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Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
Last 30 Days 2435.68 +637.1 +35.42% 7506
November 2022 1798.59 14.87 +0.83% 7506
October 2022 1783.72 -4543.51 -71.81% 6002
September 2022 6327.23 4319.48 +215.14% 20096
August 2022 2007.75 -1221.89 -37.83% 9546
July 2022 3229. 63 403.63 +14.28% 8862
June 2022 2826.00 -1008.49 -26.30% 8517
May 2022 3834.49 3006.33 +363.01% 13462
April 2022 828.16 -138.95 -14.37% 1859
March 2022 967.11 -339.02 -25.96% 2416
February 2022 1306.13 -303.11 -18.84% 3171
January 2022 1609.24 -10.66 -0.66% 5106
December 2021 1619.91 332.94 +25.87% 6944
November 2021 1286. 97 150.17 +13.21% 4876
October 2021 1136.80 -44.44 -3.76% 2286
September 2021 1181.25 -1069.56 -47.52% 2790
August 2021 2250.81 -1741.38 -43.62% 4519
July 2021 3992.19 1132.08 +39.58% 11616
June 2021 2860.10 -1992.16 -41.06% 11945
May 2021 4852.26 -582.19 -10.71% 27547
April 2021 5434.45 3918.21 +258.42% 16958
March 2021 1516. 24 -888.51 -36.95% 2655
February 2021 2404.75 677.71 +39.24% 4678
January 2021 1727.04 -132.41 -7.12% 2913
December 2020 1859.46 -390.26 -17.35% 4270
November 2020 2249.72 471.01 +26.48% 6818
October 2020 1778.70 427.57 +31.65% 4497
September 2020 1351.13 -869.95 -39.17% 2658
August 2020 2221.08 -2228.00 -50.08% 7421
July 2020 4449. 08 -3946.33 -47.01% 10959
June 2020 8395.41 13427

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Titanfall 2 Live Player Count and Statistics

Titanfall 2 Live Player Counter

Live Counter

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Twitch Viewers (30D)

Find out how many players are concurrently playing Titanfall 2 right now. On this page you will learn Titanfall 2 live player count or at least the estimated players of the game. We will provide you an estimated graph of Titanfall player count each month in 2 years.

Above is an estimate on Titanfall 2 Live player count we have compiled these numbers using the most recent data from various online sources. Titanfall 2 live count player count is the number of players currently playing Titanfall 2.You will notice that the counter is constantly changing its value when you do refresh this is because Titanfall 2 players are starting and ending gaming sessions.

Some of these game trackers is just estimated data and should not be used as a factual reference. However, we also have trackers that are from legitimate sources which you can consider real live data such as the data from steampowered.com. Make sure to read the description we provide on Titanfall 2 game if it falls in this category, otherwise consider the statistics estimated.

Total Titanfall 2 estimated concurrent players across all platforms such as PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. [?]. See below on which platform you can play this game.

Titanfall 2 Live Monthly Player Count [CHART]

Live monthly statistics is the summary of the logged Titanfall 2 monthly active players. We have also logged the peak number of Titanfall players. Meaning the number of Titanfall 2 players playing simultaneously at the same time. Titanfall We have gathered all the data and entered it on a chart for the user’s better understanding.

Titanfall 2 Live Monthly Player Detailed [TABLE]

Here’s a detailed table of Titanfall 2 estimated monthly users. On the table, it is presented the max users of the game, gain / loss users, percentage of its gain and loss, and the max peak players on a given day.

Titanfall Available Platforms:

Windows ✔️
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PS4 ✔️
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Where can you play Titanfall 2 or the available platforms that you can play this game with.

About Titanfall 2

TitanFall 2 is an FPS action shooting game. Respawn Entertainment originally developed it for Xbox, but now it is available for other consoles as well. The game has two series, Titan Fall and Titan Fall 2. This is probably the game that is available on most platforms.


Like most typical FPS games, Titanfall starts with a primary weapon you can use to shoot down enemies. You can also pilot different mechanical Titans in the game. However, when piloting a Titan, particular abilities like wall running and double jumping are not possible. These features are available when you don’t pilot a Titan.

The game also awards you to execute different actions like a headshot, kill enemy soldiers, execute a unique style, etc. So it is a rewarding game that improves your stats as you keep playing.

Game modes

Unlike many FPS shooting games, Titanfall is not available for single-player, and you cannot play the game offline. So it is strictly an online multiplayer game. Therefore, the story of the game is according to the different multiplayer matches and missions.

Every team has a maximum of six players and battle out in the war-torn outer space colony. There are many game modes you can choose from, such as:

  • Attrition
  • Last Titan standing
  • Pilot hunter
  • Hardpoint domination
  • Capture the flag
  • Wingman LTS
  • Marked for death

The Android version has over 100K+ downloads on playstore with a rating of 3.4 stars. On the other hand, the iOS version does not have a decent download number and has just 2.2 user ratings. It needs a lot of upgrades and updates for the game. The other platforms are ideal for playing the game. 

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The best shooter of this generation or a review of Titanfall 2 — DTF games

In short: wall running is cool


All of the following is the subjective opinion of one person (with an attempt at objectivity). The author does not claim that his opinion is the ultimate truth, one can disagree with this opinion, and this is normal. The author deeply hopes for adequate criticism. Thanks for understanding. And yes, beware of spoilers.

My acquaintance with this game started in August 2019. That’s exactly when I bought it. I heard a lot of good things about her and really wanted to play. And… Well… You’ve already read the title. I really consider it the best shooter of the last 20 years, and for good reason, which I will try to explain further.

Or something like this

Wall running and pew pew pew

The best. Mechanics. Movements. Ever. At least in shooters. Wall running, sliding, physics and inertia, platforming, wall running — everything feels just perfect for such an arcade shooter. Did I mention wall running? So, he’s amazing. The game also has a very high dynamics, reducing which will bring your death closer, so movement is life . The simplified ballistics of the majority of the arsenal, or rather its absence, also works for such high dynamics. After all, ballistics here will only interfere and make things worse. Of course, a couple of weapons have shells, but this was done more for the sake of balance and basically such weapons either one-shot or grenade launchers.

Despite the seeming simplicity (and getting used to the mechanics of moving is really quite simple), you can achieve maximum speeds here only thanks to the skill: in the game you can make a chain of jumps — upon landing, instantly crouching and pressing the jump button at the right time (in a very small window ) you can not only not lose speed when jumping again (which usually happens), but also increase your speed, at a certain moment literally flying all over the map. And we remember that movement is life . In multiplayer, these guys literally fuck everything that moves, and it’s hard to hit them. I am not able to do this, but further you can see what I mean.


The music is here… Such a thing. The soundtrack is not expressive, not memorable and very secondary, but nevertheless, at the moments when he plays, he does not interfere, and sometimes can even enhance the impression of the scene. The sounds themselves are normal here — they are expressive and fulfill their direct duty — they convey information, which is especially important in multiplayer. But the visual is where Respawn really parted ways. The game has so much visual charisma that it was even enough for a spin-off, bright and colorful, but nevertheless with recognizable features of the universe. The design of the titans, which really look like combat vehicles that were created by engineers for specific military purposes, the design of the weapons is very holistic and not a single gun is knocked out of the surroundings and also looks like a weapon, and not like a child’s toy. If looking at the frames from the first part, I can say that this is something in a futuristic setting, and only the designs of the pilots and the fact of the presence of titans were recognizable, then looking at Titanfall 2, I can say for sure — this is Titanfall 2.



I’ll say right away — it’s the rationale for the gameplay. There is nothing supernatural in it, it is as simple as a tree branch — the evil villains have created a weapon to destroy the good people and now you have to stop them. And the plot itself understands this, because how else to explain the fact that the enemies (titans) periodically show some respect for the gg: “show what you can”, “not bad, pilot”, “you were a worthy opponent”, etc., and this even captivating. There are a couple of colorful characters: the same BT-7274, a squad of pilots 6-4, Elite Predators (whose commander teased Arekh back in 2016), Barker. But the beauty of the plot is not in the story, but in the gameplay moments that it prepares for us. And yes, the Russian localization is shit (and yes, I can’t change it, thanks to EA, the best office in the world, honestly, I’m not kidding).


And the story manages to entertain — the constant changes in action and locations, coupled with unique mechanics, well-made wall running and level design (both visual and technical) create a sense of novelty throughout the company, which is why even the third time it interesting to pass. Speaking of level design. I don’t know how it turns out, but only on games on the Source engine (this is not a merit of the engine, but just a fun fact) I meet such a level design — some kind of beam is very convenient there “accidentally” lies, a pipe that fell “accidentally”, leads exactly where you need it, the ceiling fell as if randomly, but as if it opened the way for you, etc., and it does not stand out from the environment. And all this creates the feeling that this is such a smart player who found a non-trivial passage, but in reality everything was intended that way. And I had such a feeling only during the passage of the first and second half-lives, and now in titanofall 2.

the most difficult mission in the game, I’m not kidding, I died here more often than in the rest of the game

In addition to such a competent level design in the game, there are simply memorable and interesting locations:

Introductory mission with training, which in my opinion is one of the best training missions.

By the way, a couple of speedruns from this location:

Best (sort of) time so far

And without any grenade boosts, also very cool (how I like the guy’s reaction)

A plant where Soviet Khrushchevs are assembled (well, not really) and we observe the collection of which, along the way, shooting back from the bots.

Undoubtedly the best level in the game is the research complex with temporal anomalies. So much has been said about him, I’ll just throw off the screenshots.

Incredibly beautiful location with antennas, where the same throw takes place. And here you also meet the most caricatured German German from Germany, whose Germanness will be envied by any other German and the entire population of Germany — Richter (who, for some reason, cuts off ears from corpses). It’s a pity I play without subtitles, although you can play it yourself and check out all the Germanness of the German German himself.

Epic assault on the IMC base.

Jumping between ships and flying Titan.

And these are only those that I remember, there are several more that are also interesting.

But Titanfall 2 is not played for the single company.


Here. Screenshot. It’s all.

Multiplayer and single player are very different. Having entered the multiplayer after the single, I literally had to relearn how to play and get used to things that seemed to be already clear. I’m not talking about getting used to the dynamics of the game, because when you try to play Titanfall like in the same Call of Duty, you will quickly become disillusioned with the game, because slow people are killed quickly here, but if you understand the flow of the game, accept its features and get used to the dynamics, you can get a pleasure and experience that no other shooter on the market can provide.

Remember these promotional screenshots of all sorts of fumes, when there is a pretentious wall-to-wall battle, various weapons and devices are used, but in reality this almost never happens in the game itself? In the titanfall, every second battle is exactly like this: one way or another, at some point in the battle, the teams will converge in one place in order to arrange a hellish meat grinder with a bunch of action. And because of this, the game does not leave you without emotions, each battle is a separate test, and when you see the experience calculation menu after an intense battle, you exhale loudly, because it was cool.

And this is probably the only multiplayer shooter I’ve played where 60 ping is uncomfortable and ideally you need 10-30 ping. But due to low online, getting such a ping while in Russia is unrealistic.


I’m only talking about it here, because in a single you can’t just play with the guns you like. At least the ammo will run out. Spoiler — infinite ammo in multiplayer. No need to worry about ammo — just action action action. In multiplayer, some guns also received increased recoil. The arsenal here is very diverse: here you also have the usual assault rifles, machine guns, guns, not quite familiar grenade launchers, snipers, one of which generally shoots 2 bullets at once and, with proper handling, is capable of one-shot, but not always, 3 shotguns, one of which is a pistol , a long-range revolver one-shot in the head and an anti-titanium weapon (which, by the way, can still run out of cartridges). And the main advantage of this arsenal is that everyone will find a gun to their taste and, importantly, according to their skill, and the coolest thing is that they are all well balanced and there is no meta. There is of course a one-shot sniper, but it is very difficult to handle.

Pilots also have abilities: invisibility, momentary shift in time/space, speed, grappling hook, useless shield, hologram creation, and the ability to throw a knife that shines through walls. In addition to abilities, there are also power-ups that give certain advantages on the battlefield. Extra battery, weapon boosts, turrets, or even limited versions of pilot abilities (and then there’s the smart pistol, but we’re not talking about the smart pistol). They are given for activity during the battle, like speed or kill streaks in a spell, expressed as a scale, filling which by 100% you can make PRESS V FOR TITANFALL!

They are falling from the sky

Titans. Perhaps the second main feature of the titanofall, which is literally indicated in the title of the game. And here the case is like with weapons — they are well balanced and everyone will find a favorite to their taste: Ion, who has a couple of very strong abilities, but the main weapon is very weak, Ronin, seeing whom in front of your face with a ready-made sword core, you immediately begin to squeeze ejection , Scorch, who holds the enemy well and counters the Ronin well, but can do little at a distance (and his cannon has a large caliber, and seeing how the projectile of this cannon flies in your face is very unpleasant, but very funny), Nordstar, who is able to pour just an exorbitant amount of damage at a distance, but calmly falls apart by other titans, since he does not have adequate defensive abilities and he himself is quite fragile (my favorite titan, for some reason I love this kind of gameplay — pours a lot of damage, but he can easily get in the face) , Tone, which some consider to be an imboy (lol), who is essentially tied to the main weapon and who can inject enough damage, but at close range is right practically helpless, the Legion, which has a very high dpm, but I don’t really like it myself and I haven’t played it much, and the Monarch is perhaps the most unusual titan, because he is the most unpredictable: yes, titans have some variations with those or other abilities, but one way or another, you always know what to expect, and immediately after landing, the Monarch is not particularly dangerous, but the longer he lives, the stronger, literally, his feature becomes — improvements that can change the style of playing the Monarch, make him a damage dealer, a tank, or even a support, and all this within the framework of one battle, although most of the time he is not independent and highly dependent on the team (largely due to the lack of active defensive abilities, only energy drain, which gives very little shield). Although I fibbed a little about the balance — there is a certain meta, in particular Ronin — there are so many of them that they even start to enrage, because these bastards only seem fragile — in capable hands they can take out half a team — and this is before a nuclear catapult. Raging freaks.

How much I love the Titans, here they are, from left to right: Legion, Ronin, Scorch, Ion, Northstar, Tone (Monarch did not fit, but as far as I know, he was added to the game after the release)


Most are good. Some are just wonderful. And they are big (well, of course, damn it, you need to create a place for the titans), you can feel the scale of the battles and the epic. One way or another, in this aspect, the titanofall is good.

EA screwed everything up again

What I can’t forgive ea for is the decision to release Titanfall 2 between battlefield and cold. And her marketing was shit. Bottom line — yes, the game was warmly received by players and critics, but it absolutely failed in sales. And because of this, she now has a rather low online, and it is very difficult to find a game at night or even in the middle of the day — yes, you don’t wait 30 minutes for one session, but playing any mode other than the standard one is unrealistic. Because of this, I didn’t mention the modes — I stupidly have nothing to talk about, I only got into the “titans against titans” match once, and then by some accident. Well, the defense of the frontier is considered a co-op mode, but I’m not interested in it, although they still play it a little. It’s a pity of course, but apparently we won’t see part 3 soon.

I don’t like to write conclusions, but you seem to be adults already, decide everything for yourself. I say goodbye to sim. All good.


Warning, English ahead, please proceed with caution

Titanfall 2 latest news,

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