanics — it’s a blast. There’s even a mini co-op dungeon at the end to get your feet wet with team-based combat.

It’s easy to complete this zone in under an hour, catapulting you a sixth of the way to the current max level in under 60 minutes. That’s a feat that took the better part of an evening in the past. Allied Races and classes like the Demon Hunter and Death Knight skip this part entirely, but for any other class, Exile’s Reach is the fastest way out of the gate.

The fastest WoW expansions for leveling

The best part about World of Warcraft’s new leveling experience is that you’re no longer expected to consume unequal chunks of its 15-year history to reach its current story. You don’t have to peer at the absurdly big world map to figure out where to carry on your adventure every hour or two when you out-level wherever it is that you currently are.

Instead, the whole 10-50 experience is covered across a single expansion. Which you choose is completely up to you — unless you’ve never had a max-level character before. In that case, you’re sent straight from Exile’s Reach into the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

World of Warcraft site Wowhead has done the heavy lifting here, working out the average time it takes to reach level 50 through each expansion zone. Not all expansions are created equal. Just like how the vanilla opening zones take longer to complete than their more modern equivalents, newer expansions tend to expedite the leveling experience through sheer quest density and linearity. You’re carefully sent from one quest to the next rather than left to find another quest hub after exhausting the last.

The Burning Crusade expansion continent of Outland can take around 24 hours to complete by their calculation. It took 7 hours to gain 15 levels in our own average player tests without taking most of our own tips into account. Warlords of Draenor and Legion, on the other hand, tend to take the average player half the time to ding all the way to 50.

If you have a day off work and no prior commitments, it’s entirely possible to marathon a character to the current max level in a single day without wrecking your sleep schedule. With the right expansion, of course. That’s a gargantuan change from the way things used to be.

How to get Shadowlands pre-patch EXP buffs

The overhauled leveling of the Shadowlands pre-patch rendered a lot of older EXP buffs obsolete. Even Heirloom equipment, a common sight anywhere but the current expansion zone, has had its lucrative EXP bonuses turned off. But there’s still a way to get a handy EXP buff if you have a pre-existing character to use as a delivery mule.

Draught of Ten Lands is a potion/consumable introduced in the most recent expansion. It’s the rare instance of an item that still grants an EXP buff after the patch — 10%, in fact. You can’t buy it with Gold, nor can you craft it. Instead, you have to trade five 7th Legion Service Medals to Provisioner Stoutforge in Battle for Azeroth’s Boralus zone. The potion only lasts an hour, so if you’re planning to maximize your gains, you’ll want at least 10 of these things to see you through to the end. That’s 50 medals.

At this point, you’ll need to weigh up the time it takes to amass 50 medals against the time you’ll save by using them on whichever character it is you’re leveling. If you already have a stack of medals, the decision is that much simpler. You also get +5 to all stats, so that could account for quicker kills, making for quicker quest completion, too.

Learn to ride and fly!

One often forgotten part of the recent level squish is its effect on when you learn to ride mounts in World of Warcraft. Mounts offer far faster traveling speeds than walking alone, speeding up the leveling process exponentially but cutting down on travel time.

For years now, you’ve had to level to 20 to mount up, then reach milestones further and further up the leveling experience to gain faster mounted travel speeds and, most importantly, flying mounts. All that changes with the pre-patch. You’ll unlock the ability to mount up at level 10 – just an hour or so into the game – with faster speeds at 20, flying mounts at 30, and even faster flying mounts at 40. Here’s how it looks:

  • Apprentice Riding (60% ground mount) = 10 Silver at Level 10
  • Journeyman Riding (60% ground mount) = 50 Gold at Level 20
  • Expert Riding (150% flying mount) = 250 Gold at Level 30
  • Master Riding (310% flying mount) = 5,000 Gold at Level 40

The Gold required for each shouldn’t be a problem until the Level 40 unlock, but if you have 5,000 Gold on a pre-existing character to spare, you can more than double your regular flying mount speed, making the last 10 levels go by in an instant.

Flying alone will make a dramatic difference in leveling times (you don’t have to worry about finding ways up and down terrain). You level so fast that it’s entirely possible to forget to upgrade your riding skill along the way, but it’s almost certainly worth the couple of minutes away from your quest hub to pick up. Especially when you can learn to fly.

Note: while leveling through Battle for Azeroth or Legion zones, equip your mount with Monel-Hardened Stirrups/Demonsteel Stirrups respectively to enable item pick-up while mounted. This can do a long way in speeding up collection quests.

Grab some grub (and equipment)

You won’t notice it for the first 20 levels or so, but things will start to get more difficult as you progress. Plate-wearing classes like Warriors can take on a bunch of enemies at once without taking much damage, but as things progress, the struggle for level-appropriate armor will start to become apparent. That’s why health/mana replenishing food becomes a near-necessity at around level 25 or so.

Unless you’re using at least three Heirloom pieces, passive health regeneration is very slow. If you don’t have any healing spells of your own to get you healthy between fights, chowing down can keep downtime to a minimum, speeding up the leveling process.

Another way to mitigate this is to ensure you’re getting new equipment as often as you can. Earlier expansions can be slow on this front, so if you find yourself struggling to keep up with mobs, think about grabbing new gear from the auction house if you have the coin.

Run a dungeon (or twelve)

Assuming you don’t have your heart set on experiencing the story of whichever expansion you choose, Dungeons could offer a faster route to 50 still. EXP rates have been “normalized” since the patch hit, but they can still offer a dramatic bump in player experience upon completion, often netting you a ding in as little as 10 minutes.

The dungeons available to you this way depend on which expansion you choose, though. Decide on the Battle for Azeroth questline and you’ll be stuck to its fairly limited selection of early dungeons, for example. It’s safe to assume the shorter the expansion you choose, the more players you’ll have waiting in the dungeon queues, getting you into them that much faster.

As ever, tanks and healers will have near-instant queue times. If you’re playing a class that can pull off those roles, expect dungeons to be an easy way to hit the level cap.

How to level from 50-60 fast

Once you reach level 50, you’re all set to head to the Shadowlands — World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion zone. Unlike the Wrath of the Lich King days — the story of which this is almost directly succeeding — it won’t take you 10 to 12 hours to net a single level on your way to 60. Don’t go thinking you’re weeks away from joining the rest of the game’s player base if you’re just now getting started.

In actuality, 10 to 12 hours is the rate an average player can expect to climb all the way from 50 to 60. How you do that is mostly going to boil down to questing around the new zones of Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and Revendreth (likely in that order), but there are a few ways to speed things along.

New players should absolutely nip any wish of maxing level in the bud right away. That mentality will get you running every quest you come across, and while that would usually have been the best strategy in past expansions, it only results in wasted time in Shadowlands. These days, you need to run the Campaign questline to unlock anyway. Max-level content (like Covenants) are locked behind the linear Campaign questline. It’s designed to max out your EXP bar by the time they finish, so any distractions are, quite literally, a waste of time.

Because of this, you shouldn’t worry about any available EXP buffs. They’re not worth the effort and ultimately won’t speed anything up. But there are a few ways to speed up how quickly you complete the Campaign questline.

Mount equipment

This nifty trick is one of the only things to work beyond level 50 right now. Before you head into the Shadowlands, get to your nearest auction house and buy Light-Step Hoofplates for your mount and you’ll forever have yourself a 20% faster ride. You can’t fly in Shadowlands, so anything that gets you from quest to quest faster will automatically mean hitting 60 sooner. It won’t stack with a similar effect, though, so for any class with a similar buff built-in, opt for Inflatable Mount Shoes so you can instead cut corners by riding over pesky moats and lakes.

Potions and more

As most quests revolve around killing enemies, anything that can help kill them sooner will pay off long-term. Most potions recommended between 1 and 50 won’t work beyond those levels, but the Drums of Fury will. Similar to the mount speed buff, Drums of Fury won’t be of much use to classes with skills like Bloodlust and Heroism, but for the rest, it’s a way to benefit from that potent effect, giving you the boost you might need to tackle a powerful quest target on your own. Stock up on these at the Auction House before you head off.

Gunshoes and Goblin Gliders are two more items you might want to stock up on. The first will catapult you forward and give a great boost to speed to help you get from one objective to another, whereas the Goblin Glider can help you safely float down to lower areas of the map without potentially dying in the process. Items like Monelite Key can help shorten quests that have you kill enemies for cage keys.

Leveling alts from 50 to 60

For big bonus quest and kill EXP gains, turn on War Mode at Stormwind or Orgrimmar. This enables World PvP, which can ultimately slow you down, but if you’re not being slaughtered by a member of the opposite faction every 20 minutes or so, you’ll probably level faster than without it. If the zone is notably active at the time, you’re free to toggle it back off again.

Once you’ve cleared the original Shadowlands campaign quests and unlocked your Covenant on one class, it happens automatically on any subsequent level 50 you intend to level next, making alt leveling a less linear experience.

You don’t have to settle for the same Covenant as your first character. You might choose your main based on the best overall raid damage for Castle Nathria, and alts can make use of powerful AoE and survival skills afforded by a Covenant like the Kyrian to maximize leveling throughput. What you end up choosing depends on why you want to use your Covenant skills to repair gaps in your class’s weaknesses or enhance the strengths. This about it before you make your choice.

After selecting your Covenant, you can start leveling up. The campaign missions are no longer necessary for unlocking content at level 60. Still, they award more consistent EXP than most sidequest hubs, meaning a mixture of both is the key to fast leveling.

Legendary player/streamer DesMephisto has a spreadsheet with optimal Shadowlands leveling routes, but they’re relatively difficult for the average player to make sense of in a pinch. 

Instead of trying to follow it step-by-step, use the sheet as a guide as you play. It will help you select easier quests to make progress instead of getting stuck in longer missions.

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Shadowlands Leveling to 60 in 5 Hours and 37 Minutes — Fast Leveling Routes with DesMephisto

With the level 10-50 route down to a solid three and a half hours, DesMephisto has set his sights on speed leveling to 60 once Shadowlands launches next week, setting a 5 hour and 37 minute pace on the beta servers. Although the servers were a bit unstable, the pace was very brisk and didn’t require much more than simply doing the campaign. Still, there are a lot of small optimizations which can save time, such as collecting treasures and defeating rare mobs, which DesMephisto has helpfully put together in his Quick Leveling Spreadsheet & Heirloom Guide.

Horde Warmode was used for this run, which means it could potentially go even faster for Alliance players, although with so many players packed into the same areas, it will be interesting to see how much actual PvP occurs on launch — if frequent fighting breaks out between Alliance and Horde players, it may end up faster to turn off Warmode in order to avoid the fight entirely. Bottlenecking would seem to be the biggest concern for early Shadowlands leveling, not only due to players fighting over spawns and quest pickups, but from a server stability standpoint, as we’ve seen previous expansions struggle with too many players all congregated into the same areas.

That said, there are a lot of leveling advantages within the Shadowlands zones as well; most of the zones have good routes without a ton of backtracking, a plethora of elite mobs which give good experience on kill, and a lot of treasure which can be picked up along the way. As far as consumables go, Goblin Glider Kit, Lightfoot Potion, Monelite Skeleton Key, Gunshoes, and the Cloak of Coordination line of items are all used for getting around faster. Interestingly, the Draught of Ten Lands continues works beyond level 50 as well, so long as the buff is reapplied right before reaching level 51, speeding your way to level 52 or even 53 if you’re fast enough. More specific optimizations and tips can be found in DesMephisto’s repository of knowledge, the frequently updated Quick Leveling Spreadsheet & Heirloom Guide

The majority of DesMephisto’s route followed the campaign, deviating only to pick up the occasional treasure or kill off mobs to buffer the experience bar. To show these routes, he’s made a handful of basic maps showing the location of important treasure quests and rares along the way. More is expected to come over the next few days as he aims to push the route down to below 5:30, but it’s a great early look at how to optimize Shadowlands leveling and get ahead of the pack next week.

DesMephisto has become well known for a variety of achievements, most recently collecting all plate armor appearances and one-handed weapon transmogs in the game, leveling more than 60 characters to max level, setting multiple speed leveling records, and being a major contributor to Azeroth Auto Pilot, all while raising thousands of dollars for charity in support of mental health organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, Joyful Heart Foundation, and California Fire Foundation. While certainly not the only speed leveler in WoW, his dedication to streaming and frequent charity events have garnered a lot of attention on Reddit, Discord, and other online communities, including an interview with PC Gamer, and streaming WoW for 36 hours for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as giving his opinions on the new Heirloom changes coming in Shadowlands. He was also just honored with Desm’s Fistos, a tribute item in Shadowlands recognizing everything he’s done within the WoW community.

There’s still more to come too, as DesMephisto has dedicated to continuing his support for charity with more goals and giveaways over the month. If you’d like to join in, make sure to check out his stream, show your love for Warcraft, and support some great causes!

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Shadowlands Alchemy Guide 9.1.5 / Leveling 1-175 / Darklands Shadowlands 9.1.5. Consider the basic items, potions and other items produced by alchemists. And, of course, we will consider how to pump alchemy quickly and with a minimal budget.


  1. Why is it worth pumping alchemy?
  2. Leveling Alchemy in Shadowlands 1-175

Why is it worth leveling alchemy?

Alchemy as a profession has always been and will be relevant. Potions and flasks are important anytime, anywhere, Shadowlands is no exception. Being able to create potions with ingredients you have obtained through herbalism is a very handy skill. In Shadowlands, Alchemy can create new potions that heal poisons, restore health and mana. And not only you need these sweats and flasks! They will find a high demand at the auction, which will allow you to make good and stable money. Since these are all consumables, Alchemy is one of the few professions with which you can really consistently make gold.

Learn Shadowlands Alchemy

Learn Shadowlands Alchemy from Elixir Au’pir (39.2, 40.4), in Oribos, the main city of the Shadowlands. Nearby you will also find the Au’nachi Purveyor, who sells Alchemy consumables, and the Au’mar Sorter, an Herbalism trainer. The Au’Pir Elixir Master teaches most alchemy recipes.

Alchemy skill in Shadowlands ranges from 1-175.

Reputation alchemy recipes

Most recipes can be learned from a trainer, but there are exceptions:

  • Design: Wild Hunt Eternal Cauldron.
  • Recipe: Shadow Stone sold by Archivist Janir for honor with the Unrepentant.
  • Plans: Artisan’s Mark III Revered by the Unrepentant.
  • Artisan’s Mark II requires alignment with Ve’nari in the Maw.
  • Artisan’s Mark III requires respect from the Doom Legion in Corthia.
  • Artisan’s Mark «Bound Isle» requires research level 4 in Codex Archivist in Corthia.

Alchemical reagents in Shadowlands


  • Deathslight — Standard grass from all locations of dark lands
  • Slavolist — Bastion
  • Bone Corion — from Maldraxus

  • A torch of the Donestone — with ARDEN Revendreth
  • Belladonna — Rare Herb from all zones

Vendor Items

  • Rune Covered Vial
  • Distilled Extract of Death


Shadowlands are extracts, combinations of herbs ground together to form alchemical reagents. They are used in transmuths and in the production of additional reagents.

0117 chopped widow

Subject Level Components
Mined Deathlix

7 15 25 32 50

105 115 122 130 2X WIGHTS

Reagents transmutation
Some of them are used in alchemy, while others can be used in other professions. They are created using transmutation.

Recipe: Shadow Stone is sold by Archivist Janira in the Revndreet and requires respect from the Unrepentant.

Item Level

Oils can be applied to weapons for interesting effects, as well as to further interact with battle potions. The oils work in the same way as the old enchanting oils and currently last for 1 hour. They cannot be used simultaneously with a grindstone or weight.

Subject Level Components
BAMIROVER Oil 10 20 35 50 2X Deathslight, 1x covered bottle
Shadow kernel oil 10 20 35 50 2X Deathlix, 1x covered vine

potions in SHADOWLANDS

potions in the SHADOWLANDS

potions in the SHADOWLANDS .

In addition to the usual stat boosting potions, there are now more potions with fun combat effects (like Battle for Azeroth’s League of Unbridled Fury).

All Shadowlands potions require a minimum level of 51 to use and have a 5 minute cooldown.


This is a new type of potion for Shadowlands. Anti-Poison Potion cures all poisons currently applied to the drinker and reduces the duration of newly applied potions by half by 2 minutes. However, this potion does not work inside dungeons.

Item Level Components 9

The spiritual potion of mana 1 10 10 20

2X Deathslight, 1x covered with runes bottle
The spiritual potion of rejuvenation 5,23,13,

1x spiritual zelia of the ISENT

Spiritual Clarity Potion 100 110 127 145 5x Watcher’s Torch, 1x Rune Flask

9005 Enhance Potions0120

Divine awakening potion 125 135 152 170 3X Tures of Visorny, 3X Slavolist, 1x covered with runes Black

Auxiliary potions

are some of the basic auxiliary zelia, some of the main auxiliary zelias, some of the main auxiliary Shadowlands reagents. A new potion that increases your movement speed while dead is one of the new additions to Shadowlands Alchemy.

50 60 77 95 2X Deathslight, 3x torch torch, 1x covered with runes bottle Free traffic potion 50 60 77 1x, 1x Bolankia, 1x True, 1x of the Bolly , 1x -covered bottle Ghost speed 60 70 87 105

2X Deathslight, 3x bone root, 1x covered vine The speed of psycho -hearted speed 90 100 117 135 3X Slavolist, 3x torch of the sentinel, 1x covered vine Zella hardened shadows 100 110 127 145 9082

Rune Flask

Shadowlands Flasks


, schedule. 170,172,175
Item Level 0082
Ghostly infusion of force 160 170 172 175 3x Beladonna, 4x bone root, 4x torch, 4x widow -flowers, 1x covered Flacks
1x Belladonna, 3x Glorious Leaf, 3x Boneroot, 1x Rune Flask

The new cauldron will buff all classes and specs, even tanks.

Transmation of stones in ore 160 175 175 175 4X porous stone, 2x shadow Stone

Alchemical stone 9000

New alchemical stone for Shadowlandlands is the same usual effects that the previous derivatives : A proc that increases your best primary stat for 15 seconds and 40% increased effectiveness of healing and mana potions. It also has 1 additional reagent slot for item leveling. Test of the Craftsman-Revender 1 30 13 2 13 50 5X METTLECT, 1X Distilled Death Extract 1 25155157160 5x Deathbloom, 1x Rune Flask, 5x Distilled Extract of Death Artisan’s Mark 120

7 175 175 15X Deathslight, 5X covered the bottle, 10x Distilized Death Extract Test of artisan III 190 195 195

30X Deathslight, 5x Beladonna, 1x covered with runs, 10x Distilized Extract, 10x Distilized ESTOCT

Bound Isle Artisan’s Mark 200 200 200 75x Deathbloom, 25x Belladonna, 1x Rune Flask, 25x Distilled Death Extract, 15x Oryborean Shard

Leveling Alchemy in Shadowlands 1-175

To the surprise of many alchemists, there is a shortage of recipes for leveling in Shadowlands. You will often need to create green items, the chance of increasing the level of the profession for which is not great. And so, consider the way to pump alchemy as quickly as possible:

9011 Make0117 125-135

Level Item Components
Divine awakening potion 3x torch torch, 3X Slavolist, 1x covered vial
135-150 Fimit-free exorcism potion
Placed Phantom




0 , 1x Runeroot Flask (DF)
3x Widowbloom, 3x Bone Root, 1x Rune Root (EE)
3x Bone Root, 3x Gloryleaf, 1x Rune Flask (PP)

150-170 Phantom of ghostly dexterity
Physicized intelligence potion
Phantom stuncture potion
Phantom Storage potion
5X Widows, covered with runes Fleece
5x bone, 1x, 1x, 1x covered with runs. Flask
5x Glorious Leaf, 1x Rune Flask
170-175 Phantasmal Flask of Endurance 1x Belladonna, 3x Gloryfoal, 3x Rune Root0120

Leveling in shadowlands.

Factions in WOW Shadowlands


With the release of the Shadowlands update, new factions have appeared, reputation with which opens up access to many new things and recipes. You can upgrade both a separate faction and all at once. In the story, accesses: Reborn, Wild Hunt, Unrepentant, Undying Army. Factions have nothing to do with covenants and will not affect your choice, i.e. regardless of the chosen covenant, you can choose any faction and pump full reputation with them.

Since the developers decided to increase the value of equipment, cosmetic items are mainly given to factions. But there are exceptions: some representatives can buy recipes, weapons and items to improve armor.

In the Shadowlands reputation farming guide, we will tell you which faction is worth farming in order to get the maximum profit and separately highlight the rewards of other factions.

Reputation reward in Shadowlands

Scheme: PHA7-YNX Access to important game quests. Profession Recipes Transmog Illusion: Sinsage Ardenmoth’s Twilight Chatter Mount Barbarian Osteowings Access to the important quest quest Remembrance of the arbiter’s decision Quick Recitation Quill Recipe: Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism Formula: Sacred Shard Pattern: Shadow Necklace Cloak Blueprint: Shadowsteel Helmet Access to important game quests. Treatise on Obtaining Sinstone Fragments Contract: Harvester Court Illusion: Favor of the Hunt Blueprint: Shadowsteel Pauldrons Illusion: Access to Important Quests

Quests Arbiter’s Vulgarity Pattern: Heavy Desert Hide Pattern: Heavy Desert Armor Set Cup of Memories of Rattle Maw Tabard of the Ascended Access to important in-game quests. Encyclopedia of Restoring Sinstone Fragments Tabard of the Court of the Reapers Contract: Wild Hunt Gloves of the Apprentice Necromancer Access to important quests Smoothed cycle of contemplation

quests Lemet’s Requisition Orders Memory of Norgannon Faewoven Set Satellite Nail Contract: Ascended Access to important in-game quests. Recognized Tome of the Archivist Scroll of the Herald of Judgment Memory of Eonar Mail of the March Guard Technique Archivist’s Feather Blue and Green Equipment Tabard of the Wild Hunt March Guard’s Uniform Aspirant’s Stretcher Access to important in-game quests.

In this article, we will only talk about boosting reputation with Ve’nari, since this is the only faction that absolutely all players will need. By leveling your reputation with Venari, you will gain access to upgrades for Torghast and the Maw itself. At high reputation levels, you will be sold items to add sockets to your gear. We will tell you more about this later in the guide.

Ve’nari reputation boost

The faction is located in the Maw and opens access to Torghast, the main dungeon, which appeared in new content. Also, the faction opens up access to new tasks, and the maximum pumping of reputation, to new items.

All reputation items are sold by NPC Venari, who is in the orphanage at coordinates 46.8 and 41.6. Venari’s reputation differs from the usual model and has six levels:

  • Doubtful from 0 to 1000;
  • Dangerous 0 to 6000;
  • Friendly 0 to 7000;
  • Ambivalent 0 to 7000;
  • Cardinal 0 to 21,000;
  • Noble or Ideal.

Thus, you need to collect more than 42 thousand points of reputation in order to access all Venari rewards in Shadowlands and get into Torghast.

Goods of Venaria

Name Cost Reputation Information
Travel Code 60 Doubtful Teleports you back to Ve’nari’s Sanctuary. 20 minute cooldown, has 5 charges
Vessel of Evil Spirits 527 Dangerous Makes your first death in Torghast not count towards your death counter.
Extra-dimensional pockets 800 Dangerous Allows you to use the powers of Obleron Anima in Torghast in large quantities.
Scepter of Soul Conquest 205 Dangerous Inflicts Double Souls on you and target ally, increasing all stats of both you and the ally by 5% while you are in the Maw. The buff will disappear if you move more than 100 yards apart. Has 10 charges.
Oil of Aetheric Power 165 Dangerous Increases your movement speed by 150% and makes you invisible from enemies The Maw for 15 seconds. Cooldown 5 minutes, has 5 charges.
Get ready for trouble! Achievement Dangerous Achievement unlocks the quest: Rule 5: Be brave. Completing this quest gives you the Cypher of Obfuscation, which removes the effects of the Exposed Anima in Perdition Hold. 1050 Doubtful Allows the use of multiple capture points scattered throughout the Maw.
Animaflow Stabilizer 1650 Doubtful Activates a teleport to Ve’nari’s Sanctuary. This teleporter is a one-way trip to the Tremaculum, in the northern part of the Maw.
Mawtouched Miasma 230 Doubtful Surround yourself with miasma, dealing damage every second to all Maurats within 15 yards of you. Lasts 30 minutes. Can only be used in Torghast.
Skeletal hand with sticky fingers 330 Doubtful Attempts to open some locked doors and passages in Torghast. Cooldown 1 minute, has 4 charges.
Do it twice! Quest Ambivalent Achieving ambivalence unlocks the quest Do It Double! Completing this quest gives you the Cypher of Dampening, which removes the effects of the otherworldly screech.
Soul Stabilizing Talisman 775 Ambivalent Grants immunity to Soul Brand applied by Reavers activated with Level 4 Eye of the Jailer.
Ritual Lucky Prism 1025 Ambivalent Permanently increases the chance of getting epic anima powers from anima hoards in Torghast.
Prazmatic Insufera 3760 Ambivalent Destroys 100 prisms over 30 minutes.
Jailer’s Eye Memories 4986 Ambivalent Unlocks the Warden’s Eye Legendary Memories from Runecarver. Killing an enemy grants you the Third Eye, increasing your primary stat by 1% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 7, and increasing the duration by 1 second per additional stack. The duration of the Third Eye is increased by 50% while in the Maw. Can be created in slits for head, shoulders or waist.
Uncommon Charm Loupe Unusual Charm Loupe 1330 Cardinal Gives a chance to get discounted prices on Anima Hoards sold by intermediaries.
Insignia: Purchaser 1575 Cardinal Gives resellers within Torghast the chance to offer one rare anima power for sale.
Fragment of Unconnected Reality 1900 Cardinal Adds a conduit you have not researched to your collection, or upgrades a researched conduit by one level. If all conduits are researched, the item will randomly upgrade one of the lowest rank conduits.
Recipe: Mark of the Craftsman II 300 Cardinal Teaches you how to make a Crafter’s Mark II, an additional reagent that increases the level of a crafted piece of equipment.
Possibility Matrix 1525 Noble Upgrades Anima Treasure Orbs in Torghast, allowing them to always have at least two Anima Power variants.
Spatial Adjustment Apparatus 7200 Noble Adds a socket to a Shadowlands item that doesn’t already have one. Can be used on helmets, neck, bracers, belts or rings.

The currency accepted by the faction is stygia. It cannot be farmed like gold, but can be obtained by completing quests that are in the Maw, killing enemies. The longer the player is in the Womb, the more they farm Stygia, but each death takes 20% of the available Stygia from you.

Since the death of heroes in the Womb is not very similar to death in the way that you are used to, we decided to say a few words about it: when dying in the womb, you will automatically be resurrected in the cemetery, and if you run to your body, then you can loot the skeleton and get back the lost Stygia, but if you die along the way, it will disappear forever.

How to access Venari reputation boost

To start Venari reputation boost, you need to reach level 60 and do the covenant quest chain until you get one of the quests: Friends in Dark Places, Soul Contact, Doing What can’t or Back into the Darkness (depending on your covenant).

After turning in these quests, a short Venari chain will begin:

  1. Establishing ground rules;
  2. Make an escape plan;
  3. Keep a low profile;
  4. Trust deserved.

Upon completion of the chain, you will receive quests in the Womb to obtain Stygia and daily quests to increase reputation.

Jailer’s Eye

Jailer’s Eye is a debuff that players receive from completing daily quests, killing rare animals and special encounters, and collecting treasure. There are 5 levels of this debuff in total, and the higher the player’s level, the more dangerous the threat they face. While threats start out small (i.e. periodically place an AoE circle underneath you that you need to get out of), at level 5 staying in the Maw is next to impossible. Players can keep track of their current threat level using the icon in the top middle of their UI.

Unfortunately, the only way to reduce the effects of the Jailer’s Eye is to wait for the daily reset before heading back to the Maw.

There are 5 threat levels, each more dangerous than the last. The effects of the Jailer’s Eye will not affect you while you are in Venari’s Sanctuary. Here’s what each level does:

  • Soul Beacon — Soul Seeker is now hostile to you. Mawbound Soul Seekers are mobs that roam the Maw and are usually neutral. They are strong attackers with abilities like Decaying Blast and Focused Annihilation.
  • Soul Surge — Towers in the Maw will sometimes attack at your location and damage you, pinning you on the spot. Soul Surges will be applied periodically at your location. If hit, you will be severely injured and chained to the floor. Chains can be broken by clicking on them.
  • Hunt — Jailer sends assassins to you. Sometimes you will get the Hunted debuff. With this debuff on, the next time you enter combat, an Assassin will appear and try to kill you. These are not very dangerous mobs, but they will cast Jailer’s Mark, which further increases your threat to the Jailer’s Eye.
  • Winged Thieves — Stygian Thieves now seek your death. Occasionally, the Stygian Reaver will abduct you and slowly take off, inflicting Soul Brand on you. Once the Abductor is high enough, it will cast Quietus Strike and knock you back. You can kill the Reaver before Quietus Strike happens, but make sure you have Goblin Glider or other fall damage to land safely.
  • Instant Annihilation — Your healing received is greatly reduced. When your healing received reaches -100%, you take Shadow damage until death. Each Immediate Annihilation stack reduces healing received by 10%. With a new stack applied every 20 seconds, you will have a little over 3 minutes to get out of the Maw before the debuff fully builds up. Once you reach the maximum number of stacks, every second you will receive 10% of your maximum health as shadow damage.

In addition to the immediate extermination, you will receive the Eye of the Jailer debuff, which reduces all reputation gained from Stygia and Ve’nari by 100%. You can still turn in quests with this debuff, but mobs and rare items/events will no longer grant Stygia or reputation.

Daily Reputation Quests

Each day, the Ve’nari will give out two daily quests in the Maw. Each daily quest grants 75 and 145 reputation. These quests grant you 50% Jailer’s Eye level immediately upon completing the daily quest, so be careful with your threat levels when doing these quests.

Weekly Reputation Quests

Every week, Ve’nari will offer players two weekly quests that will earn 850 reputation and 450 each (or 1100 reputation and 700 if players go to the Fortress of Doom). These quests grant you a full level of Jailer’s Eye immediately upon completing the quest objective, so be careful with your threat level as well.

Jailer’s Wrath Events

Every hour the Jailer focuses his wrath in a certain area in the Maw. When the Wrath of the Jailer event is available, players can travel to the area and defeat mobs to fill the objective bar. Once this target bar is fully completed, a powerful jailer lieutenant will appear. This lieutenant has a lot of health, and it will probably take a group or a heavily buffed character to win.

This event can be completed once per week and grants 50% Threat Meter, 250 reputation with Ve’nari . You also have a chance to get level 183 equipment from the lieutenant.

Where to get reputation for Venari

We have arranged turnip farming locations in ascending order. Those. in the first place — the most profitable options.

Farming method Rep number
Covenant day quests From 250 units for each item.

Perfect — complete all tasks to get the maximum reputation pool in a short time.

This concludes our Venari reputation guide. We do not plan to talk about other factions, since their mechanics are standard and their leveling is not a mandatory step.
If you have any questions — ask in the comments, we will try to answer them promptly.

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