Two worlds 2 cheats: Two Worlds 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Two Worlds 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PC

Two Worlds 2

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ
Corey Feldman Interview

Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type «twoworldscheats 1» and press [Enter] to enable cheat codes. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
Level 100, all skills, God mode god 1
Toggle immortality immortal [0 or 1]
Full health healh
All skills ec.dbg skills
Set player level ec.dbg levels [number]
Set gold amount setgold [number]
Add indicated amount of gold addgold [number]
Add experience points addexperiencepoints [number]
Add skill points addskillpoints [number]
Add param points addparampoints [number]
Level up ec. dbg levelup
Add 10 levels ec.dbg levelup10
Add item to inventory ec.addobjecttoinventory [item code] [number]
Set all attributes to 1000 ec.dbg iamcheater
Set strength setstrength [number]
Spawn item create [item code]
Spawn a boat eq_boat_01
Spawn a horse horse_[01-04]
Kill your horse when mounted killhorse
Teleport to pointer position jump2
Toggle ignored by enemies until you attack player.invisibleforenemies [0 or 1]
Full map resetfog
Increase sprint speed hero.move.fastrunspeed [number]
Increase jump height ms.grav [negative number]
Walk up rocks and mountains physx. char.slopelimit.rock [large negative number]
Walk up any slope physx.char.slopelimit [large negative number]
Set clicks needed for maximum horse speed [number]
Toggle motion blur when running and riding a horse graph.setfastrunspecialefx [0 or 1]
Center camera while riding horse cam.mount.xoff 0
Set time of day time [0-255]

Item codes

Use the following values with the «create [item code]» or «ec.addobjecttoinventory [item code] [number]» code:

Item Code
Chainmail ep_chainmail
Fabric ep_fabric
Gold ep_gold
Iron ep_metal
Leather ep_leather
Steel ep_steel
Essence of Air ep_wind
Essence of Death ep_necro
Essence of Earth ep_earth
Essence of Fire ep_fire
Essence of Water ep_water
Wood ep_wood
Lockpick lockpick
Personal Teleport Platform personal_teleport_platform
Teleport Stone personal_teleport
Waterwalking Potion potion_waterwalk_01
Invisiblity Potion potion_invisible_01
Oculus flyingeye1
Oculus Draconis flyingeye2
Oculus Infernus flyingeye3
Oculus Infernus flyingeye4
Golem’s Lifeforce Crystal ing_57
Master’s Finger ing_106
Scapulari Brain ing_192
Werebeast’s Spinal Cord ing_155
Alchemy ingredients
Yellowroot ing_01
Hemlock ing_02
Screama Badilla ing_03
Bloatroot ing_04
Hot Rot ing_05
Spurge ing_06
Ostrich Plumes ing_07
Blue Eye ing_08
Adder Brother ing_09
False Shoes ing_10
Flagelle ing_11
Lavender ing_12
Tongues ing_13
Paturin ing_14
Swordleaf ing_15
Traveller’s Joy ing_16
Centaurium ing_17
Saffron ing_18
Northern Frostroot ing_19
Forest Burnhand ing_20
Foxglove ing_21
Diptame ing_22
Eagleclaw ing_23
Friend to Foe ing_24
Anemone ing_25
Might of Nine ing_26
Mountain Breed ing_27
Aconite ing_28
Angelica ing_29
Arborusia ing_30
Rabbit Bladder ing_31
Beaver Fat ing_32
Goose Liver ing_33
Unicorn Horn ing_34
Dodo Feather ing_35
Viper Poison Glands ing_36
Grass Snake Tongue ing_37
Rattle Snake Rattle ing_38
Foodball ing_39
Pearl ing_40
Spider Gland ing_41
Scorpion Poison Gland ing_42
Trachidis Egg ing_43
Dragon Scale ing_44
Wolf Heart ing_45
Bear Claw ing_46
Boar Tusk ing_47
Wyvern Lacrimal Gland ing_48
Ripper Muscle ing_49
Zombie Thyroid ing_50
Werewolf Spinal Core ing_51
Skeleton Bone Marrow ing_52
Ghoul Brain ing_53
Demon Eye ing_54
Winged Demon Eye ing_55
Headless Heart ing_56
Earth Elemental Crystal ing_57
Wing Membrane ing_58
Meat ing_59
Fox Liver ing_60
Sulfur ing_61
Salt Crystal ing_62
Quartz Crystal ing_63
Garnet stone ing_64
Chalk stone ing_65
Amber ing_66
Diamant ing_67
Rubin ing_68
Opal ing_69
Azurit ing_70
Blood Stone ing_71
Magnesite ing_72
Sand Rose ing_73
Glowing Earth ing_74
Byrill ing_75
Topas ing_76
Silver ing_77
Yellowroot (grene) ing_78
Yellowroot (red) ing_79
Yellowroot (blue) ing_80
Quest items
Sprosse der Heimsuchung the_taint
Orc camouflage armor orc_armour
Unknown Qitem_008
Grom totem Qitem_009
Unknown Qitem_012
Unknown Qitem_013
Unknown Qitem_015
Unknown Qitem_028
The key to the grave of the king Qitem_031
Satrius Crown Qitem_032
Insect egg Qitem_038
Large pack of food Qitem_040
Small pack of food Qitem_042
Anti-Taint Inspection Device Qitem_045
Key to the caves of Tharbakin Qitem_051
Ancient key of the dwarves Qitem_061
Cure Qitem_063
A Dwarven Contraption Qitem_070
Unknown Qitem_071
Report of the Excavations Qitem_072
Key — Excavations Qitem_073
Merchants’ Association Package Qitem_096
Underpants Qitem_104
Letter Qitem_111
Whiskey Qitem_112
Necrowonder against Orcs Qitem_128
Depoisoner Qitem_136
Order for armor Qitem_146
Summon Spider Figurine Qitem_154
Arrows for Rigwell Qitem_157
Beautiful flower Qitem_161
Love Potion Qitem_165
Wilcor’s Braid Qitem_174
Catapult trigger Qitem_175
Compass Qitem_181
Moon Eye crystal Qitem_191
Throglin Statue Qitem_204
Falsification Qitem_214
Moonshine Qitem_221
Archmage Earth Staff Qitem_225
Family ring Qitem_234
Hangman’s Rope Qitem_241
Voodoo doll Qitem_242
Engagement ring Qitem_255
Magical mirror Qitem_264
Red dress Qitem_270
Key to the temple in Ashos Qitem_271
Blacksmith’s Will Qitem_272
The mayor’s medicine Qitem_273
Magic Dust Qitem_278
Letters of the poet Qitem_286
Soldier armor Qitem_292
Poison Qitem_295
Medal Qitem_296
Necklace of the wife Qitem_303
Family heirloom piece Qitem_304
Necromancer poison Qitem_353
Mana potions
Small mana potion potion_mana_01
Medium mana potion potion_mana_02
Large mana potion potion_mana_03
Healing potions
Small healing potion potion_healing_01
Medium healing potion potion_healing_01
Large healing potion potion_healing_01
The Relic Relic_00
Relic with earth element Relic_01
Relic with water element Relic_02
Relic with earth and water elements Relic_03
Relic with fire element Relic_04
Relic with earth and fire elements Relic_05
Relic with water and fire elements Relic_06
Relic with earth, water and fire elements Relic_07
Relic with air element Relic_08
Relic with earth and air elements Relic_09
Relic with water and air elements Relic_10
Relic with earth, water and air elements Relic_11
Relic with fire and air elements Relic_12
Relic with earth, fire and air elements Relic_13
Relic with water, fire and air elements Relic_14
Relic with all four element stones Relic_15
Lightning damage + 10 % art_add_electric10
Lightning damage + 20 % art_add_electric20
Lightning damage + 50 % art_add_electric50
Poison damage + 10 % art_add_poison10
Poison damage + 20 % art_add_poison20
Poison damage + 50 % art_add_poison50
Fire damage + 10 % art_add_fire10
Fire damage + 20 % art_add_fire20
Fire damage + 50 % art_add_fire50
Shock damage + 10 % art_add_spirit10
Shock damage + 20 % art_add_spirit20
Shock damage + 50 % art_add_spirit50
Cold damage + 10 % art_add_cold10
Cold damage + 20 % art_add_cold20
Cold damage + 50 % art_add_cold50
Creates a horse mo_horse_01
Creates a horse mo_horse_02
Creates a horse mo_horse_03
Creates a horse mo_horse_04
Creates a horse mo_horse_05
Creates a horse mo_horse_06
Creates a horse mo_horse_07
Creates a horse mo_horse_08
Creates a horse mo_horse_09
Creates a horse mo_horse_10
Creates a Mutari mo_mutari_01
Creates a Mutari mo_mutari_02
Creates a Mutari mo_mutari_03

To add damage crystals, use the following code: ec. addobjecttoinventory art_add_damage_[level 01-07](#edamage[fire, cold, poison, spirit, electric]) [number].

Bonus codes

Press [Esc] to display the menu, click the «Bonus Code» button, then enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Anathros sword: 6770-8976-1634-9490

    Black Legion Axe: 1775-3623-3298-1928 or 4802-6468-2848-6286

    Dragon Scale Armor: 4149-3083-9823-6545 or 9199-0035-9610-2338

    Dusty Scroll: 8233-3296-3311-2976

    Elexorien two-handed sword: 3542-3274-8350-6064 or 4677-1553-6730-1272

    Hammer: 6231-1890-4345-5988

    Labyrinth map: 1797-3432-7753-9254

    Lucienda sword: 9122-5287-3591-0927 or 6624-0989-0879-6383

    Scroll bonus map: 6972-5760-7685-8477 or 8233-3296-3311-2976

    Two-handed hammer: 3654-0091-3399-0994

Mage spell tricks

The following tricks can be performed with mage spells:

Adventure PvPing

Use in your Spell Amulet and follow in order and row:

    1. Row 1: Power effect card, missile carrier, homing modifier.

    2. Row 2: (Offensive) effect card, damage modifier, trap carrier.

    3. When you or a friend walks over a trap, it will explode and hurt them.

Double Missile Slots

Use in your Spell Amulet and follow in order and row:

    1. Row 1: Any effect card, damage modifier, missile carrier, homing modifier. Press [Action] on missile carrier card.

    2. Row 2: Altar carrier, time modifier, press [Action] on altar carrier card.

    3. Row 3: Any effect card, damage modifier, missile carrier, spray modifier.

    4. Row 1: Add missile carrier.

    5. Row 2: Press [Action] on time modifier card.

    6. You should notice the slots move together and your spell has two missile slots.

Infinite Health

Use in your Spell Amulet and follow in order and row:

    1. Row 1: Life effect card x10, area effect carrier, time modifier, protection modifier, damage modifier.

    2. While fighting, make sure you have this spell on before you enter the fight. When you run out of HP, you will auto-resurrect and the spell will stay active.

Invisible Death

Make these spells and cast them together in order:

    1. Spell Amulet 1: (Offensive) effect card, area effect carrier, time modifier, damage modifier.

    2. Spell Amulet 2: Air effect card, enchant carrier, time modifier

    3. Run near enemies, and they will die with the effect and cannot see you.

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Two Worlds II Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

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Two Worlds II
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0 — 9
Two Worlds II
Cheat Codes:
While playing, press ` to bring up the console.  Type "TwoWorldsCheats 1" (without quotes)
into the console to activate cheat mode. Then type any of the following cheat codes in 
the console. Note: Codes are not case-sensitive. 
Code                                Result
god 1                             - Level 100, All Skills, God Mode.
health                            - Full Health
AddGold #                         - Add Gold (# = Amount)
SetGold #                         - Set Gold (# = Amount)
AddSkillPoints #                  - Add Skill Points (# = Amount)
AddParamPoints #                  - Add Param Points (# = Amount)
AddExperiencePoints #             - Add Experience Points (# = Amount)
SetStrength #                     - Set Strength (# = Amount)
ResetFog                          - Reveal Map
ec.dbg levelup                    - Level Up
ec.dbg skills                     - Unlock All Skills
ec.dbg iamcheater                 - Set All Attributes to 1000
ec. dbg levelup10                  - Add 10 Levels
ec.AddObjectToInventory [code][#] - Add Object to Inventory (See List)
Set time of day                   - time [0-255]
eq_boat_01                        - Spawn a boat
horse_[01-04]                     - Spawn a horse
cam.mount.xoff 0                  - Centers the camera on horse
graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0      - Disables motion blur
killhorse                         - Kills horse while riding
hero.move.fastrunspeed X          - Where X is sprint speed X      - Change clicks for max speed on horse your 
                                    horse (lower = fewer clicks)
orse_01 (01-04 for color)         - Spawn a horse
jump2                             - Teleport you to cursor
hero.move.fastrunspeed [number]   - Increase sprint speed
player.invisibleforenemies [0/1]  - Toggle ignored by enemies until you attack
ms.grav [negative number]         - Increase jump height [n]    - Set clicks needed for maximum horse speed
cam. mount.xoff 0                  - Center camera while riding horse
graph.setfastrunspecialefx [0/1]  - Toggle motion blur when running
ec.resurrectunit                  - Cast on a dead body's icon to revive it
Inventory Codes:
Use these codes with the ec.AddObjectToInventory cheat. 
Bonus Codes:
The bonus code button can be found on the menu screen by pressing (ESC)
when you are playing the game. 
Code                    Result
3542-3274-8350-6064   - 2 Hand Sword
4149-3083-9823-6545   - Dragon Scale Armor
3654-0091-3399-0994   - 2 Handed Hammer
6972-5760-7685-8477   - Bonus Map
8233-3296-3311-2976   - Bonus Map
6770-8976-1634-9490   - Anathros sword
1775-3623-3298-1928   - Black Legion Axe
4802-6468-2848-6286   - Black Legion Axe
6231-1890-4345-5988   - Hammer
9122-5287-3591-0927   - Lucienda sword
6624-0989-0879-6383   - Lucienda sword
1797-3432-7753-9254   - Labyrinth map
Adding Damage Crystals To Your Inventory:
Make sure cheat mode is active then type in console: 
ec. AddObjectToInventory Art_Add_Damage_!(#eDamage@) $ 
Replace ! with a number from 01 to 07, this sets the level of the crystal, the
higher the number, the more powerful the crystal. Replace @ with one of the 5 
attributes, which are: fire, cold, poison, spirit, electric. Replace $ with 
the number of crystals you want, if you type 10, you get 10 type 1000 you get
Example of Cheat: 
ec.AddObjectToInventory Art_Add_Damage_07(#eDamageFire) 10 
This will spawn 10 level 7 Fire damage crystals in your inventory. 
Update by: Nsaidul
Email: [email protected]
Submitted by: Mazid
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:
The Great Escape (15 points)        : Escape from Castle Vahkmaar.
Into The Fire (25 points)           : Complete Alsorna Introduction.
Old Wounds (30 points)              : Complete Chapter I in the Single Player Campaign.
The Road Less Traveled...(30 points): Complete Chapter II in the Single Player Campaign. 
Last Stand (30 points)              : Complete Chapter III in the Single Player Campaign.
Liberation (80 points)              : Completed the Single Player Campaign.
Alchemist (5 points)                : Create a potion (Single Player Campaign).
Grey Wizard (5 points)              : Create a spell (Single Player Campaign).
Hammer Time! (5 points)             : Upgrade a weapon or piece of armor (Single Player Campaign).
Clairvoyant (10 points)             : Use the Oculus (Single Player Campaign).
Minstrel Hero (15 points)           : Perform a song, hitting 100% of the notes  
                                      (Single Player Campaign).
The Antaloorian Job (10 points)     : Lockpick 50 locks (Single Player Campaign).
Slight of Hand (25 points)          : Steal from 25 people (Single Player Campaign).
Sweep the Leg (20 points)           : Effectively use Knockdown 30 times (Single Player Campaign).
Fearmonger (35 points)              : Effectively use Battle Cry 75 times (Single Player Campaign).  
Man in Tights (35 points)           : Kill 50 enemies using Multi Arrows (Single Player Campaign).
Crazy like a Lox (20 points)        : Kill 30 enemies using Fire Arrow (Single Player Campaign).
White Wizard (20 points)            : Kill 50 enemies with magic (Single Player Campaign).
Beastmaster (35 points)             : Summon 50 monsters (Single Player Campaign).
It's A Trap! (35 points)            : Set 40 traps or bombs (Single Player Campaign).
Who's Next? (20 points)             : Kill 20 enemies using Death Strike (Single Player Campaign).
Hero For Hire (15 points)           : Complete 10 Bulletin Board Quests.
I Am Spartacus! (25 points)         : Survive the Arena.
Last Man Standing (25 points)       : Complete the Brotherhood Questline.
Dances With Mops (25 points)        : Complete the Mage's Guild Questline.
Prince of Thieves (25 points)       : Complete The Thieve's Guild Questline.
The Merchant of Antaloor (25 points): Complete the Merchant's Guild Questline.
Hero (25 points)                    : Reach Level 20 (Single Player Campaign). 
Legend (40 points)                  : Reach Level 40 (Single Player Campaign).
Fortune & Glory (15 points)         : Explore 25 dungeons (Single Player Campaign).
Lost (30 points)                    : Collect all 4 Lost Runes: Human, Elven,Dwarven and Orcish
                                     (Single Player Campaign).
Adventure Part I (15 points)        : Complete Chapter I in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part II (15 points)       : Complete Chapter II in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part III (15 points)      : Complete Chapter III in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part IV (15 points)       : Complete Chapter IV in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part V (15 points)        : Complete Chapter V in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part VI (15 points)       : Complete Chapter VI in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Adventure Part VII (60 points)      : Complete Chapter VII in the Multiplayer Campaign.
Ruthless (10 points)                : Win 5 Deathmatches.
Duelist (10 points)                 : Win 5 Duels. 
Gemologist (10 points)              : Win 5 Crystal Capture matches.
Settler (10 points)                 : Build 5 buildings in Village Mode.
Contractor (20 points)              : Build 15 buildings in Village Mode.
Additionally, there are three secret trophies:
Desert Rose (20 points)         : Confront Mirage.
It's Alive! (15 points)         : Wake the Army of Golems.
I See Dead People... (15 points): Receive the gift of the Scavengers.
After ec.addobjecttoinventory type one of the following: art_add_damage_#x 

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Cheats for the game Two Worlds 2

Here you can read codes for Two Worlds 2 . Our information will help you complete the game as quickly and efficiently as possible. Use codes Two Worlds 2 to make your gameplay as easy as possible.

During the game, press the [~] (tilde) key to bring up the console, then enter: TwoWorldsCheats 1 to activate the cheat codes mode. Then, respecting the case, enter the following cheat codes:

  • god 1 — character level 100, all skills, invulnerability
  • healH — full health
  • health — full health
  • AddGold # — get # of gold
  • SetGold # — set the amount of gold (# — number)
  • AddSkillPoints # — add # skills
  • AddParamPoints # — add # points
  • AddExperiencePoints # — add # experience points
  • SetStrength # — get # units of force
  • ResetFog — disable fog of war
  • Jump2 — teleportation to the specified location
  • ec.dbg levelup — increases character level
  • ec.dbg skills — unlocks all skills
  • ec. dbg iamcheater — all characteristics are set to 1000
  • ec.dbg levelup10 — the character grows immediately by 10 levels
  • eq_boat_01 — add boat
  • horse_[01-04] — add horse
  • killhorse — kill a horse while riding
  • cam.mount.xoff 0 — set camera view to horse
  • hero.move.fastrunspeed X — set X running speed
  • graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0 — disable image blur
  • X — change by mouse clicks max. horse speed (less speed = less clicks)
  • hero.move.fastrunspeed [number] — increase running speed
  • player.invisibleforenemies [0/1] — invulnerability (enemies do not attack)
  • ms.grav [negative number] — increase jump height
  • graph.setfastrunspecialefx <0/1> — motion blur while moving

ec.AddObjectToInventory # - get # units of the specified item, some of the codes are listed below:

Art_Add_Damage_!(#eDamage@) # - Get
damage crystals instead of ! you need to substitute a number from 01 to 07,
it corresponds to the level of the crystal;
Instead of @ one of five attributes: fire, cold, poison, spirit, electric;
instead of # - the desired number of crystals.

Bonus code:
The bonus code button can be found on the menu screen by pressing the [Esc] key during the game.

  • 3542-3274-8350-6064 - two-handed sword
  • 4149-3083-9823-6545 - Dragon Scale Armor
  • 3654-0091-3399-0994 - two-handed hammer
  • 6972-5760-7685-8477 - bonus card
  • 8233-3296-3311-2976 - bonus card
  • 6770-8976-1634-9490 - sword Anachronos
  • 1775-3623-3298-1928 - Black Legion ax
  • 4802-6468-2848-6286 - Black Legion ax
  • 6231-1890-4345-5988 - Hammer
  • 9122-5287-3591-0927 - Lucinda sword
  • 6624-0989-0879-6383 - Lucinda sword
  • 1797-3432-7753-9254 - map Libyrinth

P.S. If you type question marks (?) in the console, change the keyboard layout to English.

GreatGamer Rating: 7.7 out of 10 (Good)

Player Rating:
7.5 out of 10

Total votes: 2

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walkthrough, codes. Two Worlds II ::

Two Worlds II is the long-awaited continuation of the popular series of games from RealityPump developers. Users can go on a journey through a vast world, completely open to exploration, to shed light on further plot events.

What awaits us?

Passage of "Two Worlds 2" will certainly appeal to any fan of the RPG genre. Most of the game time will be spent on a variety of pumping and exciting side missions. You can try on the role of both a mage-killer and an archer-robber. Travelers will be poisoned by dangerous islands, in the depths of which, no matter whether it is a thicket of a forest or a dark cave, living and inanimate evil is hiding. Each fearless traveler will always have a pleasant reward at the end, whether it be points for pumping or a magical artifact.

Participation in horse racing, the need to make quick decisions, the battle with various opponents, the exploration of breathtaking beauty and a fascinating storyline - this and much more awaits users during the passage of "Two Worlds 2". This is the kind of adventure that you just can't miss.

An add-on "Flying Fortress Pirates" for the original "Two Worlds 2" was also released. The release date of the addon is 2011, it includes additional animation, enemies, weapons and a completely new storyline.

The beginning of the journey

According to the law of the genre, the game "Two Worlds 2" provides for the customization of the hero. Of course, it will not work to embody your real image in the digital world, but it is definitely worth trying your creative abilities. For other parameters, development is provided as you progress through "Two Worlds 2", which will be based on the personal style of the game.

You can follow three familiar paths: use cold and piercing weapons, become a ranged warrior, use your magical abilities. For each case, there is a unique set of special skills to pump, personal equipment and protection.

We continue to explore the gameplay

Cozy inventory is quite limited in capacity. Items are generally used to enhance and improve things that will come in handy in various game situations. If you actively pump the skill of blacksmithing, then the corresponding additional opportunities will open. The same applies, for example, and potions. It is also worth noting that the distribution of points requires a competent approach. The main parameters do not require any explanation: if you want a high level of health or an improved sword skill, then the experience is spent on the corresponding characteristics. But as for the expediency of other points, everything is a little more complicated here, because not all skills can come in handy during the passage. By the way, mods for "Two Worlds 2", which were created by users themselves, will help to change some default features in the game.

Difference from "Arcania" and predictable future

The disastrous continuation of this legendary game notably ruffled the nerves of all devoted fans and lovers of the genre. A lot of hopes were pinned on RealityPump, because the company could work on the bugs and bring the unsuccessful first part to mind.

With the release of Two Worlds II, the further path that the series will obviously take has become clear. The territory of the MMO RWG is the likely future for the next parts. The game world, although it turned out to be huge, upon closer study, it turns out to be empty. The abundance of tasks in the style of "get me this item / deal with that character" does not help fill the already prepared space. Of course, not everything is so bad, and during the passage of "Two Worlds 2" we will also meet other, more meaningful quests, with thoughtful stories and interesting NPCs.

As for the game world, it is not "seamless", that is, with all the declared openness in the "Two Worlds", there are still many bans on movement. Despite this, it is always pleasant to wander around on foot or ride a horse. By the way, in order to master the skill of riding, you will have to show first-class skill.

Background to the story

Events continue, and the god of fire Asiaral met the moment of his fall. The dark lord Gandohar managed to restore power, whose goal of destroying the balance of the elements is about to become a reality. The void must be filled with dark magic - that's what the world is waiting for. Gandohar was able to finally master the darkness and now directed his gaze to the power of Asiaral, which was locked inside Kira, a descendant of the Orphans. But is it possible for a lonely fragile girl to hold such a heavy burden and not break? Meanwhile, Gandohar, having ascended the throne, occupied himself with new insidious plans. But not all is lost! In the universe of "Two Worlds 2" there are still brave warriors who are ready to challenge the tyrant to a duel. A new war is coming in Antalore!


Five years have passed since the dramatic events of the previous part of the game unfolded. The world turned out to be one foot in the abyss, and the main character no longer has the strength or hope to save his sister. His future seems hopeless, and the gloomy dungeon of Vakhmaar, in which he was locked up, "kills" all thoughts of salvation. But help comes from where it was not expected! One day, the hero is rescued by none other than the orcs, whom he himself has always hated and despised. It was this moment that marked the beginning of a great journey, during which the terrible truth about the past of Gandohar will be revealed. So will our hero be able to defeat the dark lord and save Kira from certain death? Only the player decides.

Cheats in "Two Worlds 2"

Difficulties during the passage can always be corrected with the right codes. In this chapter, we will discuss this method in detail.

First, we need to deal with the "tilde" key, which looks like the character "~" or the letter "ё". With its help, you can call the console line, into which the codes for "Two Worlds 2" are typed. It is very important to enter Two / Worlds / Cheats 1 from the very beginning, while removing the slash. Thus, all subsequent cheats for "Two Worlds 2" will be able to be activated within the gameplay.

  • To restore health, you can enter the healtH command. This is one of the most useful codes that can save a character's life at the most critical moment.
  • Using the AddGold # command (where # is replaced by any number) you can replenish your gold coins in Two Worlds 2. The code will be useful to all fans of in-game purchases, and a simple cash reserve will never be superfluous.
  • If the prospects for a long leveling do not look so attractive, then the AddSkillPoints # command will help you raise the required level of skills. The same works with parameters - AddParamPoints #. Remember that in both cheats it is necessary to replace the "lattice" sign.
  • To increase the overall level of the character, just enter the command AddExperiencePoint #.
  • And finally, speaking about the easy passage of "Two Worlds 2", one cannot but mention the most useful command - RestFog. This code opens visibility on the entire map, which greatly simplifies the exploration process. No more foggy dots, now everything is in full view!

Pirates of the Flying Fortress plot

This massive add-on attracted attention from the start thanks to its own unique plot, which does not intersect with the storyline from the main "Two Worlds 2" in any way. The story begins with an experienced pirate who recalls the adventures of a famous pirate captain named Edwin Teal. It is with him that the protagonist of the new addition meets, who went on a trip to Antalore in the hope of finding a job. Driven by an errand, he arrives on the ship Wrath-Wandering and is suddenly captured.

From this moment begins the story of the Pirates of the Flying Fortress. The player receives two main quests: to team up with Captain Teal and his chosen one to help them overcome obstacles on the way to joint happiness, and also to find a precious artifact that, according to legend, can fulfill any wish. To complete the tasks, you will have to go through a lot, including uncovering the secrets of the archipelago, getting on the ship-fortress soaring in the air, getting to know the cartographer and giving him the long-awaited peace, and much more.

Add-on features

There are three endings in the addon, which depend on how the player wants to dispose of the treasures found. You can leave them in the same place and just go on their way, arrange a happy future for yourself, or fulfill the request of one ghostly couple that the hero met a little earlier.

In addition to the main story, the add-on provides a variety of side tasks. A full playthrough can take around sixteen hours, which expands on the main game quite nicely.