Resident evil 5 ps4 test: Resident Evil 5 review for PS4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 5 review for PS4, Xbox One

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PS4, Reviews, Xbox One

July 14th, 2016

by Benny Rose

Platform: PS4
Also On: Xbox One
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Medium: Digital/Disc
Players: 1-2
Online: Yes

First and foremost, I want to clear up something about this release, as well as Resident Evil 4 and 6. When first announced, a lot of articles, including press direct from Capcom, stated these were “Remasters”, to which contributed to my less than fair score of Resident Evil 6. Fast forward to the release of Resident Evil 5 and that verbiage is nowhere to be found. The series of games is being titled as “Re-releases” which makes way more sense given the lack of extras.

With that said, as always, I’m going to be as honest as possible when speaking about Resident Evil 5 for PS4. This game and I share a ton of memories, both good and bad. This entry in the series was the first time we’re given local and online co-op, and it was greeted with a mixed reception. The biggest and most noticeable component of Resident Evil 5 was the gameplay.

Resident Evil 4 was the first in the main entries that took a departure from the traditional tank style controls into a more action game based setup. The game still managed to be great because it instilled many of the traits that make Resident Evil so beloved. Puzzles, monsters, and returning favorites, such as Leon and Ada, helped pave the path for future games.

Then, RE5 came years later and again made changes to the already perfected formula. I can understand the inclusion of co-op since at the time of release, this was a very in demand component on both Xbox Live and PSN. For me, co-op was one of the better additions made to the game. I thoroughly enjoyed my time during the campaign when playing locally with a friend. The inventory swapping was also intuitive and key to keeping teamwork in place.

The biggest drawbacks for Resident Evil 5 were the story, setting and Chris Redfield on steroids. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to make his arms so big?! RE5 had so many things going for and against it, which ended up hurting the franchise because the game has been keyed and the beginning of the downfall of Resident Evil. It’s a bold statement and I can semi-agree.

The real question here is does the game stand the test of time on a new console generation, for existing and newcomers? To be honest, I was a different person playing RE5 back in 2009. I was so appreciative to get my RE fix since we didn’t have a new game in many years, so as a fan boy, I ate it up, issues and all. The really scary part is how many times I completed the campaign. (Seriously, you don’t want to know…)

So after the extensive sessions both on and offline with the original release, is it worth a revisit? I think so. Even with the abundance of Resident Evil games this year, out of all of them, 5 was the one I have had the most fun with 7 years later. I’ve read other people have issues with this release, but I’m happy to report, not having any performance issues with the framerate or the inventory system.

This “release” includes all the previously released DLC, including the Untold Stories bundle, which includes “Lost in Nightmares”, a short campaign for Chris and Jill which has some elements of traditional survival horror. Also included is the “Mercenaries United” add-on which allows you to fight hordes of zombies and other creatures with 8 different characters.

For $20, this release is a great value, giving fans that missed out a chance to play on current consoles. I look forward to Resident Evil 4 despite this being the 20th or so re-release. The real wait is for the Resident Evil 2 Remaster.

Grade: B

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Manufacturer:  Capcom
ESRB Rating: 

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Face-Off: Resident Evil 5 Remastered

Capcom’s Resident Evil Remastered series kicked off nicely with RE6 handing in solid 1080p60 gameplay, albeit with little in the way of visual enhancements. It was a promising start though, and with that firm foundation in place, basic logic suggests that the earlier, less technologically challenging games should run even better on the current-gen console. Curiously though, Resident Evil 5 Remastered doesn’t quite deliver.

In terms of the basics, both PS4 and Xbox One hand in a native 1080p presentation, with post-process anti-aliasing replacing the use of more accomplished multi-sampling MSAA found on PC. On the whole, image quality is generally comparable with little of the texture blurring artefacts often seen with this kind of AA. Coverage across fine details and sub-pixel elements isn’t handled as well as the original PC release, but the results produce a vastly superior image over the Xbox 360 game upscaled to full HD resolution.

The extra pixel count also manages to extract more detail from the higher quality texture work throughout the game, with brickwork and grass appearing suitably crisp. Of course, much of the artwork was designed around a 720p target resolution, and as such there are still plenty of lower quality assets on show — these don’t hold up particularly well, especially when viewed up close. PS4 and Xbox One mostly match the PC game in this area, though in several cut-scenes we noticed Chris Redfield sporting lower quality texture maps on his jacket, along with reduced specular effects. It’s not something we’d expect to see given how meagre the RAM requirements are for the PC game, and is mostly likely just a bug.

Resident Evil 5’s PlayStation 4 and Xbox One remasters get the full comparison treatment.

For the most part we’re looking at a straight port of the original PC version, though Capcom has made a few tweaks in several areas. Just like Resident Evil 6, the field of view is opened up so that the action more closely resembles the classic Resident Evil titles and the Revelations games. The increased screen space gives the experience a less claustrophobic feel, while also making the game a little easier to play as you have a wider view of the action. This new setting is the default option, but purists will be pleased to know that the original field of view is selectable from the game settings menu — something that isn’t possible on the original.

In terms of effect work, shadow quality gets a nice bump over PC, while object blur is also improved via a higher precision implementation, leading to fewer artefacts and a more refined look. Camera blur remains identical to the PC and last-gen versions though, with visible banding due to the lower sample count.

There are also a few lighting and gamma-related changes in a few scenes: bloom and light intensity are reduced on PS4 and Xbox One, allowing for more details to appear across bright highlights without too dramatically altering the look of the scene. These adjustments provide a more balanced presentation over the original game, though some effects — such as lens flare — are less prominent as a result.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360Higher precision object blur is present on PS4 and Xbox One. Notice how blur trails appear cleaner on these versions, lacking the banding present on 360 and PC.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360However, camera blur remains unchanged compared against PC, still throwing up visible banding artefacts when the effect is on-screen for extended periods.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360The default field of view is more open on the PS4 and Xbox versions, more closely resembling the older Resident Evil games. For purists, the original FOV is selectable in the options.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360Higher resolution shadows on PS4 and Xbox One give this element a sharper look with smoother edges.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360Lighting and gamma are tweaked on PS4 and Xbox One. Bloom and light intensity is dialed back in a few scenes, leading to more visible details in bright highlights.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360Curiously, lower resolution character textures are present in several cut-scenes on PS4 and Xbox One, along with reduced specular sheen.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox 360PS4 and Xbox One both hand in native 1080p presentations, comparing favourably to the PC version running at the same resolution. It’s a massive upgrade over the 720p Xbox 360 game.

Please enable JavaScript to use our comparison tools.

On the whole, the remaster delivers a clear visual upgrade over the last-gen versions, and even improves on the PC game in a few minor areas. The presentation feels a little more refined with regards to the effects work, while the original look of the game is authentically preserved. Compared to Resident Evil 6, it’s clear that some extra work was carried out during the remastering process. However, the conversion is let down by variable frame-rates, which fall short of the intended 60fps target whenever anything interesting is happening on-screen. It’s definitely a step back from the excellent Resident Evil 6 remaster, which presented a solid 60Hz on PS4 and just minor drops on Xbox One.

It doesn’t take long for the issue to become apparent. An opening stroll through a quiet African village sees frame-rates almost lock at 50fps on PS4, while Xbox One regularly lurches into the mid-40s in this sequence. There’s nothing exciting going on, and initially we were perplexed as to why performance is being impacted at all here. However, moving into combat, the reason behind the performance deficit soon becomes clear. The appearance of several enemies on-screen regularly sees both versions drop frames, with the hitching intensifying as the action becomes more intense.

The first mini-boss fight against The Executioner demonstrates this perfectly, where performance falls to between the 45-55fps mark when we are surrounded by multiple foes. Hitting 60fps here is only possible when facing away from enemies or moving into less detailed areas in this location. The knock-on effect is that controls swing from feeling crisp and responsive to feeling pretty heavy — and back again — in just a few seconds, and the result is that gameplay isn’t as smooth or consistent as we’d like it to be. That said, quiet scenes with no NPCs or enemies deliver a solid 60fps on both systems.

Resident Evil 6 Remastered did a good job of hitting 1080p60 on PS4 and Xbox One. However, the less technically challenging Resident Evil 5 often falls short.

It’s a little disappointing to see the game struggle to hit 60fps on current-gen systems, especially as this is so easy to do using what is now ancient PC hardware; even an old GTX 460 could deliver 1080p60, albeit with low levels of MSAA. Both PS4 and Xbox One are significantly more powerful and yet still have issues maintaining consistent performance. It’s worth mentioning that there is currently no patch available for the game, so it’s possible that performance could be improved at a later date should an update drop. After all, we did see significant improvements to performance issues in Resident Evil Revelations 2, so fingers crossed that the developer instigates a similar optimisation effort here.

Of course the all-important question is whether the remaster provides a better all-round gameplay experience than the last-gen versions. And yes, for the most part it does. While performance is certainly variable, frame-rates are much higher than the old Xbox 360 and PS3 versions and the controls feel much lighter and responsive, even if overall consistency isn’t quite there yet.

As things stand, despite the minor visual improvements, the original PC version remains the best way to play Resident Evil 5 — locking to 60fps is an absolute walk in the park on even relatively modest hardware. That said, for those who primarily play on consoles, the remaster is still the best way to sample the game, with the PS4 version delivering higher frame-rates of the two. Hopefully, Capcom will improve console performance with an update, but until then we’re still looking at a decent enough showing — it just doesn’t quite live up to expectations, especially in light of RE6 Remastered’s more impressive showing.

PS4 can still: There was a test and comparison of the new demo of Resident Evil: Village on Sony consoles






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    New demo 9 was released exclusively early on PlayStation consoles today0026 Resident Evil: Village . Game channels have already tested the trial version and recorded several videos in which they compared the work of horror between three platforms: PS4 , PS4 Pro and PS5 .

    Resolution :

    • PS5 — in both modes (performance and ray tracing) «checkerboard» 2160p without dynamic scaling;
    • PS4 Pro — dynamic 1800-2160p checkerboard rendering in resolution priority mode and 1080p in frame rate priority mode. There are noticeable plumes that are not found on other consoles;
    • PS4 — 900p in the only mode available.

    Frame Rate :

    • Despite Capcom’s claim of 45 FPS on the standard PlayStation 4 version, the game actually runs at an unlocked frame rate of up to 60 frames per second. On average, we are talking about 55 FPS, and the highest drop was recorded at 38 frames.
    • PlayStation 5 achieves a perfect 60 FPS in non-ray tracing mode. With beams, there are drawdowns of up to 50 FPS.
    • PS4 Pro has the lowest frame rate of all versions in resolution mode. Here the game does not reach 60 FPS in any of the scenes and runs at 40 FPS on average. At the same time, in performance mode, the Village already demonstrates an almost stable 60 frames with minor drops in several places.

    Download speed :

    • PS5 — 1.86 sec;
    • PS4 Pro — 33.86 sec;
    • PS4 — 46.26 sec.

    Graphics :

    • In terms of visual effects on all three consoles, the game, when viewed with a magnifying glass, looks more or less the same.

    Framerate testing on base PS4:

    Comparison of frame rates of all three versions by VG Tech:

    Comparison of graphics, FPS and load times between PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5:

    Read also : Rumor: Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in a remake of the action movie «Commando» .

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    Most interesting releases of March | Stop Game

    If February was marked by the first high-profile releases of the coming year, then March can be considered the month of re-releases — this collection has enough remakes of iconic games. But among projects with a lower rank, an enviable diversity is observed — almost the entire spectrum of genres is represented from roguelikes to turn-based strategies.

    March 3rd. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

    Released: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.
    What is interesting: fantasy soulslike about Ancient China from the authors of Nioh.

    Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is very reminiscent of the previous work Team Ninja : this is also a soullike and also about ancient Asia. This time, the setting of the game will be China of the Three Kingdoms era, or rather its fictional version, with magical creatures and large-scale fantasy locations. The protagonist, a nameless militiaman who fights against an army of demons, can not only deftly wield melee weapons, but also cast spells, as well as summon divine beasts such as a red bird and a white tiger.

    If you are interested in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty , then do not forget to check the system requirements and operating modes of the consoles, and for those who are used to trusting only their own feelings, we remind you that from February 24, an unlimited demo version is available for all platforms.

    8 March. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (remaster)

    Release date: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.
    Feature: is a modern version of the 15-year-old horror anime for the Nintendo Wii.

    Five children mysteriously disappeared during a festival on Rogetsu Island. They were saved, but they all lost their memory of those events. Ten years later, two out of five girls die under mysterious circumstances, and the survivors have to return to the island to find out the details of their death.

    The remaster’s new features include improved graphics, a photo mode (where you can randomly take a photo of a ghost), and a set of new character costumes.

    8 March. Contraband Police

    Outlet: PC (Steam).
    Feature: is a customs officer simulator set in a communist state in the 1980s.

    Papers, Please with a bit of action and police flavor: a customs officer in this game must be able not only to check the authenticity of documents, but also independently search for contraband in hiding places, detain criminals, participate in shootouts and even chases in a patrol car. There will also be something for those who are accustomed to more measured gameplay — elements of the strategy are promised, including the construction of improvements to the customs post and managing the shift on duty.

    March 9th. Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

    Release: PC (Steam, EGS), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.
    What’s interesting: melee action in the strange universe of Zeno Clash.

    Before us is a spin-off of the series Zeno Clash , dedicated to the same amazing world of Zenozik, where the events of the first two parts took place. The main character, a powerful warrior named Pseudo, with the help of his fists will protect his new acquaintance named Kid, an orphan whose mysterious abilities attracted the attention of powerful evil forces.

    A trademark of the ACE Team creators, as before, the artsy style and recognizable hand-to-hand combat system, this time with a third-person view. Pseudo available several martial arts and the ability to develop your own style as you progress through the campaign. Opponents are not averse to stretching not only their fists, but also their brains — before the fight, you can challenge your opponent and play dice with him. The winner will have the opportunity to choose the conditions for the fight.

    13 March. Rough Justice: ’84

    Released: PC (Steam, EGS).
    What’s interesting: a digital tabletop in the style of the cinematic 80s.

    The player takes charge of a private security agency that does a plethora of tasks, from basic escort and security to finding fugitives and recovering stolen items. You will have to solve these problems using dice and equipment cards, and agents and freelancers will become the hands and eyes of your organization. Each character has a unique appearance and a set of characteristics from 0 to 5, which corresponds to the number of dice rolled.

    Separately, it is worth noting mini-games — they are puzzles typical of the detective genre of that era, such as breaking safes and locks, deciphering coded messages, or hacking into a computer network.

    14 March. Valheim (Xbox out)

    Out: XONE, XBOXSX.
    What is interesting: console version of one of the best survivors of recent years.

    Viking Simulator appeared on Steam just over two years ago. Valheim is still in early access, but managed to get a bunch of prestigious awards, and the total circulation exceeded 10 million copies last year. In mid-March, console users will also be able to join survival in the Scandinavian setting0136 Microsoft . No significant changes are planned compared to the PC version, with the exception of the interface adapted for the gamepad. The project will support cross-platform play between the Xbox, Microsoft Store, and Steam versions.

    17 March. Diablo IV (Pre-Customer Early Access)

    Release Date: PC (, XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.
    What is interesting: the first chance to try one of the most anticipated games of the year.

    There is very little time left before the release of the fourth part of the legendary series — the release is scheduled for June 6th. In March, there will be an open beta test for everyone (March 24–26), and a little earlier (March 17–19) there will be a separate early access session for pre-orderers. As part of testing, which includes the prologue and the first act, it will be possible to fully explore the Shattered Peaks location. Character development is limited: it will be possible to upgrade the hero no higher than level 25.

    As you know, Diablo IV will not be available for official purchase in Russia and Belarus. Whether residents of these countries will be able to take part in testing is still unclear.

    17 March. WWE 2K23

    Release: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.
    What is interesting: is another part of the famous wrestling simulator.

    The traditional fighting game from 2K , released every year, this time is dedicated to the 20-year career of one of the most famous wrestling fighters — the face of the project and the main character of the 2K Showcase mode will be John Cena (John Cena).

    In addition to this and other classic modes, the simulator will feature 3×3 and 4×4 team battles inside a steel cage spanning two rings.

    17 March. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon

    Release date: NSW.
    Feature: action game about young Bayonetta exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

    Long before becoming a powerful witch, Bayonetta was a young sorceress known to everyone as Cereza. One day, she went on a journey through the forbidden forest of Avalon in the company of the demon Cheshire, who lives in a plush toy. Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon will tell about the adventures of this strange couple.

    In the new project PlatinumGames, decided to move away from the style used in other games about Bayonetta: we are facing an action-adventure game with a top-down view. The gameplay is dedicated to fighting enemies, exploring the world and solving puzzles. Separately, it is worth noting the management: each of the characters is responsible for its own «joycon».

    March 21st. Deceive Inc.

    Released: PC (Steam, EGS), XBOXSX, PS5.
    What’s interesting: is a spy multiplayer thriller with disguises in the spirit of a grotesque Bond movie.

    Despite the fact that we have an online shooter, you can win here without firing a shot. The goal of each mission is not to destroy rivals, but to complete a special task: for example, to steal a valuable item from a carefully guarded room. To hide from competitors and security bots, players can use a variety of spy devices, disguise themselves as random passers-by or staff, and even pretend to be environmental objects like a vase or chair. Each of the heroes has a unique set of skills and weapons, and you can weave spy intrigues both in team mode and in “Every man for himself” sessions.

    22 March. Have a Nice Death (NSW out)

    Out: NSW.
    What is interesting: a bagel about Death, which cleans up his office.

    Death also has a job, and force majeure also happens at this job, which the top management has to sort out directly. This action roguelike tells about such a case that occurred in CJSC «Death». The project fell in love with PC players: in a year in Steam Early Access, it received 5.5 thousand reviews, 87% of which were positive. Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to take part in the balance debit and soul credit balance (20% pre-order discount included).

    March 23rd. Storyteller

    Released: PC (Steam), NSW.
    What is interesting: miniature fairy tale plot constructor.

    A little contemplative entertainment, where you don’t have to overexert your brain or test your reflexes. The player creates short stories by dragging and dropping character and object icons directly onto the book’s pages. Depending on the choice, the plot changes. Despite the simple rules that even the smallest child can figure out, the game seems to be interesting for an adult audience as well — it is noticeable that the developers appreciate dark humor and stories about difficult love relationships.

    March 24th. Resident Evil 4 (remake)

    Release: PC (Steam), XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.
    What is interesting: an updated version of the famous game.

    A remake of such a cult game as the fourth part of «Resident Evil» is definitely a landmark event, especially for the March lull. According to Capcom, the developers carefully approached the restoration process, but did not hesitate to make changes if it could benefit. For example, QTE was almost completely removed from horror. Slightly changed the inventory system: now a case with equipment can be customized — passive bonuses depend on the type of container. In addition, the changes will affect the plot — it will be expanded and supplemented, including through additional notes. For dessert, some content for the recently released PlayStation VR2 is promised. But PC players are in for an unpleasant surprise — the presence of Denuvo in the computer version.

    Please note that there is only one version for legacy consoles — for PS4. Xbox One owners will have to settle for the original.

    28 March. Crime Boss: Rockay City

    Release: PC (EGS).
    What’s interesting: is a heist shooter in the style of action movies of the 90s and a rich cast from the same era.

    The game tells about the formation of the criminal empire of Travis Baker, who intends to become the new king of the city of Rokay. It is not easy to win in the struggle for the territory — it is necessary not only to successfully turn things around like daring robberies, but also to fight with neighboring gangs.

    It is not yet clear how interesting the gameplay of the new shooter will be: judging by the videos, it is similar to Payday and supports both single player and co-op. What is definitely worth attention is the plot and the visual part, especially if you like Hollywood crime thrillers from the end of the last century. I will just list some of the actors who gave the appearance of the main characters: Michael Madsen (Michael Madsen), Kim Basinger (Kim Basinger), Danny Glove р (Danny Glover), Danny Trejo (Danny Trejo), Vanilla Ice (Vanilla Ice), Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris)…

    The game will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series before the end of the year.

    28 March. The Last of Us Part I (PC release)

    Release date: PC (Steam, EGS).
    What’s interesting: is a PC version of one of the best PlayStation games.

    The Last of Us series has been renewed for a second season, which cannot but please fans of the franchise. They also have other reasons to be happy: at the end of March, the PC version of the remake of the first part, which had previously been a PlayStation exclusive, will be released. A great opportunity to re-live the adventures of Joel and Ellie or meet them for the first time if you are a hardcore PC user.

    Naughty Dog promises to tell you more about the features of the computer version of in the near future. Recall that the re-release available for PS5, in addition to technical innovations (modern graphics, improved animations and lighting, surround sound, DualSense tactile feedback), affected the AI ​​of the characters, and also added two new modes of passage — for time and with one life. There is also the only add-on Left Behind , , but there is no Factions multiplayer mode.

    March 29th. Smalland: Survive the Wilds (Early Access)

    Release Date: PC (Steam, EGS).
    What is interesting: survivor about miniature people living in the wild.

    The modest success of Grounded — a project dedicated to tiny people — does not scare the British developers from Merge Games : we have another game on this topic. Like «Honey, I Shrunk the Children» and «The Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Vali» — be sure to pay attention to Smalland.

    The gameplay is standard for the survivalist genre: we build a house, get supplies, craft tools and equipment, and in between these peaceful activities we fight with wildlife, which is represented here by various small animals from spiders to dragonflies. By the way, they can be tamed.

    There is also multiplayer — up to ten people with optional PvP.

    30 March. DREDGE

    Released: PC (Steam), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5, NSW.
    What is interesting: a fishing adventure with mysticism in the spirit of Lovecraft .

    Isn’t it a dream to live a quiet life on a small island, fishing on your own trawler? However, sometimes dreams do not come true the way we want — this just happened to the main character of DREDGE. Going out to sea, instead of herrings and crabs, you can catch something very strange, unfriendly and not always alive, and each voyage threatens to be the last — someone obviously does not like the presence of ordinary people in these places.

    The history of the archipelago is shrouded in a frightening mystery that our fisherman has to figure out. To do this, you will have to not only engage in fishing, but also upgrade your trawler, trade with the local population, and also gain inexplicable abilities that should bring you closer to the solution.

    30 March.

    The Great War: Western Front

    Release date: PC (Steam, EGS).
    What is interesting: is a project about the First World War with two modes — a global turn-based strategy and real-time frontline battles.

    The work of the studio Petroglyph Games compares favorably with other similar strategies by its realism. Before us is not just an ordinary RTS in the entourage of the First World War, where authenticity is limited by the appearance of the units: it is noticeable that the developers tried to convey the feeling of positional warfare with the help of gameplay. For example, before a defensive battle, the player must prepare a defense zone by giving instructions to the troops on where to dig trenches and erect fortifications. As for the global mode, they promise to reflect the spirit of the era: for example, one of the key tasks of the commander will be the competent distribution of resources along the entire front line.

    In addition to the campaign and single mission-battles, the opportunity to fight with a live opponent in multiplayer PvP is promised.

    30 March. Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

    Release date: PC (Steam, GOG).
    What’s interesting: dark RPG about King Arthur.

    If you have played Tainted Grail: Conquest, then the dark world of Tainted Grail is already familiar to you. Here King Arthur is dead, Avalon is cursed, and its population is doomed to death — the island is engulfed in the plague of the Red Death. The main character has a chance to give people hope for change and salvation, but this path will definitely not be easy.

    Unlike Conquest , which is a hybrid of a roguelike and a card game, The Fall of Avalon is a typical open world RPG with a standard set of features: a lot of quests, crafting, exploring locations, fighting various enemies, finding allies and, of course same, non-linear plot.

    March, date unknown. System Shock (remake)

    Release: PC (Steam, EGS, GOG), XONE, XBOXSX, PS4, PS5.
    What’s interesting: is a remake of the famous sci-fi action movie.

    While the fate of System Shock 3 is shrouded in a veil of secrecy and it is impossible to say for sure whether the sequel will be released in the foreseeable future, but the release of the reissue of the first part should take place soon. The remake also did not go smoothly — more than seven years have passed since the first news about the start of development. However, journalists have already tested the game and were generally satisfied. Moreover, according to them, dangerous adventures on the Citadel space station may be of interest to those who are unfamiliar with the original.

    March, date unknown. Robin Hood — Sherwood Builders

    Release: PC (Steam).
    What is interesting: adventure action game about Robin Hood with elements of urban strategy.

    The main task of the player is to start from a small forest camp and create a whole army of followers of the famous fairy-tale hero, who will eventually overthrow the authorities in Nottingham. As recruits and workers, you can hire local peasants and city dwellers who are tired of the lawlessness of the lord.

    Growing from a modest settlement in the depths of Sherwood Forest into a village full of inhabitants will take a lot of effort: not only warriors are needed, but also workers of various professions. Judging by the videos, this part of the gameplay will be similar to a city-building simulator: you can watch the ordinary life of the village from a third-person view, and give orders for construction through an isometric camera. Of course, there will be some battles — a bow and arrows, a sword and true friends, among whom will be the key characters of the legend of Robin Hood, will help to take from the rich and give to the poor.

    March, date unknown. USC: Counterforce

    Released: PC (Steam).
    What’s interesting: turn-based tactics in the spirit of XCOM and Alien movies.

    According to the authors, this is almost the pinnacle of the evolution of sci-fi turn-based tactics with a top view a la Space Hulk.