Ps5 festplatte: USB extended storage on PlayStation 5 consoles

Best PS5 External Hard Drives 2023

The PlayStation 5 has been out for a good while now, and many users will have expanded their game collections close to the internal hard drive’s maximum capacity.

The Sony console’s 825GB storage is plenty if you’re only downloading a few must-play PS5 games, but, if you’re constantly downloading new titles and want to keep your saved progress, you might be struggling.

That’s where this guide comes in. Here, we’ve rounded up the best external PS5 SSDs that we’ve tested so far.

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A post-launch software update now means you can move both PS4 and PS5 games over to external storage, and you’re also now able to finally expand the internal storage, too.

While most external drives can’t match the speed of the PS5’s own drive, meaning you also can’t play games from them directly, you’ll still get way faster transfer speeds and a smaller device.

The options we’ve listed below are all compatible with PS4, as well, just in case you’re looking to boost storage for Sony’s older console.

Our Top Pick: PS5 External Hard Drive


Samsung T7 Touch

Best overall

Easily one of the best SSDs out there for any purpose, including expanding your PS5 storage.

See at Amazon (GB) See at Amazon (US) See at Amazon (CA)



  • Great biometric security
  • Rapid transfer speeds


  • Not much wrong with it

This SSD from Samsung is a doozy — it’s pretty decently priced for the storage you get, with bigger sizes available, but it also comes with a fingerprint scanner that makes it amazingly secure.

You’ll get seriously fast transfer speeds through its USB-C cable, and it hardly takes up any space whatsoever. It’s the best bet for most people.

Here are four other top SSD options for your PlayStation 5. Since our current top pick might not be right ort every type of user — or, indeed, every budget — it’s always worth exploring multiple options before narrowing your choice down.


Seagate Firecuda SSD

Reliable option

A great drive that’s marketed at PC gamers but will store games handily for your console, too.

See at Amazon (GB) See at Amazon (US) See at Amazon (CA)



  • Reliable
  • Great speeds


  • A little chunky
  • Pricey

Seagate is a big deal in storage, in case you didn’t know, and it has a variety of drives available, but its Firecuda range is specifically aimed at gaming.

This external SSD is pretty expensive, there’s no escaping that, but it’s also remarkably quick and we really like its light-up design. For an extra 1TB of storage, it’s a great bet.


WD_Black P50 NVMe SSD

Excellent alternative

A great gaming drive with a unique design.

See at Amazon (GB) See at Amazon (US) See at Amazon (CA)



  • Nice design
  • Aimed at gamers


  • Very expensive

If you do indeed want to double your storage amount, though, this drive from WD_Black is gaming-branded and has a really resilient design.

It’s also impressively speedy and plays very nicely with other consoles, not just the PS5. However, you do again end up paying slightly over the odds for the storage you’re getting.


SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Superb pick

A great-priced drive that’s also good and rugged.

See at Amazon (GB) See at Amazon (US) See at Amazon (CA)



  • Really rugged
  • Nice small design


  • Not the fastest transfer speeds

SanDisk has one of the most diminutive drives around in the form of its Extreme Portable, which is really dinky and easily clips onto even a keyring or any other loop.

That makes it great if you want to move your collection around, whether within your home or to a LAN party or another setting. It’s also really nicely priced given how rugged and reliable it also is.


Gtech G-Drive Mobile SSD

Rugged storage

A great drive that’s perfect if you’re prone to dropping things.

See at Amazon (GB) See at Amazon (US) See at Amazon (CA)



  • Again, really strong rugged design
  • Solid value


  • Middling speeds

G-Technology has managed a similar gambit to SanDisk here, by balancing ruggedness with speed, and this drive is specifically strong when it comes to drop protection — it isn’t phased by a few bounces!

It’s also well-priced and conveniently sized, though, which is the real key to making it onto this list.

How to choose an SSD for your PS5

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you go about picking an SSD for your PS5.

The first big thing to check in on is how much extra space you really think you need. If, like us, you find yourself having to delete games too often because a monster like Call of Duty: Warzone is taking up too much of your real estate, that might mean you can work out how much added room would be useful.

Most SSDs can be found in variations from 250GB up to 1TB, so be sure to pick up the right amount for your needs. Be warned, though — bigger drives obviously cost more!

Should you get an internal drive instead?

You can also add more space for your PS5 directly by installing an internal SSD, although the limits on what type of drive will fit and work are more restrictive. This is well worth looking into, especially if you want to store primarily PS5 games, since you’ll be able to play them directly from the bigger drive inside your console.

Are you planning to store PS4 games?

If the collection of games you’re looking to offload from your console’s built-in storage is primarily from the last generation, then an external SSD is perfect. You can plug it in and play them directly from the SSD, after all, making for minimal moving around of software.

How to Use PS5 External Hard Drive? Here Is the Tutorial

PS5 is a popular video game console released a few months ago. It’s great but without much storage space. In this post, MiniTool Partition Wizard provides a tutorial on how to use a PS5 external hard drive to extend the storage. Let’s have a look.

Why do You Need a PS5 Externa Hard Drive

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a home video game console released in November 2020 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is designed with two versions: a Standard Edition and a Digital Edition. The latter one does not have a Blu-ray-compatible optical disc drive.

As the successor to the PlayStation 4 (PS4), the PS5 has been improved a lot in performance. It has a whole new architecture, faster storage, and superior resolution support, which makes it quite popular among game lovers. It has received a lot of acclaim from users since its release.

However, compared with the PS4, the PS5 doesn’t come with more storage space. The PS5 is designed with an SSD that offers only 825GB of capacity while the PS4 provides an HDD with up to 1TB of capacity. After subtracting the storage taken up by the system, only about 667GB is available for users on the PS5. It could be bad news for users who plan to install many games on the console.

Tip: You can go to Settings > Storage to check the free storage space on the PS5 console.

Don’t worry. An external hard drive can help solve the problem. And you can use it to:

  • Store PS5 and PS4 games, such as Watch Dogs: Legion, Days Gone, etc.
  • Play PS4 games directly from the external hard drive on your PS5.
  • Back up your game files.
  • Avoid upgrading the internal hard drive: PS5 internal hard drive is not upgradable yet. Sony might active this feature this summer. If you need more storage space, you can only choose to use external storage.

PS5 External Hard Drive Requirements

Not all external storage devices are guaranteed to work with the PS5 console. If you decide to use an external hard drive for PS5, the following requirements need to be met.

  • The transfer rate of a PS5 external hard drive needs to be SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps (USB 3.0/USB 3.1 Gen1/USB 3.2 Gen1) or better.
  • The external hard drive should have a capacity of 250GB minimum and 8TB maximum.
  • An external hard drive can’t be connected to PS5 through a USB hub. You cannot connect multiple USB drives to your PS5 at the same time, which means you can only use one at a time.

If you are looking for the best external hard drive for PS5, you can consider the following ones:

  1. Samsung Portable SSD T5
  2. WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive
  3. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD
  4. Toshiba Canvio Advance
  5. Western Digital WD-Black P50
  6. WD-Black P10 1-5TB Game Drive

You can visit Amazon or the official website to get more information or buy the best external hard drive for PS5. Don’t forget to consider the requirements mentioned before when you buy such an external drive. As for how to use the best external hard drive for PS5, please refer to the following contents.

Format Your External Hard Drive for PS5 Before Using It

If you’ve already used your external hard drive on PS4 or PS4 Pro, you can connect it to the PS5 console and use it directly. However, if you use an external hard drive on a PlayStation console for the first time, you need to format the hard drive to make it compatible with your console.

Please pay attention that all the data saved on the drive will be deleted in the formatting process. Therefore, you’d better use a hard drive that contains no important data or backs up your files in advance.

To format an external hard drive for PS5, you have two methods: Format it on PS5 or format it on a computer. Let’s see them one by one.

Method1: Format an External Hard Drive for PS5 on the Console

You can format your external hard drive on PS5 directly and here are the detailed steps.

Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to a USB port on the back of your PS5 console. The USB port on the front is only rated for USB 2.0, so it won’t work for PS5 external storage.

Step 2: Use your controller to go to Settings Storage.

Step 3: Select USB Extended Storage Format as USB Extended Storage.

The process might take some time and you need to wait patiently. Do not shut down your console or disconnect your PS5 external hard drive during the process, as the action might lead to data loss, corruption, or damage to your hard drive or console.

When you no longer want to use the external hard drive for your PS5 console, you can delete the data on it by formatting it again. And you just need to go to Settings Storage USB Extended Storage, and then select … (More) Format as exFAT.

Method 2: Format an External Hard Drive for PS5 on a Computer

Alternatively, you can format your external hard drive on a computer to make it compatible with PS5.

According to the PlayStation website, PS5 supports an external hard drive formatted to exFAT and FAT32.It is recommended to use the exFAT file system, as exFAT doesn’t include restrictions on the file sizes while FAT32 cannot deal with a single file that is larger than 4GB. Considering that you will use the drive to store games, FAT32 won’t be the best choice.

It’s also easy to operate. On a Windows PC, you can format the drive via File Explorer, Disk Management, Command Prompt, or by following the steps below.

Step 1: Connect the external hard drive to a Windows PC.

Step 2: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard, a professional and reliable disk manager.

Free Download

Step 3: When you get the main interface, right-click the partition on your external hard drive and select Format.

Step 4: In the pop-up window, select exFAT for the file system and click OK to continue.

Step 5: Check the pending operation and click the Apply button to execute it.

Wait until the operation is finished. Then you can connect the external hard drive to your PS5 and start to use it.

How to Use PS5 External Hard Drive

After formatting the external hard drive to exFAT, you can use it as a PS5 extended storage device. What can you do with it? Keep reading for more information.

Install PS4 Games to PS5 External Storage automatically

PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 games, and most PS4 games are playable on PS5. To save the storage space on the SSD of your PS5, you can download and install PS4 games to your external hard drive, and these games can be played directly from the drive.

And on the PS5 console, you can set your external hard drive as the default location to store new PS4 games downloaded from the store. You just need to:

Step 1: Keep your external hard drive connected to your PS5 console. Then go to Settings Storage Extended Storage.

Step 2: Turn on the feature “Install PS4 Games to USB Extended Storage”.

After that, your new PS4 games will be downloaded to your external hard drive automatically.

Move Games Between an External Drive and PS5 Console

You can’t play PS5 games from external storage on PS5. If you have stored PS5 games in your external hard drive, you need to go to your game library and copy the game you want to play to the internal storage before playing it.

The copying process is usually faster than redownloading a game. And to copy a game, you should:

Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to PS5 and go to your Game Library.

Step 2: Select the game you want to copy and press the Options button. Then select Copy.

Tip: You can also use this feature to move your PS4 games to the console, as long as you select a PS4 game, press the Options button and select Move to Console Storage.

Delete Unwanted Data on PS5 External Storage

When you no longer want to play a game or use an app on your PS5 external hard drive, you can delete it. Keep the drive connected to the console and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings Storage USB Extended Storage Games and Apps on your PS5 console.

Step 2: Choose the Delete Content tab.

Step 3: Select the game or app that you want to delete and choose Delete.

Safely Remove Your External Hard Drive for PS5

After using your external hard drive, you’d better safely remove it from your PS5 console. Otherwise, you might encounter data loss or bring damage to the console or external hard drive.

To safely remove an external hard drive, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings Storage USB Extended Storage.

Step 2: Select Safely Remove from PS5.

Step 3: Unplug your external hard drive from the port on the back of the console.

You can also turn off your PS5 console. When the power indicator is completely off, you can disconnect it without any problems.

What can I do with a PS5 external hard drive? How to use it? Here is a detailed tutorial.Click to Tweet

While playing PS5 games, you might be bothered by the limited storage space of the console. Don’t worry. You can use an external hard drive for PS5 as extended storage. For how to use a PS5 external hard drive, you can read this post.

We will appreciate it if you share your ideas with us in the following comment zone. And for any problems with MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can contact via [email protected]

PS5 External Hard Drive FAQ

Can the PS5 take an external hard drive?

Yes, an external hard drive can be used on the PS5 as long as it meets the USB extended storage requirements on the PS5 console. The best external hard drive for PS5needs to be SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps or better.

Can you play PS3 games on PS5?

No, you can’t play PS3 games. But the PS5 console is backward compatible with PS4 games and you can play most PS4 games on your PS5 console.

What’s better PS5 disc or digital?

Usually, people who have a fluent internet connection and who prefer symmetrical designs would love PS5 Digital Edition. For people who don’t expect to rely on the internet or who own a lot of popular game discs, the PS5 disk console might be a better choice.

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How it all began — Offtopic on DTF

The story of one operation that unleashed the World War.


The Fritz break the barrier on the border with Poland on September 1, 1939.

On September 1, 1939, the Fuhrer’s speech was broadcast throughout Germany:

Danzig was and is a German city. The [Polish] corridor was and is German. Both of these territories, in terms of their cultural development, belong exclusively to the German people. Danzig was taken from us, Corridor was annexed by Poland. As in other German territories in the east, all the German minorities living there were treated worse and worse. More than a million people of German blood at 1919-1920 were cut off from their homeland… If Poland continues its oppression against the Germans… the Reich will not remain an idle observer… Recently, we recorded 21 border incidents overnight, last night there were 14, of which 3 were very serious… Last night, Polish soldiers for the first time fired on our territory. Until 5:45 in the morning we answered with fire, now we will counter the bombs with bombs. I will continue this fight, no matter against whom, until the safety of the Third Reich and its rights is ensured.

Adolf Hitler, 1 September 1939 speech

The Germans listened attentively to the radio: yes, it looks like our Fuhrer was left no choice — war is inevitable. For a long time Poland became insolent, oppressed the Germans on the land that was originally part of Germany. Support for Hitler’s actions was taken for granted by the average burgher.

On this day, at 4.45 in the morning, German troops, without declaring war, went on the offensive from three directions: from the north — from East Prussia, from the west — from East Germany and from the south — from Slovakia. German aviation began bombarding Polish cities, airfields and communications, the navy began shelling the port of Gdynia, the Westerplatte peninsula. This day is considered the beginning of the Second World War. On September 3, England and France, fulfilling defensive agreements with Poland, entered into a conflict against Nazi Germany.

But it didn’t start then and not like that. The beginning of the Second World War was Operation Himmler or, as the Germans themselves unofficially called it, Operation Canned.

Let’s go back to the moment when the National Socialist Party led by Hitler came to power — January 30, 1933. Let us briefly list the actions of the Fuhrer in the time before the war with Poland. The main direction that Adolf Hitler chose in foreign policy is revanchism. After the capitulation in the First World War, the once great Reich was no longer respected, unfavorable agreements were imposed, and some territories were contested. The Fuhrer set himself the goal of restoring the former greatness of Germany. As well as building up military power and the resources necessary for waging war. It quickly turned out that, in its current state, the Reich depended on external supplies of raw materials, which was not suitable for large-scale plans for military expansion. So, it was necessary to expand the German «living space». This is what Hitler did, with each successful operation to expand the territory, increasing his rating.

The Fuhrer was also actively involved in domestic politics. He quickly eliminated possible competitors at first, organized a powerful propaganda machine, and soon banned any opposition parties and strikes. Eliminated unemployment, raised the level of production of consumer goods. The top of the Nazi state revered their Fuhrer as a demigod, as the savior of the nation, because Hitler’s dictatorship brought them a luxurious life.

In 1938, Hitler threatened Czechoslovakia with war — there, according to him, German students were offended. Nobody wanted a war with Hitler, and the Europeans hoped to pacify the monster — they gave the Sudetenland to Germany. The Munich Agreement was signed with England and France. They were waved by fascist propaganda as proof of their peace-loving intentions.

Poland has long been in the plans of Hitler. Propaganda, at his direction, prepared the German people for an invasion of a neighboring country. For several months, the media have been inciting hatred towards the Poles, accusing Poland of organizing «ethnic cleansing» against the German people living on their territory.

All that was needed was a high-profile incident justifying the invasion of peaceful Poland. Soon Heinrich Himmler developed a plan of operation.

So, the plan was as follows: to send SS soldiers dressed in Polish uniforms to the town of Gleiwitz on the border with Poland. Simulate the invasion and capture of the Gleiwitz radio station. From there, read out in Polish and German a text prepared in advance with appeals to kill the Germans and start a war with Germany. Retreating, leave corpses in Polish uniforms at the radio station, imitating the dead Polish saboteurs. The corpses — those same «canned food» — were supposed to provide the Dachau concentration camp. SS saboteurs had to speak fluent Polish and in no case should they carry documents or other identifying signs of belonging to the German army.

On August 22, Hitler gathered the top generals for a closed meeting.

I give you a propaganda casus belli. Its veracity is irrelevant. The winner will not be asked if he is telling the truth.

Adolf Hitler, August 22, 1939

The date of the operation was approved only after the signing of the non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact contained a secret protocol on the division of spheres of influence in Europe, according to which Poland was included in the sphere of Nazi Germany. The operation was scheduled for 26 August 1939 years old

But there was a leak of information and the whole world learned about Hitler’s plans to start a war. The reaction was immediate — Great Britain entered into a defensive alliance with Poland, and Mussolini, whom the Fuhrer counted on, refused to participate in the war. The operation had to be postponed for several days.

August 31, 1939 at 19. 30 a second attempt was made to carry out the operation and this time it was successful. An assault, a provocative speech, the murder of a local 43-year-old farmer — for persuasiveness, corpses in Polish uniform, decomposed by Heinrich Muller, who in the morning, accompanied by the head of the criminal police, came to inspect the scene. Needless to say, he found all the «evidence» of the crime and blamed Poland for it?

The history of the twentieth century contains many lessons. But there are two most obvious, there are two axioms that any civilized person should learn. First, war is a crime. Second, you can’t trust dictators. Not a single word. The dictator has no concept of «honesty» and «honor». They are driven only by geopolitical, not at all human considerations. They do not raise the question of whether to deceive their people or not. Lies are the natural environment of their existence. Deception is a self-evident instrument of influencing the people. This is an elementary history lesson.

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16. Centrum U7 Gdansk Bowling & Bilard & Restaurant


Alena T

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Very interesting story

This was my first room quest! Very interesting and I think that our company would have been able to pass the quest if it were not the first time and we would have had more time. We would go again, but now we know all the keys))) I advise you to look there, it will greatly diversify your trip!

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Published May 17, 2016

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    Great fun!

    This was our first time to have previously booked a hotel room with breakfast included. from the old city to the Arena we went by tram. We did the «Lost Children» number and it was exciting, simple and easy if you managed to work out some of the submissions. I can recommend this hotel to everyone!

    Review for: Escaperooms

    Published October 15, 2014

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  • tingrisr

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    were with friends, in winter you drive electric cars but they are still quite fast …. indoors but still a little cold. not many people… speak English ,

    Review of: PitStop Gdansk Go-kart Track

    Posted January 26, 2018

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    Gdansk, Poland Very high and unsafe slides and climbs, for children over 6/7 years old.