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Walkthrough — Silent Hill: Downpour Wiki Guide

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Welcome to Silent Hill: Downpour. I was saddened to see mediocre to average reviews of this game. Fortunately, trade bonus and a coupon still netted me a game from a favorite series of mine for less than $10 so I’ll survive. There is an install after which the menu screen allows game selection, options, extras. I meander to settings because my flight-sim days dictate that I invert y-axis for everything. Anyways…

The opening cutscene rolls…


A guard addresses you as «Murphy» and the game walks you through an intro as well as basic controls. Follow the guard until he stops and speaks to you. Open the door, you can now see that opening a door does a quick first-person/over the shoulder viewpoint. In the shower room notice the knife on the bench. Listen to the guard and turn on the showers as told. When prompted, pick up the knife for another cutscene…

 Now we learn combat. Attack the «sequestered prisoner» using the ‘square’ key. Holding R1 allows faster movement and L1 does a look behind view. The ‘triangle’ key blocks. After leaving him bleeding like a stuck pig (get it?), go over to the bench again and pick up a stick/club/piece of wood and apply some usage of the ‘square’ key.  And finally you’ll be able to unleash the one-two for the knockdown.

Cutscene…  Walk forward until another cutscene…

And use ‘select’ for your journal once you regain control. Wander until you find a downed tree blocking the path. Pendleton will crouch and move under the tree. Keep following the path and continue across the tree bridging a gap. 


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Downpour Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Silent Hill: Downpour

Corey Feldman Interview

Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes at a green locker to get the corresponding weapons:

Weapons Code
.45 pistol and baseball bat 353479
Double axe and nail gun 171678
Golf club and rifle 911977

Thief costume

Successfully complete the «Stolen Goods» side quest in Pearls Creek apartment, then return to where the thief was hanging. Use the discarded pile of clothes to change into his black hoodie and jeans.

Alternate endings

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending. To increase your morality, make good decisions and spare downed monsters. To decrease your morality, do the opposite.

    A Ending: Spare Anne with good morality.

    B Ending: Spare Anne with bad morality.

    C Ending: Kill Anne with good morality.

    D Ending: Kill Anne with bad morality.

    E Ending: Successfully complete the game, then during your second playthrough, complete the «Digging Up The Past» side quest before completing the game again.

    F Ending: Let Anne kill you during the final encounter.

Centennial building vault puzzle solution

To unlock the vault on the second floor of the Centennial building, collect the projector slides from Room 200, then play the slides in the video archive room (Room 207) to reveal the code (IX-VI-I). Turn the dials on the vault to the indicated number to unlock it: Dial 1: IX, Dial 2: VI, Dial 3: I.

Devil’s Pit train puzzle solution

Press the indicated buttons in the following order on the listed difficulty to unlock the train:


    Press the Red button marked E.

    Press the Blue button marked A.

    Press the Orange button marked C.


    Press the Blue button marked A.

    Press the Green button marked B.

    Press the Grey button marked D.

    Press the Orange button marked C.


    Press the Grey button marked D.

    Press the Red button marked E.

    Press the Green button marked B.

    Press the Blue button marked A.

Hotel safe puzzle solution

To open the safe in the hotel with the five combination locks, you need a power cord (found in one of the drawers upstairs) to plug into the white coffee pot by the window. The steam from the pot will reveal a code on the window that you need to input into the safe. The code is «26381«. You must set each digit to the corresponding dial. For example, the «2» is placed on dial 1, the «6» on dial 2, etc. However, the 3 and 8 cannot be set on the dials manually, as dial 2 moves dials 3 and 4. The correct way to enter the code is by putting «2» on dial 1 and «1» on dial 5. Next, put «5» on dial 2, «2» on dial 3, and «1» on dial 4. Then, highlight dial 2, and turn it left to unlock the safe.

Overlook Penitentiary safe puzzle solution

The code for the Overlook Penitentiary safe with the five combination locks is «11752«. In the same room are pictures of several inmates on the wall. The number on the back of Murphy is the code. You must set each digit to the corresponding dial. The correct way to enter the code is by putting «1» on dial 1 and «2» on dial 5. Put «8» on dial 2, «6» on dial 3, and «3» on dial 4. Next, highlight dial 2, and turn it left once, then highlight dial 4, and turn it left three times to unlock the safe.

St. Marias Monastery Theater puzzle solution

Dig site locations

Go to the indicated locations in the «Digging Up The Past» side quest and dig to find all seven artifacts. The side quest can only be played during a second playthrough of the game. You will need a shovel, but they can be found in many places. Note: You can find a map of Silent Hill right before you exit Devil’s Pit (before you enter Silent Hill), on a table.

Original Silent Hill reference

Enter the diner in the first part of the game. Take the coins from the cash register behind the bar area, and insert them into the jukebox in the corner of the room to play the theme from the original Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 4: The Room reference

Henry Townshend’s apartment can be found on Landsdale Ave., between Brite St. and Cook St. Look for two bright windows with a reachable ladder from above, which can be pulled down with the correct weapon. You can climb up and enter through the window to explore the apartment.

Easy «Silent Hill Historic Society» trophy

Successfully complete the «Centennial Building» quest, then go back to the entrance. The same Mysteries that you collected before should be hanging on the door again. Go up to it, and Murphy will collect/open his journal, increasing your Mysteries by one. Run back up past both the staircases and then back down to the door again to get another Mysteries. Repeat this until you get the «Silent Hill Historic Society» trophy (53 Mysteries).


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Rain Maker (Platinum): Collected all trophies.

    Silent Hill Tour Guide (Gold): Completed all side quests.

    Useless Trinkets (Bronze): Completed the «Digging up the Past» side quest.

    Calling All Cars (Bronze): Completed the «All Points Bulletin» side quest.

    Neighborhood Watch (Bronze): Completed the «Stolen Goods» side quest.

    Art Appreciation (Bronze): Completed «The Art Collector» side quest.

    Silent Alarm (Bronze): Completed «The Bank» side quest.

    Will Work For Food (Bronze): Completed the «Homeless» side quest.

    Cutting Room Floor (Bronze): Completed the «Cin�ma V�rit�» side quest.

    Turn Back Time (Bronze): Completed «The Gramophone» side quest.

    What’s Your Sign? (Bronze): Completed the «Shadow Play» side quest.

    Telltale Heart (Bronze): Completed the «Dead Man’s Hand» side quest.

    Dust to Dust (Bronze): Completed the «Ashes to Ashes» side quest.

    Long Walk, Short Pier (Bronze): Completed the «Ribbons» side quest.

    Spot the Difference (Bronze): Completed the «Mirror, Mirror» side quest.

    Birdman (Bronze): Completed the «Bird Cage» side quest.

    Silence is Golden (Silver): Killed or incapacitated 10 Screamers.

    Shadow Boxer (Silver): Killed or incapacitated 10 Dolls.

    Pi�ata Party (Silver): Killed or incapacitated 10 Weeping Bats.

    Lockdown (Silver): Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Minions.

    The Bigger They Are… (Silver): Killed or incapacitated 10 Prisoner Juggernauts.

    Fight or Flight? (Silver): Escaped from 20 monsters.

    Silent Hill Historic Society (Silver): Completed Murphy’s Journal with all Mysteries.

    Stay of Execution (Silver): Incapacitated 20 monsters without killing them.

    Capital Punishment (Gold): Completed the game on the hard game difficulty setting, any ending.

    Puzzle Master (Gold): Completed the game on the hard puzzle difficulty setting, any ending.

    Gun Control (Bronze): Killed 25 monsters with the Pistol or Shotgun.

    Hypochondriac (Bronze): Used 20 First Aid Kits.

    Good Behavior (Silver): Completed the game on any difficulty without killing any monsters.

Additionally, there are 13 secret trophies:

    Now You’re Cooking… (Bronze): Survived the Diner Otherworld.

    Out of the Frying Pan (Bronze): Rode the Sky Tram to Devil’s Pit.

    Going off the Rails (Bronze): Escaped from Devil’s Pit.

    Found a Friend! (Bronze): Met DJ Ricks in the Radio Station.

    Whatever Doesn’t Kill You… (Bronze): Escaped the Radio Station Otherworld.

    Ashes, Ashes (Bronze): Collected 3 pages of the rhyme book.

    Broken Cycle (Bronze): Defeated The Bogeyman.

    No Turning Back (Bronze): Reached Overlook Penitentiary.

    Ending A (Silver): Achieved «Forgiveness» ending.

    Ending C (Silver): Achieved «Full Circle» ending.

    Ending B (Silver): Achieved «Truth & Justice» ending.

    Ending D (Silver): Achieved «Execution» ending.

    Ending E (Silver): Achieved «Surprise!» ending.

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Silent Hill: all games in the series and new games

If there’s a saga that fans keep asking for, this is it. Silent Hill . Either in the hands of research other than Konami, which already seems far from the focus of gamers on AAA games, or with Hideo Kojima at the controls after the hypothetical sale of the franchise to Sony. Any idea is good when it comes to bringing back to life the saga of games that have been unreported for far too long.


  • 1 Classic saga, but without continuing
  • 2 All games Silent Hill
    • 2.1 Sileynt Hill (1999)
    • 2.2 Silent Hill 4 rooms (2004)
    • 2.5 Ben. Silent Hill (2007)
    • 2.6 Silent Hill Escape (2008)
    • 2.7 Silence Hill Return Home (2009)
    • 2.8 Destroyed Memories Sayland Hill (2010)
    • 2.9 Silence Silent Hill ( 2012)
    • 2.10 Silent Hill Memories (2012)
  • 3 New Silent Hills.
    • 3.1 remake silent Hill 2
    • 3.2 Silent Hill Townfall
    • 3.3 Sileyalent Hill F
    • 3.4 Silent Hill: Ascension

Classical Saga, but without continuation

9000 9000 Silen 9000 , And 1996 Resident Evil rang the bell and From there, fever broke out on the PlayStation, allowing the birth and explosion of a saga like that developed by Konami. The story is very simple: the city from which the video game takes its name seems to be connected to the ancient rites and beliefs of the indigenous peoples of the United States, so strange phenomena occur and the appearance of creatures that come and go. from the dreams and nightmares of those who walk its streets.

These visitors from Silent Hill , almost always different depending on the video game, they will find more and more intricate mysteries and exposing those that frighten: the streets and houses of the city can drive even the most sane mortal crazy. So, we already have the necessary ingredients to turn a video game into one of the most memorable sagas, which, oddly enough, despite its popularity and a good poster among fans, we had nothing to put in our mouths for a decade. Since 2012, when it appeared in PS Vita stores. Silent Hill Memory Book .

Of course, recently there has been information saying that is quite possible that we will soon have news about a future release of that even today no one knows which company will develop it: maybe Hideo Kojima (because he was at Konami)? Or Sony for their PlayStation? What if Microsoft introduces an exclusive level on Xbox? Any possibility is open and we will see which one will eventually take shape.

All Silent Hill games

I must say that despite the aura of genius that surrounds the franchise, los Silent Hill is actually a series of games with ups and downs, with great moments, but others are completely forgotten, of course, due to Konami’s desire to use it too much in a very short period of time, only 13 years.

Then we’ll leave you all the games that appeared in the Silent Hill saga.

Silent Hill (1999)

Originally released for the PlayStation (PSX), it later had versions for the PSP and another for the Game Boy Advance which were far from the original. He charmed locals and strangers alike with his approach and superb setting. which made the advantage of the console limitation: a fog that covers everything and was useful to programmers to reduce the graphical load on the hardware. However, cheers for Konami! who knew how to read perfectly what the market was crying out for. Here we learn the story of Harry Mason, who enters Silent Hill to find his daughter although he soon discovers the horrors hidden there and a strange cult that combines the real world with the world of the dead.

Silent Hill 2 (2001)

The runaway success of the first PSX game made Konami not long to wait for a PS2 sequel. Now, we’ll put ourselves in the shoes of James Sunderland, who receives a strange letter from his late wife asking him to go to Silent Hill to meet her at a special place for both of them. As with the first game, there will soon be a cult that roamed the city, and some scarier creatures. A year later, Konami released Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams for Xbox, which also has versions for PS2 and PC.

Silent Hill 3 (2003)

After the events of Silent Hill 2 , Konami decided to go back to its roots and jump 17 years into the future. regarding the fact that we live in the first title. So the Japanese missed what was told through the character of James Sunderland and we will meet Heather Mason being dragged into town after experiencing a strange nightmare that reveals she is part of a cult that is going on there. The game was released on PS2 and PC.

Silent Hill 4 Room (2004)

It’s practically math that after a few successful parts one thinks it’s a good idea to investigate the origin of everything. So said and done: Silent Hill Origins This is a prequel to the first video game. , which brings us to the same scenario we saw on PSX, but with the protagonist changed. Travis Grady, who is looking for information about the girl he saved from the fire, and who does not stop torturing him every day. This game was released for PS2 and PSP.

Silent Hill Escape (2008)

companies were looking for business, taking on their most famous franchises for now. The proof of this desire is this game, which simply takes us through intricate labyrinths where famous enemies from the saga appear. You just have to shoot them and go. you already have another Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Homecoming (2009)

Originally released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, this game puts us in the shoes of Alex Shepard, a former US Marine who decides to return to his hometown. is nothing but… Silent Hill! The story tells us about the pain of torment that haunts our protagonist and is associated with the disappearance of his younger brother and the circumstances associated with this event. It goes without saying that somehow we are returning to the origins of the saga and the strange cult that takes place there.

Shattered Memories of Silent Hill (2010)

Not only was Konami released seven games in ten years (not counting compilations and compilations) that they did not hesitate to put another one on sale for Wii, PSP and PS2, which repeated too much what was seen. to this moment. From this Silent Hill Shattered Memories We’re almost back to the first game. , both for the main character, Harry Mason, and for what brought him to this cursed place, like the disappearance of his daughter.

Games is a copy of Silent Hill from 1999 It just puts the action in a kind of alternate universe with a slightly different development, which was especially interesting for the true fans of the saga, who didn’t mind that Konami gave them a new portion of what they already enjoyed before. If you haven’t played it, give it a try.

Downpour of Silent Hill (2012)

This game takes us back to the city of Silent Hill, only now the protagonist is another completely unknown character for the followers of Konami’s saga. His name is Murphy Pendelton, a prisoner who comes to town with the intention of telling us about his (torturous) past. On this occasion, the Japanese decided to practically change the map of the city, as well as many of the franchise’s most iconic and well-known settings. You have it for PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Book of Silent Hill Memories (2012)

Following in the footsteps of Resident Evil with its remakes that appealed to audiences (newcomers and veterans alike) so well, it seems Konami is about to try the same strategy with a saga that quite often shared the limelight with Zombie Capcom. a few years ago. years. Here’s how this Silent Hill 2 remake comes to be, a version that will arrive exclusively on PS5 during the first year, as well as on PC.

As previously rumored, development falls into the hands of the Bloober Team, a team we already know by big The Medium (which was already a tribute to Silent Hill).

Silent Hill Townfall

The second surprise came from the hands of Annapurna. Yes, the creators of the famous Stray Kitten game are turning to psychological terror with Silent Hill Townfall, which, hand in hand with the No Code studios, will release this new installment. is very similar to the original Silent Hill , but with game mechanics that will have nothing to do with classic survival horror.