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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: How to Get 100% Zygarde Form | Legendary Guide

Zygarde is back in Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon, and it’s easier to 100% than ever. Here’s exactly how to evolve Zygarde into its complete form.

You can’t keep a good Zygarde down for long. Zygarde, the weird creature that requires cells to evolve, returns in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. In the previous, vanilla version of Sun and Moon, you’d have to track down 100 total Zygarde Cells to fully evolve this beast — and finding those cells was pretty tough. Some cells appeared only at night, or during the day, and many were well hidden in the Alolan environment. No more — things are much, much faster this time around.

Zygarde is a very unique Pokémon. Collecting cells was the only way to enhance Zygarde — Zygarde 10% Forme, Zygarde 50% Form, and Zygarde Complete Form require cells, and you can even swap memories with Zygarde Cores. The Dragon / Ground type is only available after becoming Alolan Champion in Ultra, but he’s a pretty cool reward after all you’ve done.

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How to Get 100% Zygarde Form | Legendary Guide

NOTE: You need to defeat the Elite Four and become Alolan Champion before you can get 100% Zygarde.  



In Ultra Sun & Moon, instead of just getting a Zygarde like the base game, you can actually catch a Zygarde. You’ll need to catch the 50% Forme to get the 100% Forme — there are no Zygarde Cell collectibles like last time.

  1. Go to Resolution Cave, Poni Island and reach the bottom. He’s waiting for you at the bottom.
  2. Save your game before encountering it, then catch Zygarde 50% Forme.
  3. Go to Route 16 and enter the Aether trailer. Talk to Dexio inside.
  4. Defeat Dexio in a Pokémon Battle to earn a Zygarde 10% Forme.
  5. After winning the battle, Sina will give you a Zygare Cube with 40 Zygarde Cells.
  6. Use the Zygarde machine in the same building as Dexio, and select Separation.
    • Separate the Zygarde you do not want to keep. The Zygarde you separate will be permanently destroyed.
  7. Now select Assembly -> Zygarde and Zygarde Cube to combine the Zygarde Cells with your Zygarde.
  8. Your Zygarde will gain “Power Construct” but will not change forms. Enter a battle and wait for Zygarde to reach 50% health, then use Power Construct in battle to evolve.

Complicated, right? Shockingly, this is actually a lot easier than the process in Sun / Moon, even if it sounds really strange. Zygarde won’t evolve until his body senses a dangerous situation, and then it evolves to better protect itself — in the lore, that’s the reason why you can’t evolve until you’re in a battle.

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Construct Your Zygarde Like A Pro

Trainers have had the opportunity to team up with a plethora of
powerful Legendary Pokémon in 2018, but none will make your team as fresh as
the recently available Shiny Zygarde. The minty-colored version of Zygarde has
never before been available, so this is one truly rare Pokémon! Details about
how to add Shiny Zygarde to your team are available at Pokemon.com/Legendary.

As strong as Zygarde is, it won’t reach its full potential without
your help. Whether you’re looking to compete with other Trainers in Single
Battles or Double Battles, or just hoping to make the most of your Pokémon,
training your Pokémon wisely will make them more impressive yet. Read on for
some tips to help Zygarde dominate battles.

Training Tips

The Zygarde you receive will be a little different depending on
which game you use to redeem your code. It will know stronger moves with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon than it would in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, and it’ll also be holding a super-rare Gold Bottle

It’ll also be level 100 with Pokémon
Ultra Sun
and Pokémon Ultra Moon—perfect
for Hyper Training. If you visit Mr. Hyper at the Hau’oli City Shopping Mall
and present him with a Gold Bottle Cap, you can instantly max out your
Legendary Pokémon’s individual strengths. That quickly gets one big element of preparing
for battle out of the way.

Even though it won’t need any more Exp. Points, you should still take
Zygarde into battle to train its base stats. You should also pay attention to
its Nature, which has a big impact on how it performs in combat. Most Trainers
look for Zygarde with Adamant Natures for competitions. This Nature best
develops Zygarde’s middling Attack stat. Strategies for Zygarde rarely involve
using Special Attacks, so the other Natures that lower its Special
Attack—Careful, Impish, and Jolly—can also be beneficial. You’ll typically want
to focus most of Zygarde’s training on its Attack and Speed, but dedicating
some of its training to HP is a great way to get the most out of a Careful or
Impish Nature.  Check out our
guide to raising battle-ready Pokémon for details about training.

Don’t forget you can help high-level Pokémon like Zygarde relearn
moves it’d normally learn via leveling up by bringing a Heart Scale to Madam
Memorial in the Pokémon Center on Mount Lanakila. You can collect Heart Scales
easily by visiting the restaurants across Alola. You can also use the
Zygarde Cube to teach Zygarde some powerful moves: Core Enforcer, Dragon Dance,
Extreme Speed, Thousand Arrows, and Thousand Waves. These moves offer a serious
boost to Zygarde’s power, so don’t forget about this unusual way to learn
attacks. Read on for more on the Zygarde Cube below.

Not Even Its Final Forme

The Zygarde you receive will have the Aura Break Ability, which
reverses the effects of Xerneas’ Fairy Aura and Yveltal’s Dark Aura Abilities.
Reducing the damage inflicted by these powerful Pokémon is a neat trick, but we
suggest bringing out Zygarde’s true power with an Ability that can activate
against any opponent: Power Construct.

You’ll need fifty Zygarde Cells and some help from the Reassembly
Unit inside a building on Route 16 to unleash Zygarde’s potential. In Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon, you’ll also need to
catch a Zygarde in Resolution Cave and defeat Dexio on Route 16 to earn the
Zygarde Cube.

The easiest way to acquire the necessary cells is to use the
machine’s Separation option on the Zygarde from Resolution Cave. You’ll have a
trickier time in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, where you’ll need to
travel around Alola collecting Zygarde Cells. Once you have the cells,
choose the Assembly option and then the Zygarde and Zygarde Cube option on the
machine to change Shiny Zygarde’s Ability to Power Construct.

Zygarde will remain in its 50% Forme outside of battle, but
Power Construct will enable it to transform into its Complete Forme when its HP
is reduced to half or less. It gains an incredible amount of HP after
transforming, making it one of the most durable Pokémon ever discovered!

The Ecosystem’s Protector

The Pokédex describes Zygarde as more of a protector than an
aggressor, and its performance in battle justifies that. Zygarde isn’t the sort
of Pokémon that easily scores knockouts as soon as it’s sent into battle.
Instead, it succeeds through durability and using moves or items to increase
its damage output. Its signature Thousand Arrows attack aids most strategies by
providing accurate, reliable Ground-type damage against almost any foe—hitting
even Flying types and Pokémon with the Levitate Ability.

Most of Zygarde’s strongest Single Battle strategies involve Dragon
Dance, so dust off that Zygarde Cube if you haven’t already. The more
aggressive angle is to teach Zygarde three attacks—Thousand Arrows, Extreme
Speed, and Outrage—and give it a damage-boosting item like Life Orb or
Dragonium Z. However, if you’re feeling a little more conservative, teach it
Substitute instead of Outrage, and give it a more defensive item like Leftovers
or a Figy Berry to keep it healthy longer.

Replace Dragon Dance with Coil for an even more defensive strategy.
This adjustment is a great way to play to the strengths of a Zygarde with a
Careful or Impish Nature. If you’d like to be really defense-oriented, consider teaching Coil, Thousand Arrows,
Rest, and Sleep Talk to Zygarde. If you can keep a Complete Forme Zygarde using
this strategy away from Ice-type attacks, it’ll be almost certain to ice your
battles with ease.

Zygarde’s defensive orientation makes it a tricky Pokémon to highlight
in Double Battles. Dragon Dance is still a great way to get it going, but
including a Z-Crystal is even more important in Double Battles. Dragonium Z can
deliver some quick knockouts, but Groundium Z is usually the better choice to
score high Ground-type damage on a single target. Thousand Arrows deals less damage in exchange for hitting both opponents, so it nicely complements the powerful Tectonic Rage Z-Move in Double Battles. And, unlike Earthquake or
Bulldoze, Thousand Arrows hits both opposing Pokémon without harming Zygarde’s partner, making it one of the best Double
Battle attacks around.

Core Enforcer and Thousand Waves attacks aren’t fantastic in
competitive battles, but they’re fun choices for your single-player adventures.
Thousand Waves is a powerful Ground-type attack that prevents the foe from
fleeing as long as Zygarde remains in battle. It’d be a great help catching
Pokémon if Zygarde wasn’t so strong—it’ll knock out most wild Pokémon in one
blow! Core Enforcer is a super cool-looking attack, but it’s tough to work into
a tight strategy because it deals damage based on Zygarde’s lower Special
Attack stat.

We hope this Shiny Zygarde brightens your adventures. You can find
more information about upcoming distributions at Pokemon.com/Legendary, and you can check out the list of all ongoing Pokémon distributions to make sure you’re caught up. Don’t
forget to check out more Pokémon TCG and video game articles, strategy, and
tournament analysis at Pokemon.com/Strategy.

🏅▷ Black screen when launching games on Xbox 360? Find out how to solve the problem

In this tutorial we will teach you how to solve the «black screen» problem when starting games on the Xbox 360.

You turn on your Xbox 360 and apparently everything works until you start the game and meet black screen «eternal». The console no longer responds to any commands and the only way to reset it is to unplug it. And now?

Don’t panic, we have a solution!

Table of Contents

What is the black screen and what causes it?

Can you imagine a black screen appearing in the middle of a game? Do not panic!

The problem is strangely caused by hard drive of Xbox 360 . Reports on several international forums indicate some kind of «overflow» in the HD cache, which eventually occurs, interfering with name updates (minor updates, that appear when you first launch the game) causing the game to crash – whether on disc or digitally.

How to solve the black screen?

Strange as it may seem, the solution is to clear the HD cache. three times in a row . Just go to settings/memory, place the cursor on the hard drive and press the Y button. Then select «clear cache» and then «OK» in the pop-up window that will appear on the screen. Be sure to do the procedure three times — that’s the secret!

After cleaning, restart the console. Everything should work great.

Tips to improve your Xbox 360 9 experience0011

Take care of your Xbox 360

Consoles, like all electronics, require some care. Since they are built to last for hours on end, it is important not only for their useful lifespan, but also for the health of the players, rather than staying in long periods of play. This causes the system to overheat, which can cause the hardware to console.

  • Do not place the console in an enclosed space. Place it in an open, well-ventilated area;
  • Do not place electronic devices on or under the console. Make sure the console and power supply are on a solid surface;
  • Do not place it on anything soft (such as a bed, sofa or rug). This can close the console’s ventilation, causing it to overheat;
  • Keep the console away from heat sources such as vents on televisions and electronic devices. Keep the console away from heaters and direct sunlight as well.

It’s worth remembering that Microsoft Support has valuable tips on how to get along well or solve common console problems. Whether it’s a black screen or overheating, the site has a good guide on dealing with the worst problems.

Do you have questions about procedures? Is your console still not launching games? Was the advice helpful? Leave your comment below! If you are looking for Xbox 360 you can find one at 1299 BRL in our store Magalu ,

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Xbox launching games how to solve the problem Find out the black screen

How to catch all the legendaries in Pokemon Sun & Moon

  1. Solgaleo or Lunala
  2. Cosmog
  3. Zigard
  4. Guards Tapu
  5. Ultra Beasts
  6. Magirna

Stanet 9000 Sun.0016 has been on sale for several weeks now and is breaking record after record. As with every new adventure in the main Pokémon franchise, new monsters are coming to catch us. Now this post here will show you how to catch all the legendary ones in the Alola region . Are you ready to catch them?

Remember that if you haven’t finished the game yet, the text will end up showing a spoiler or another , since many of these rare Pokémon are only available towards the end of the main story. Come on?

Solgaleo or Lunala

Sun and Moon Representations

Depending on which version of you chose to play (Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Luna ), towards the end of the game you will encounter Solgaleo or Lunala .

These legends do not have a special secret. You will have to progress game until you reach Sun Altar ou Moon Altar na Pony Island. O Cosmog (get in your bag, Nebby!) will turn into the first Legendary Pokémon you can catch in the game. He will be at level 55.


Get in the bag, Nebby!!!

When you have completed main story and your character becomes the first champion of Alola , you can capture Cosmog (which will eventually evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala, depending on which version of the game you choose).

To find it, go to Sun/Moon Altar and get into a kind of ultra beast portal . Atenção: If you have Pokémon Sun, the portal only opens at night; if you have the moon, during the day. After moving to another dimension, go to Lake of the Moon/Sanne , on the third island, and then to the middle of the sanctuary.

There will be a very cool scene and Cosmog will ask you to go on a journey with you.


Legendary Zygarde returns

O The legendary Pokémon from the Kalos region is back. Zygard finally gained more relevance after Pokémon XY began to explore the potential of the creature not in the game, but only in the anime. To capture it, things work a little differently.

On the second island you will find I’m leaving and destiny , two characters from XY. They will give you Zygarde Cube , which allows you to collect Z-Cells and Z-Cores through the Alola Islands. They are total 100 . 96 cells and 4 nuclei.

Depending on how many slots you take (10, 50 or 100), you can Route 16 At Ul Island and join one Zygarde 10% Form , Zygarde 50% Form or Full form Zygarde . To achieve this feat, you need to walk back and forth across the islands and explore them very well.

Guardians of Tapu

Four Guardians of Alola

  • Tapu Koko: He is the guardian of Melemele Island . You can try to capture it after you become the Champion of Alola. If you defeat him, don’t worry. After that, just return to the Ruins Of Conflict and touch his statue. He will be level 60, but this will be your last chance.
  • Tapu Lele: guardian Akala Island . You must go to the Ruins of Life and touch her statue. Ah, you’ll need Machamp like Pokémon Rider.
  • Tapu Bulu: You can challenge the guardian Ulaula Island by touching his statue in the Ruins of Plenty. To get there, you need to go through Haina Desert . To make it easier, follow this path: up, right, up, right, left, down and up .
  • Tapu Fini: guardian Pony Island will be in the Ruins of Hope. You will need Machamp to get there.

Ultra Beasts

The strangest creatures in the Pokémon universe

By far the most controversial creatures in the game. Are Ultra Beasts Pokémon? Yes? No? Well, whatever they are, they can be caught. After completing the main story of the game, you will receive Message from the International Police for you to help them capture UB, after Lusamine freed them.

they will give you 10 Animal Balls for each mission and tell you where to get each Ultrabeast. It is important to remember that it is necessary for to follow the order of missions to capture the UB.

  • UB-01 Symbiont/Nichelego : Mount Vela, Diglett Cave
  • UB-02 Beauty/Permosa (Pokemon moon ): Green cave
  • UB-02 Absorption/Buzz ( Pokémon Sun ): Green Cave
  • UB-03 Lighting/Surkitri : Memorial Hill, Lush Jungle
  • UB-04 Blaster/Celestila ( Pokemon Luna ): Haina Desert, Malie Garden
  • UB-04 Kartana ( Pokémon Sun ): Haina Desert, Malie Garden
  • UB-05 Glutton / Guzzlord : Permission Cave


Mysterious Necrozma

After finishing ultra beast missions Mr. The caretaker will tell you that he saw another UB flying in the sky. Melemele Island . Intriguing, right? But the truth is that this mysterious Pokémon is not an Ultra Beast, but the legendary Necrozma .

You can capture it by traveling through Ten Carat Hill , heading to the north exit of Furthest Hollow and running across the grass.

Necrozma is the highest leveled Pokémon: 75. So it’s a good idea to use Max Repel and leave the level Pokémon slightly smaller in front of your team, so it will be very easy to find it.

Remember that Necrozma is not an Ultra Beast, so don’t even waste Beast Balls is left over from your mission.


Kalos Meets Alola

Mythical Magearna was made in Kalos City, but strangely only appears in the Alola Pokédex and cannot be captured in the traditional way. To get it, you need to scan QR code which is in the image below by following these steps:

Scan this code

  • Complete the main story
  • Select QR Scanner function
  • Scan the Magearna QR code while holding down the R key.