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In The Others, the world stands on the brink of apocalypse, as the fanatics of the Hell Club have summoned the 7 Deadly Sins to lay waste to our reality. Slowly the Others have creeped into our lives, corrupting society from within. The city of Haven is the key to their invasion, but it will not go down without a fight, thanks to the actions of the paranormal organization known as F.A.I.T.H. (Federal Authority for the Interdiction of Transdimensional Horrors). Each session of The Others is played with one player controlling the forces of a single Sin, against the other players who control a team of 7 FAITH heroes. The heroes cooperate to survive the Sin’s attacks and accomplish the missions set before them, while the Sin attempts to thwart the heroes in all ways (preferably by destroying them).

The heroes are divided into different classes, each specialized in a different aspect of the game. Leaders are good at helping the other members of the team. Bruisers are excellent melee fighters. Snipers are experts at using guns to put down monsters from a distance. And Fixers have the resourcefulness and knowledge of the occult necessary to resolve supernatural crises that spread through the city. Each hero also has their own stats and unique abilities that set them apart from all others. Knowing when to bring in the right reinforcement can be key to FAITH’s victory.

Corruption is one of the main mechanics of the game. It is both a way for the Sin to consume heroes, and a way for heroes to accomplish amazing feats they wouldn’t be capable of normally. Taking corruption grants heroes powerful bonuses (as long as they keep taking corruption), but when they become fully corrupted, their darkest secrets may come back to haunt them and tear the team from within, or their flesh might simply succumb to the sinful influences.

The Sins player, on the other hand, has access to the different monsters of each Sin, including Abominations, a Controller, and the terrifying Avatar of Sin! These monsters can attempt to destroy the heroes, or simply hinder their progress on their missions. Each Sin provides the Sins Player with a different deck of Sins cards that can be played at different times to surprise players with different effects, often tied to the strategy of each Sin. Yes, because each Sin taints the game with an overarching mechanic that is always in effect. For example, Pride punishes prideful heroes that venture into the streets on their own, while Sloth punishes heroes who try to move quickly across the board. Heroes will need to learn to deal with the different influence of each Sin, which will always stand between them and their mission.

The Sins are also aided by Acolytes, with each session using a different type. These lowly corrupted servants of darkness can fight and stand in the way of heroes, but they also have a once per round special ability that reflects their previous lives. For example, corrupted hobos take equipment from heroes, corrupted nuns corrupt the city districts, and corrupted doctors keep heroes from healing.

There are 7 different stories that players can embark on for each session of The Others. Each of them brings different special rules, different dynamics, and a unique system of branching missions the heroes need to accomplish in order to be victorious. There are Terror stories, which are more straightforward, focusing on action and combat; Corruption stories revolve around the Corruption spreading through the city and the heroes themselves; and Redemption stories rely on saving the city and the few innocents that remain. Each story can be played on a different map setup, which further makes the dynamic of each session unique.

The board used in The Others is made up of several tiles, each depicting a different city district and different configurations of streets. As the city of Haven still belongs to humanity, and it’s the Sins that are attempting to take it over, the heroes can use it to get different benefits each district offers them. For example, they can go to the hospital to heal wounds, to the museum to get rid of corruption, to the RavenCorp tower to get new equipment, or to the police station to call in an orbital strike. What districts are available on each map, and their location, can greatly change the dynamic of the game.

As the game progresses, and depending on how badly the heroes fare against storyline plot twists and developments, the Apocalypse Track will advance, making the Sins gradually stronger and more terrifying. Apocalypse cards, tied to the type of story being played (Terror, Corruption, or Redemption) introduce new twists and challenges to the game, even bringing in the members of the Hell Club themselves!

Heroes will die. Either in noble sacrifice, torn apart by claws and tentacles, or consumed by the corruption welling up in their souls. The question is whether the FAITH team will manage to fulfill their final mission in time, or whether the Sins will reign supreme over humanity.

The Others: 7 Sins: Core Game

8 Hero Figures

The seven deadly sins have manifested into avatars that threaten to destroy the world with their army of abominations and corruption.

One player will become one of the seven deadly sins, attempting to bring about the apocalypse and crush any resistance. As members of F.A.I.T.H., it’s the job of the other players to fight back against the darkness and hold back the apocalypse.

Do you have what it takes to vanquish the avatars of sin and save the world? Or will you become sin itself and attempt to destroy the world instead? This is The Others: 7 Sins!

The Others: 7 Sins pits one player against the rest in a battle for the fate of the world. One player takes on the mantle of a Deadly Sin and attempts to move along the Apocalypse Track and kill the pesky members of F.A.I.T.H. standing in their way. The Sin Player will have an army of abominations to help them as well as a multitude of other options at their disposal.

The rest of the players play as a team of F.A.I.T.H. operatives tasked with cancelling the apocalypse and purging the avatars of sin. They will have seven characters with unique abilities they’ll use to fight monsters and accomplish the objectives laid out by the story. When a character dies, they’ll be replaced with one of the characters in reserve; but, if there are no replacements left, the players have failed and the Sin player wins.

The battle will be fierce. Who will come out on top?

There isn’t one way to have an apocalypse, so

The Others: 7 Sins comes with multiple scenarios for players to tackle. Each scenario presents the members of F.A.I.T.H. with different challenges to overcome as they fight against the Sin Player and their army.

The city tiles are double-sided, providing more customizability for each encounter. How will a new configuration change your strategy?

One of the cores of

The Others: 7 Sins is the combat, which is resolved by a roll of the dice. While that may sound simple on the surface, there are several twists that will take players for a ride.

Chain Dice and hit harder!
When players roll dice for combat, there is a possibility they’ll roll a hit symbol that lets them add another die to their roll. Players could end up chaining multiple dice, possibly swinging combat in their favor.

Embrace Corruption
Engaging in combat has its dangers, but players can mitigate that by voluntarily taking on corruption for benefits. When a player takes on corruption, they’ll gain bonuses for each corruption they’ve taken on. The benefits are many, but there are downsides as well.

Taking Wounds
Players will take wounds if monsters manage to get a hit in on them during combat. These wounds add up quickly, covering up the benefits that player would’ve received from gaining corruption. The more combat you engage in, the more risk there is of taking wounds. If a character takes enough wounds, they’ll die and need to be replaced with a new character. The dynamic between gaining corruption and risking wounds provides players with interesting choices throughout the game.

The apocalypse is nigh! Will the seven deadly sins overcome humanity and drown the world in darkness? Or will the members of F.

A.I.T.H. succeed and protect the world from impending disaster? Get your copy of The Others: 7 Sins and play out your story!

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7 Sins — review and review of the game on AG.ru

Modern society is mired in
depravity. Britney public kiss
with Madonna. Rockstar trades
creation of interactive sex simulators.
Carlson turns out to be
treacherous seducer of the little ones
boys … And some French
the studio that hitherto supplied the public
construction and fire fighting
strategies, now offers
wishing to taste the poisonous sweetness
seven deadly sins.

It’s hard to be selfish

Main character 7 Sins
— suffering from various
neuroses and permanent
spermotoxicosis maniac dreaming
about fame, money and limitless
power over people. In a word,
typical city dweller.
The personality is utterly banal, but,
alas, ill-suited for the role
youth idol. Arriving in Apple City
novice gigolo immediately realized
that here in the city of all known
sins and vices, he finally
can realize himself. Around
flocks of moneybags swirl and
bored ladies of balzac
age — which of them will refuse
give to the sweet and amiable
young man a heavy pack
bills? Especially if he, irrigating
sofa with tears, confessed to you
love to the grave or oath
promised to marry an ugly
mature daughter.

Target 7 Sins far from
moral foundations. Whether it’s flirting
with the boss’s wife, collecting dirt,
harmless dances in the night
club — the essence does not change. To
to succeed, we need
learn to use others
in their smallholding
interests. In Catholic
catechisms clearly indicate the main
roads to hell. Pride, greed, fornication,
gluttony, envy, anger and laziness —
here are my favorite ways
impact on human
consciousness from the infernal
forces. Missions are trying
illustrate the name of the game.
Working as a salesperson in a women’s
store, we enchant
wealthy customers,
take turns with them in
fitting room, playfully groping
and surprise with the art of French
kiss. For what? Another way
get rid of expensive junk,
laid out on the shelves, and replenish
wallet does not exist.

Further, more. Apartment
professional playboy
turns into a branch of the show «For
glass» (it’s easy to guess
that it is about pride).
Nosy womanizer converges with
celebrities, falls in love with them, leads
home, after which half the country
passionately discusses features
anatomy of a popular singer. But as
you will like strictly
secret party
perverts (in the style of
adored by aesthetic layers
Stanley Kubrick film population
(Stanley Kubrick) «Wide Shut
eyes») or a visit to a fitness club,
looking like a guild of mercenaries
killers? character’s natural charm
combined with the deepest
capable of sincere misanthropy
move mountains.

Communication is the foundation on which
the game is holding up. Nobody interferes
go through with everyone you meet
stages, from acquaintance to fiery
passions. We choose the topic
statements/actions (humor, love,
pity, money, punctuality,
flattery, etc. ) and follow the reaction
interlocutor. If she
positive — means a gap in the «defense»
found (usually there are several).
We continue to talk about
the same key, and the listener is very
quickly convinced that for the first time in
life came across a smart and
understanding person. Developed
relationship to the maximum, you can not
only earn decently, but also
get a portion of carnal
pleasure. For example, one of
Saks clients since childhood
dreams of doing it in
showcase … What kind of desires roam in
the head of the wife of the owner of a miracle boutique,
I won’t tell.

Flirting is seriously complicated
psychological problems of the hero.
Look at the mustache above the lip
rich shapeless aunt and
spend hours listening to the same
twittering another fashion model,
maintaining a courageous smile,
occupation is not for the faint of heart. IN
on the left side of the screen are three
columns illustrating
sexual arousal, stress and
anger. Sniffed the perfume on the neck
charming mulatto — pants
suddenly became too tight. A
when she starts to twirl
ass, checking if it fits well
purchased dress, hormone levels
in the blood goes off scale.
You gape — brutalized
the ward will become arbitrarily
rush at people, paw them and
characteristically moving the hips. Keep in
mind — in the event of an «explosion»
will have to start over!

Two similarly implemented
the remaining parameters. Unobtrusive
chatting with an elderly grandmother,
which constantly notes something in
notebook, will bring anyone to
white heat. The coquetry of this
person is suggestive of arsenic and
potassium cyanide. Irritable
citizens will prefer immediately
shove the notorious notepad into her
mouth. Yes, well-mannered salesmen
don’t arrive but endure up
infinity will not work.

There is only one way out — to sin. pee in
chief’s drinking water,
discreetly tear an expensive outfit on
counter, give in the face Krivorukom
to the waiter, without asking to grab someone
(with whom it will not be necessary to build «business»
relationship) for the chest, call
fat cow . .. Options —
great number, but
be careful. The sharpest
raids can easily lead to
forced restart of the level.

It’s amazing, but our conscience
«Protégé» atrophied before
end. Hooligans are allowed seven
once a day. If the limit is reached,
will definitely have to do
good deed. Let’s wash
dishes accumulated over the week.
Once stepped on the throat
own song — and a few
blazing circles with a pitchfork
fly over the horizon. Everything is fair.

Laughter and sin

Alas, life is not cloudless. Finished
for all beauties — one side
medals. Need will make you kiss
sweaty men, satisfy
the base needs of the lustful
old women, substitute «sirloin»
body parts under attack
high-ranking sadistic and friendly
pat the boss in the width.

Good humor helped the authors
avoid the pool of vulgarity and boredom.
Having a heart to heart talk with
a visitor to an anonymous orgy
you can figure out what’s in front of you
President of the League of Virtue. IN
the store manager’s office is the best
the wall is allocated for monitors, in
live broadcasting «report»
from the fitting rooms. Vertex
positive idiocy —
overexcited hero, in search of
soothing and sublimation
crawling into a nook and
dressing up chic
corset and stockings.

Many actions are in the form
funny mini-games. peeping,
theft, «blevarium» (resembling
Dance Dance Revolution, counting
lambs carelessly jumping over
working circular saw
fast drinking…
Bloodthirsty and stylish showdown with
fluffy cat birds
full five points! Scary
say, but deliberate primitivism
hand drawn pictures
associations with celebrities
men from Fallout. And here
stray fans of Sexy Beach 2
there is nothing to catch here. Virtual
sex is the destiny of the sons of the Country
rising sun. sacred act,
annoying tireless fighter for
banknotes, arranged in the form
uncomplicated arcade where we are on time
looking for a mysterious point G (analogue
famous children’s fun «cold-hot»)
or we stroke chastely (i.e.
carefully circle with the mouse) female
forms. Cute.

Normal dialogues in 7 Sins
No. Characters make do
outlandish «chirp», and
subtitles below
allowing you to follow the progress
conversation and reaction of the opponent. «So
we love each other? So this is not
only sex,» wringing his hands,
the naughty grimaces, considering
the vast beer belly of a neighbor
double bed. «Chat with
Number 6. He has a nice face.”
advises «briefing», alluding to
a masochist hanging around
in a closed leather mask. «One
a percentage of profits goes to orphans-vegetarians»,
— some customers are softened
very strange arguments.

The graphics were amazing — it turns out
people from obsolete
The PlayStation 2 is up to something.
Quality models, cute
«blurring» effect (during
conversations are only in focus
interlocutors), soft animation …
Impossible to look at without a smile
like a buster of purses and
beds, making faces, winding
kilometers on a treadmill.
nude? Her in 7 Sins
can not be. Resilient «macho»
does not disdain to wear thongs, but on
neighborhood girls
extravagance does not produce
special impression. Bedding
all-around offered
exercise in underwear. Maximum
debauchery — black stars instead

Another trouble — purely technical
plan: on my video card for some reason
refused to work full screen
smoothing. True, you have to give
tribute to the craftsmen from Monte Cristo — game
good without it.

Closer to the final process a little bit
boring. After the twentieth time
extermination of harmless animals
no longer brings joy
Yes, and monotonous «Okhmurezh»
key NPCs would not hurt
diversify. Conclusion — do not exceed
dosage and don’t try to play
all day long.

All kinds of nonsense do not make the game
honor. When a cheerful Don Juan
interrupts every minute
romantic conversation to
run to the toilet
cakes, put someone
fingal or something else
self-assertion — it looks like
too artificial. Random
disappearing mask (try
put on «tiger» shorts) on
an anonymous party is also annoying.

But there are a lot of small «gingerbread» here
(they do not affect the passage, but
general atmosphere and image of the anti-hero
support) — starting from the collection
women’s underwear in the wardrobe and
ending with the possibility
flirting with an unattractive
rich dad’s daughter, spin
him for money.

About «it»

Surprises are not always bad.
I expected to see a simple
a parody of The Sims with a light
erotic bias, like Playboy:
The Mansion, Singles or The
Partners, and, I confess, I was surprised.
The life of a sassy unscrupulous
womanizer is shown with humor, without
terrifying vulgarities and boring
details. Main disadvantage
understandable to anyone: even the girls from Playboy:
The Mansion weren’t shy
show us dimensionless
silicone balls. What made
developers hide charms
local beauties? Maybe,
company management seriously
counted on «teenager»

However, you are unlikely to
revise favorites
moments. But with that 7 Sins
can significantly lift your spirits and
give a couple of pleasant hours, not

7 Sins (2005 — Windows). Links, descriptions, reviews, screenshots, videos on Old-Games.RU

Barbie dolls are very popular in the world. Computer games for a long time bypassed their attention to the possibility of embodying such virtual dolls for everyone, everyone, everyone who wants a peaceful gameplay. But when the developers of the Maxis studio created the game The Sims , along the way coming up with a new definition for the «life simulator» genre for it, they did not fail at all and gained great success with the general public. Arranging a virtual life and building houses for your human Sims was very exciting, but the gameplay, in fact, is not so original: the player’s actions repeat the same fuss with dolls.

Of course, many developers would like to be on the same field as The Sims and get their share of the profits. Obviously, just copying the «life simulator» will not be enough — you need some kind of branded zest that would attract the attention of players.

For the game 7 Sins , it was decided to increase the dynamics of the gameplay and lure players with promises of a hooligan theme. Studio Monte Cristo and publisher Digital Jesters invited players to try the notorious seven deadly sins.

The protagonist of this game must get to the top of the social ladder, but the way there is associated with all sorts of dirty deeds. 7 Sins takes place in the fictional city of Apple City, which further echoes the theme of the forbidden fruit (which is often depicted as an apple).

The protagonist’s name is Luke (real name Jay Falcon) and he wants to achieve popularity in the prestigious and luxurious city of Apple City. His career starts in a clothing store. Gradually, the player will be able to provide Luke with a promotion: he will get a job at the Eden Club, work in a luxurious Escorago restaurant, get into a sadomasochistic club, a fight club and other places. At the same time, his popularity will grow, for which he will use a variety of techniques.

In fact, this hooligan game is not so similar to life simulator The Sims as it might seem at first glance. Gameplay mechanics and character activities include more arcade mini-games, and the player is not as often left as an observer of the actions of the characters, as is the case in The Sims . In particular, there is no creative element here — you can’t build a house, and you don’t have to deal with interior design. From The Sims , only the satisfaction of some vital needs remained, as will be discussed below.

In the clothing store, you can do the following things: Luke will seek out wealthy customers, flirt with them and lure them into fitting rooms. The ladies, fooled in this way, can sell the goods and get the treasured money. At work, the seller will need to monitor three parameters displayed on horizontal scales. They show Luke’s sexual arousal, stress, and anger. Exceeding one of the parameters will lead to loss of control over the protagonist and a penalty replay of the level. To avoid this failure, it is necessary to distract the hero with all sorts of hooliganism, which are designed in the form of mini-games and victory in which will cheer him up and lower the indicators of irritation or stress. The behavior of the hero in this case is surprising in its immaturity for his age: who would have thought that this sales assistant secretly relieves a small need for a plant in a tub or spoils expensive outfits.

Other locations have their own types of hooliganism and related mini-games. But you can do nasty things a limited number of times per game day. Obviously, it is Luke’s conscience that keeps him from doing more dirty tricks. She can be appeased by doing some good deed, and after that you get another free «window» for a bad deed. This may be necessary in order to correct the hero’s stress level.

There are no normal dialogues in 7 Sins . As in The Sims , the characters speak in gibberish — but there are subtitles that help you follow the conversation and the reaction of the character. The player can start a conversation with any character and choose the topic of the statement / action (humor, love, pity, money, punctuality, flattery). If the interlocutor reacts positively, then we have successfully found one of his favorite topics and are able to completely charm a new acquaintance. Good relationships can bring both earnings and the opportunity to play pranks. And Luke is always happy about it!

Taking into account the fact that the game was prepared in 2005 and not only for the PC, but also for the PlayStation 2, the developers were a little limited by the resources of this console. But they tried to portray high-quality models and decorate the picture with various effects, so outwardly 7 Sins looks decent. Only the animation in some mini-games can upset, especially in those dedicated to bed scenes — the love joys of Luke and his next girlfriend will look too awkward.

This whole set of hooligan mini-games can entertain for a short time — you won’t be able to flirt for a long time, since 7 Sins will soon reveal all its activities to the player and stop surprising with something. A humorous approach to depicting the life of a macho and careerist can please with its jokes, but someone will not appreciate such humor. So we have a foreign analogue of the game « GEG: Wild Adventure «.