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Patch 1.41 fr Stronghold 2 (Patch 1.4 muss bereits installiert sein)

The patch will work with all languages (EN-US, EN-UK, IT, ES, FR, DE)

1.4.1 Features
Bug Fixes

  • Blank games and duplicate games no longer appear in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Disbanded troops now appear from the players hovels. If no hovels are placed peasants will appear outside the keep.
  • Troops placed in stockpiles can now be targeted by enemy players.
  • Stone quarries can now be placed on both Island Hopping and Rocky Island free build maps.
  • A player can no longer open and close their gatehouse once it has been captured by the enemy.
  • Sally ports now appear hidden to enemy players.
  • Fixed issue when dismounting units so that the animation only plays once, preventing them from crossing inaccessible terrain.
  • Fixed issue so that the Lord can no longer attack buildings from a distance using the Return to Civic Duties button in the keep interface panel.
  • Archers can no longer use braziers when standing on level ground next to a wall with a brazier.
  • Fixed issue with knights being unable to mount horse if they moved while the horse was en route.
  • Fixed issue in which wrong weapons were selected when going to the weapons panel in the market by clicking on the Armoury interface panel.
  • Fixed issue in which monks would not go to the monastery when it was placed in certain rotations.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue in which turning off food consumption would cause the game to go out-of-sync.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue in which Herons could cause an out of sync.
    Great Britain map has been re-balanced.

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Unofficial Crusader Patch

Feature Highlights

Lets AI attack units target civil and fortification buildings, as well as wall parts which are already being attacked by one unit. Also lets AI send more troops to attack enemy lord once a breach is detected.

Prevents the AI from demolishing buildings when it has no access. This stops AI from continuously demolishing and rebuilding buildings where it has no access point.

Fixes bug where AI fails to reinforce missing troops on walls and/or towers when defensive patrols are still active. Probability for AIs to recruit defensive troops is increased (from zero for some AIs).

Gates close later when enemies in range, and open faster when danger is gone. Enemy distance for gate to close is reduced from 200 to 140. Delay for opening gate when enemy is no longer present is reduced from 1200 to 100.


We’ve made changes and improvements to how some parts of the patcher work internally to make the process more convenient and reliable for you.
We hope this will make it a more enjoyable experience.
Feel free to contribute or suggest ideas on GitHub or join the official UCP discord server

  • In the new StartTroops tab, you will be able to select a starting unit configuration for all AI Lords as well as your Crusader or European Lord
  • In the new StartGoods tab, you will be able to select a starting resource configuration that will apply for yourself and all other human or AI players.
  • You are able to now load AIV sets into the patcher by creating a subfolder with the name of your AIV set inside the resources\aiv folder
  • If you select multiple AICs that have the same characters defined, the one you select first will be given priority and the other ones will show a warning indicating which AI Character definitions will not be used
  • The format of AIC files has changed — the patcher is now using a JSON format with .json file extension

View full changelog here

  • AIC files no longer go into an aic subfolder inside your Stronghold Crusader installation directory
  • In this version, the Unofficial Crusader Patch comes with a new folder structure.
    All content files (including AIC and AIV files) that are to be used/installed by the patcher go into a resources\<config type> subfolder inside the patcher directory. For example your AIC files will go into the resources\aic folder
  • AIC files are now in JSON format and with .json file extension. Old AIC files can be converted by the patcher
  • AIC and AIV sets bundled with the UCP have been updated to the newest versions
  • It is now again possible to select multiple AICs for installation at once
Language support
  • An issue where sharing ucp.cfg (config) files between persons with different locales would cause crashes or otherwise not work properly has been resolved.
    Please note that any decimal values in the ucp.cfg must now use a dot (.) as the decimal separator to be interpreted correctly
  • Translations for Chinese and Hungarian have been added
  • There is now a command line tool that can be used for quicker or custom installation
    (see installation steps for details)

About the Unofficial Crusader Patch (UCP)

This project is an unofficial patcher for FireFly Studio’s game Stronghold Crusader 1.
It features bug-fixes, balancing and quality-of-life changes, as well as several AIV castles.
To apply this patch you need to have Stronghold Crusader installed.
The setup does not include any files created by FireFly Studios, but instead edits them or adds community-made files.

Quick Start

To install the patch download the latest Unofficial Crusader Patch release, copy to your Stronghold Crusader installation, and install.
Detailed instructions are available here.
The patcher selects commonly used settings by default but you may select/deselect features to install as you desire.


Multiplayer works fine with the UCP installed as long as everyone playing has the same options selected.
However, having different features enabled,
or specific features such as changing Player 1’s color or Activate Spectator Mode will cause crash or desync in multiplayer!


The UnofficialCrusaderPatch should work for most Crusader versions, but the latest 1. 41 HD version is recommended.
If your version is not supported, which can happen if you install it from a CD for example, you should receive errors during the installation.
To avoid this you can install FireFly’s Crusader HD patch for free, which should support all of the unofficial changes.

Suggestions and Contributing

If you have suggestions, you are welcome to post new ideas or discuss already existing ones in the issues section on GitHub.
The following guidelines apply:

  • First check if your suggestion already has a topic and join that discussion instead of creating a new one
  • Please post one idea per issue to keep it clear and easier to address
  • Keep the tone nice and civil

Icecrown Citadel: Halls of Ice Patch 3.3 — World of Warcraft — Games — Gamer.

ru: social network for gamers Halls of Ice Patch 3.3

Icecrown Citadel: Halls of Ice Patch 3.3

Icecrown Citadel is a huge five-player dungeon with three wings located at the base of the fortress. While the Lich King’s attention is focused on the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade laying siege to the main gate, players must help Jaina Proudmoore of the Alliance and Sylvanas Windrunner of the Horde infiltrate the citadel from the back door. nine0003

Adventurers will be given an epic series of quests to weaken Icecrown’s defenses. It will be possible to move to the next wing only after defeating all opponents in the previous zone. The stronghold exists in two versions — normal and heroic, and each wing is a separate dungeon. In Heroic mode, they will have separate dungeon refresh timers. Players who slay the Lich King’s most powerful allies will receive new rewards, including 219 itemslevel 2 (Normal) and 232 (Heroic).

Citadel of the ice crown: Ice halls Patch 3. 3

Citadel Ice Crown: Ice Halls Patch 3.3

Citadel of the Ice Crown: Ice Halls Patch 3.3

Citadel of the Ice Crown: Ice Halls Patch 9000 9002 , the very first wing of this vast dungeon, will test your mettle. Will they, along with Alliance leader Jaina and Horde commander Sylvanas, be able to penetrate the most dangerous places of the Scourge fortress? Their task is to destroy the monstrous mechanisms known as the destroyers of souls. If the heroes can’t find a way to defeat the powerful foes that stand in their way, they won’t make it to the next wing of the citadel. nine0003


* Bronyam, Godfather of Souls: Bookkeeper Bronyam oversees all the mechanisms in the Forge of Souls. If you’re hoping to take out the Soulbreakers, you’ll have to deal with their overseer first.

* Soul Eater : This creature guards the souls stolen by the Lich King and controls all the mechanisms in this wing of the dungeon.

Pit of Saron

Only those heroes who can interrupt the wicked workings of the mechanisms in the Forge of Souls will be able to penetrate further into the domain of the Lich King — into the Pit of Saron. Players stranded here will immediately encounter the owner of this lair, Scourgelord Tyrannius. But it won’t be easy to defeat him. Before challenging the overlord, adventurers will be instructed by their commanders to release the captive allies the Scourge is holding in this dungeon. Until then, Tyrannius will not pay attention to the invaders, leaving the fight to his servants — mine workers. But perhaps this battle will tell the heroes where the personal quarters of the Lich King are located: far from the Frozen Throne, deep in the Halls of Reflection. nine0003


* Forgemaster Garfrost: A skilled Scourge smith who ferries saronite and other precious metals into icy forges where deadly mechanisms are forged. Frosty blades and unusual alloys are at his disposal, so get ready for a chilling battle!

* Hic and Scream: The Pit of Saron is inhabited by many mindless zombies who serve as laborers loading metals for Forgemaster Garfrost. Scream is a vicious leper gnome who oversees them astride Ick, a monstrous zombie. nine0003

* Scourgelord Tyrannus : A powerful adversary who will certainly demonstrate his full strength to the daredevils who dare to infiltrate his domain. But the adventurers must find a way to defeat him, or they will never be able to find a way to the third and final wing of the citadel.

Halls of Reflection

Led by Jaina and Sylvanas, brave heroes will find themselves in the icy halls where they will discover Frostmourne, the legendary weapon and the embodiment of the corruption wielded by the Lich King himself. This means that Arthas’ private chambers are somewhere nearby. What awaits the brave heroes — glory or death? nine0003


* Falric and Marvin: Arthas Menethil’s trusted captains in life, commanders of the Scourge army and devoted servants of the Lich King in death. Falric and Marvin appear in the Halls of Reflection with the sole purpose of repelling the invaders.

* The Lich King: a focus of hatred for Sylvanas, who seeks revenge on the accursed prince for turning her into a monstrous undead. A beacon of hope for Jaina, who believes that Arthas’ soul is still alive in the body of the Lich King. To this final battle they have brought their most trusted allies, but do they know what powers their foe actually possesses? Is there any hope of victory — or will they only die in these icy halls? nine0003

Icecrown Citadel: Halls of Ice Patch 3.3

Icecrown Citadel: Halls of Ice Patch 3.3


Icecrown Citadel: The Frozen Throne | Patches | WoW Manuals

There were many battles with the Scourge in Northrend. Countless lives have been lost since the Alliance and Horde first arrived in the frozen wastes, but Azeroth’s champions continue to advance. Their ultimate goal is Icecrown Citadel, a stronghold of Scourge power and the headquarters of the Lich King. Tirion Fordragon and the Argent allied with Darion Mograine and the Knights of the Ebon Blade to form the Verdict of Ash. The strongest fighters of this coalition, along with the champions of the Alliance and the Horde, will lead the assault on the citadel. nine0003

This dungeon features the battles and events that will bring the Wrath of the Lich King storyline to a close. Join legendary heroes such as Highlord Tyrion Dragonford, High Overlord Saurfang, Muradin Bronzebeard, Highlord Darion Mograine and King Varian Wrynn in an epic battle against the Scourge and their master. The Icecrown Citadel Raid Dungeon has 10 and 25 player versions, each consisting of 12 encounters. You can complete each one on Normal or Heroic difficulty, and players will have access to a new UI feature that allows them to seamlessly change difficulty. Raid Dungeon starts at item level 251 for 10 player (Normal), increases to 264 for 10 player (Heroic) and 25 player (Normal), and finally reaches item level 277 for 25 players. version (heroic mode). nine0003

Triumphant entrance to the citadel

After passing through the defenses of the fortress, players will encounter a legion of undead guards, who are ordered to destroy any invaders. The leader of the defenders is Lord Marrowgar, a monster built from the bones of the undead. The next opponent will be Sister Deathwhisper, the supreme ruler of the Cult of the Damned. She strengthens the faith of her followers by promising them the opportunity to serve forever in immortality. Continuing their ascent, the heroes of the Alliance and Horde find themselves outside the citadel, where their mutual hatred escalates into a struggle for control of the Wall of Skulls. Players will fight alongside High Overlord Saurfang aboard Orgrim’s Hammer or Muradin Bronzebeard aboard Sky Destroyer in a one-of-a-kind showdown. Each faction must defend their airship and try to destroy the other in a fierce battle to see who will be eligible to take on the Lich King. Finally, in order for the heroes to gain access to the upper levels of the citadel, they must defeat the Lich King’s most powerful death knight. nine0003

Icecrown Citadel Wings

Once the Alliance or Horde heroes defeat the opposing faction and destroy the creatures at the entrance, the players will travel to an area made up of three separate wings.