Pubg reviews 2022: PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-to-Play Review — 2022

PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-to-Play Review — 2022


The original battle royale remains fun, but it may not excite enough to grab players away from its contemporaries.


By Gabriel Moss

Updated: Jan 21, 2022 12:35 am

Posted: Jan 21, 2022 12:30 am

It’s been nearly five whole years since the pioneering PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first appeared on Steam and popularized the idea of pitting 100 players against each other until only the best (or last) among them survives. Since then, the original battle royale has been locked in a fight for relevance against the many games it inspired, and only now has it dropped its entry fee and joined the ranks of its free-to-play competition. Now that the novelty has worn off, in some ways PUBG has been left wanting compared to newer and more innovative battle royales, but its unique focus on massive zones and realistic simulation means it hasn’t lost its touch either.

Survival after parachuting into PUBG’s relatively realistic open world requires you to be much stealthier and more deliberately tactical than you would in, say, the run-and-gun style of Fortnite. For example, you might wait for a passing aircraft to drown out your footsteps so you can enter a household undetected, or you might use a smokescreen to distract a squad of enemy players that are pinning you down from a nearby ridge. Firefights are regularly tense and enjoyable, though the wide selection of guns tend to be clunkier to fire than other modern shooters too (even after you’ve modded them with scopes and extended magazines).


What PUBG has in tactics, it lacks in the “gunfeel” that make games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends so enjoyable to play. Weapons are more tolerable to handle in third-person mode, but frustratingly inaccurate unless you switch to first-person or aim down sights. But since movement is clearly designed around third-person play, not to mention you get the ability to peek around corners without poking your head out, first-person mode feels slow by comparison, and the weapons suffer for it. PUBG’s emphasis on realistic bullet physics sets it apart in an interesting way, and it makes sense that hitmarkers are absent by default because PUBG wants to give you as little information as possible to make its fights more intense. But all that also means it’s not nearly as slick as, say, Call of Duty: Warzone.

Third-person play simply feels much better.

Third-person play simply feels much better, and it seems to be because your player model is physically simulated in much the same way as a character from Grand Theft Auto 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2, with a bit more fluidity in movement — so that you aren’t constantly tripping over yourself, but you still feel fragile. It’s a tough balance to strike, but it’s noticeable that you aren’t playing a game that was particularly intended as a first-person shooter when you switch over to first-person mode. Aiming down sights is also just plain stiff in comparison to any proper first-person shooter, especially Call of Duty or Battlefield.

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It doesn’t help that trying to play PUBG with a controller feels like a trip down clunky memory lane; weapon swapping and reloading is unresponsive, the inventory system is draconian to navigate in tense situations, and aiming feels drifty and unreliable. Compare that to Fortnite and Apex Legends, which feel equally suited for controllers as they do with the good old keyboard and mouse, and it’s not flattering. PUBG is a keyboard and mouse game at its core, and my experience on PC has been markedly more enjoyable than when I played on the PS5 for this reason – not to mention issues with graphics and performance that can pop-up on console.

Terrain can be used to your advantage if you approach it like a tactical playground.

Each of the seven diverse maps, including the Eastern European-inspired Erangel and the golden deserts of Miramar, are at least vast enough to get lost in, and you’ll never see everything in one go before most of the playable area is swallowed by the shrinking survival zone that forces everyone together at the end of a match. They all sprawl across a wide variety of outposts, villages, and terrain features such as rivers and mountains that can be used to your advantage if you approach it like a tactical playground. It’s all gorgeous to look at, but it also serves to give you choices in how you survive the encroaching storm and evade (or ambush) anybody who may be waiting to pick you off.

What We Said About PUBG in 2018


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the military-sim gameplay popularized by games like ARMA and DayZ, boiled it down to its most exciting parts, and streamlined it into quick and accessible rounds of pure, hassle-free, survival-based action. Even though each game starts the same way, its remarkable ability to feel like a new, tense adventure each and every round has kept me coming back for hours on end. — Lonnie Rad, January 5, 2018

Score: 9.5

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It can become tedious to move across them if you and your team of up to four find yourselves without a vehicle, though – and when you do find one they’re not much fun to drive because of their poor controls and clunky physics. Sometimes you might find yourself losing control and crashing into the wall if your connection gets spotty, while others you could accidentally flip your vehicle entirely and then have no way to flip it back over. By comparison, Fortnite leans into its physics imperfections and gives you bouncy vehicles, grappling hooks, jump pads, and other fun toys to get creative with. PUBG instead leans away from them for as clean cut a presentation of realism as it can, and since it struggles to deliver that realism in practice, driving around ends up feeling stiff and downright unenjoyable.

And because these matches last considerably longer than the typical Apex Legends or Fortnite round, there can be quite a bit of dead air between long segments of running, driving, biking, or occasionally flying around. But of course, the hunt for ammunition, body armor, and medical supplies to keep you in the fight is constant enough to fill the space between moments of tension. Looting is still rewarding and enjoyable because the randomness of it means that you can strike big and find a powerful gun or a set of tier three armor just waiting around the corner, but there’s no way to know until you take the risk and go looking for it.

Microtransaction Reaction

Microtransactions in PUBG exist in a form that will be recognizably similar to many other online games. There’s a digital store that sells all kinds of cosmetics, from clothing items to vehicle and weapon skins. Each item costs a certain amount of G Coins, or in some cases, a certain amount of real world currency. G Coins are sold directly from the store in quantities of 510 for $4.99, all the way up to 11,200 for $99.99.

However, you’ll need to pay an additional $13 out of pocket in order to activate Battlegrounds Plus+ which gives permanent rewards like a 100% xp boost, access to Ranked play after you reach Survival Mastery level 80 in Normal mode, and the ability to host your own custom matches as well as show off your Chicken Dinner medals after you’ve won a match. If you don’t want to shell out any extra cash for cosmetics, it’s also supposed to come with 1300 G Coins, equivalent to the $13 you spent on the pass.

PUBG is also unique among its peers in that Battlegrounds Plus+ is required to gain access to the Ranked mode, which is kind of a bummer if you have any intention of competing, but it does make sense as a potential deterrent for cheaters who would otherwise just create new accounts daily. If you want to get serious about PUBG, it’s a small price to pay to keep those jerks at bay.

There are also various Survivor Passes, which appear every so often in the store and focus on specific maps and objectives for a limited time. During that time, you can only permanently obtain the rewards from that pass by buying it (usually for around 500 G Coins or the equivalent of $5) and then completing the objectives. These Survivor Passes are a unique take on the traditional battle pass from competing battle royale shooters, but they exist separately from the main Survival and Weapons progression tracks, both of which are approachable and give you rewards as you level up without needing you to pay a cent.

That expansive map size means that there’s always an opportunity cost to action or inaction in PUBG. Every decision is meaningful, but usually not enough to spell life or death on its own; will you cut across the open field to reach a nearby weapons cache and risk a sniper attack, or will you sneak between buildings and hope you find decent loot along the way? Do you recklessly drive across the map and risk unwanted attention, or do you creep around the edges of the storm and wait for the other players to pick each other off before making your move? Lots of approaches are viable, and your decisions leading to that chicken dinner winner screen is always a thrill.

Hacking has become a noticeable issue with members of the PUBG community, but I haven’t personally run into anybody that ruined my experience.

And if you’re curious about whether it runs well, don’t worry, it does… at least on PC. Besides the unwieldy physics, I haven’t run into any experience-ruining bugs. And while it sounds like hacking has become a noticeable issue with members of the PUBG community, I didn’t personally run into anybody that ruined my experience on either the PC or the PlayStation 5. That said, it’s a lot better if you’re playing on a decent PC. I’ve been playing PUBG on a system that can push out frames above a consistent 60fps at 3440 by 1440p resolution on max settings, and with the additional field of view, PUBG’s wide landscapes and vast draw distances jive together exceptionally well.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Screenshots

By comparison, PUBG is a rough experience on a PlayStation 5. It’s a struggle to distinguish other players at long ranges, rendering the vastness of PUBG’s maps feeling empty. There is a “Performance” mode which aims for a smooth 60fps at 1080p, but the lack of 4K fidelity, limited draw distance, and imprecise controls make it difficult to play PUBG the way it was designed. You’re also locked to playing with other PlayStation and Xbox players, which puts PUBG behind its battle royale contemporaries in terms of cross-play with PC and other platforms.

PUBG doesn’t have much meat on its bones if you get bored of skirmishing for survival in both solo and team modes. There’s very little in the way of custom maps, and the only other official Arcade mode is a lackluster Team Deathmatch that you can comfortably ignore. That single-mode focus is similar to Apex Legends, and it’s good that your primary option stays a lot of fun for a long time, but neither game can hold a candle to the versatility of Fortnite.

It’s great then that you can always dip into the dedicated Training mode and play with PUBG’s entire collection of weapons and toys, even testing them against a firing range, a race car track, and a cool “jump school” area that lets you parachute in as many times as you’d like. In fact, the new player experience does a fine job of getting you up to speed quickly with a few mandatory training matches against easy-target bots.

It’s far from being “too little, too late” for this venerable battle royale to go free-to-play. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may be a known quantity these days, but its slower paced survival of the fittest struggle still creates memorable shootouts and intense moments in nearly every match. However, console players might find its efforts to render its massive 8×8 km maps in proper detail technically disappointing, and no matter where you play its vehicles are no joyride. Thankfully, PUBG has plenty of life left in it if you can look past the clunky weapons and vehicles to see the much more hectic firefights and interesting, tactics-focused survival that house them.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Free-to-Play Review — 2022


Now free to play, PUBG: Battlegrounds’ unique focus on massive zones and realistic simulation remain a lot of fun, even if its novelty wore off years ago.

Gabriel Moss



Hello Players!

First of all, a very happy 5th Anniversary to you all! We’re both excited and humbled to ring in this milestone, even though we can hardly believe it has been that long already! Through the years, you all have stood with us as a constant reminder of how fortunate we have been in our successes but also a humbling reminder that there is always work to do. Many companies say it, but we hope you believe us when we say we’re truly in this together. Your joys, triumphs, milestones, and of course, your feedback, are revered throughout our studios and fuel us to keep moving forward. Sometimes we hit it out of the park and share in your celebrations. Sometimes we stumble and have to adjust and reassess our plans. Ours is a partnership we feel truly grateful to have and we’ll continue to take in your feedback, adjust, and improve as we take on the next 5 years together.

For today, we want to celebrate the past but more importantly look to the future with our 2022 Roadmap. Of course, we have to state that everything we’re sharing today along with any mentioned timelines are all subject to change. Game development can be a finicky thing and priorities can change based on issues that arise and feedback. In addition, know that what we’re sharing today isn’t everything. Some content in development is still in too early of a stage to share but we’ve tried to find some exciting features to talk about for each quarter of the year.

All that said, let’s dive into the 2022 PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Roadmap!

Quarter 2 (April — June)

Sanhok Rollback

Sanhok is one of the areas you’ve been pretty vocal about. We’ve attempted a few changes in an effort to modernize Sanhok, but at the end of the day, many of you still preferred the original map. We’ve heard your feedback and are doing the following for Sanhok:

  • Sanhok will come back in its original form

  • Some players like the revamped version but most players want the original Sanhok back

    • We’ve given lots of thought to the long-standing requests and made the decision to revert the map

    • The reverted version is in the last stage of stabilization and will be revealed in the near future

    • With the rollback, many of the added features will be removed but we are deliberating on how we’ll move forward with Sanhok’s original form

New Weapon: 7. 62mm Assault Rifle (AR)

Assault Rifles (AR) either use the 5.56mm or 7.62mm, but there seems to be a smaller pool of 7.62mm ARs that can use the full-auto firing mode. Therefore, one of our goals for Q2 is to add an additional 7.62mm AR to the mix.

  • For weapon variety, we are developing a new 7.62mm weapon

  • 7.62mm weapons have high DPS but are more difficult to control

  • The new 7.62mm weapon in development has a comparably lower DPS but is easier to control, positioned between the Beryl (high damage, difficult to control) and AKM (low damage, easier to control)

Training Mode Improvement

Training Mode has seen few major changes since its inception. With so many new players joining the game since Free-to-Play, we thought now was a good time to focus on more practical training areas.

  • Since the beginning of this year, we’ve been working to improve Training Mode

  • In the current Training Mode, players can train their skills with weapons and vehicles.  

  • With Free-to-Play, more practical training programs are required. 

    • Players will be able to practice PvP combat there

    • Adding Aim/Sound Training Room in the last update was part of the effort

    • 1vs1 training ground will be added where players can fight one-on-one

  • QoL updates are also in the pipeline: 

Paramo World Sub-update

In PUBG, terrain can be just as important as the right loadout and good aim. We’re constantly looking at maps to make sure they are tactically fair and fun. Paramo especially has some overly advantageous areas that we want to look at for balance adjustments.

  • There are some overly advantageous areas in the world, which will be adjusted for balance

  • We constantly improve terrain balance of the Battlegrounds by making adjustments

  • We want to make sure there is distinct gameplay on each map

  • The Paramo sub-update is scheduled for Q2.  

QoL Improvement

We’re always looking at little ways we can make a big difference in your quality of life as you play. While some systems are intentionally meant to be more difficult, there are definitely places we can improve.

  • PUBG has inconvenient elements by nature as a realistic Battle Royale rule, such as being unable to use heal and boost items in a vehicle’s driver seat or having to guess the perfect timing of a cooked grenade.

  • Therefore, we want to find places we can reduce inconvenience without affecting core gameplay through systems such as the UI by providing the info players had to learn from experience.

Quarter 3 (July — September)

New Map: Kiki

Kiki is quite unique in its diversity, featuring not only crowded cities full of near-future buildings, but vast grasslands, dense swamps, and more. We’re pretty excited about this one and are looking forward to getting it out to you soon. Here’s a bit more on Kiki:We’ve been talking about Kiki since the 2021 Dev Plan and know many of you have been excited to learn more and eventually get your hands on it. We’re happy to announce that Kiki’s development is coming along well and we plan on debuting the new 8×8 map in Q3 of this year. 

Look and Feel

Kiki is a near-future city that has been ravaged by the elements. Dangerous storms, powerful floods, and of course the tolls of time, have all contributed to the downfall of this once thriving city. Built upon a tamed frontier, the lands around Kiki still very much belong to nature with a blend of rocky highlands, floral planes, and dense swamps with bits of 21st century civilization dotted throughout. It is a Battleground unlike anything we’ve built before and we’re excited to see Kiki inhabited once again.

Unique Traits
Kiki’s city has the most verticality we’ve ever built into Battleground and are filled with interesting sniper-nest style points of interest, rooftops loaded with emergency parachutes, and buildings easily scaled with the new Ascenders. This isn’t to say that the entire city can be explored. Taking lessons from Haven, not every building is fully playable, with single floors, or sometimes just single chambers, open for gameplay and highlighted so that players on the ground can easily learn where snipers can fight from.

Out in nature, our new swamplands are completely unique to Kiki, with ankle deep water, and dense cover to allow for compelling cat and mouse gameplay without having to swim everywhere. We’re also looking to add an Airboat to better navigate across both land and sea. For those hoping for a more traditional PUBG gameplay, Kiki will also have plenty of fielded area for those iconic battles that players enjoyed in Erangel and Miramar.

Exclusive features/content

Airboat: A vehicle that specializes in land and sea traversal. Its amazing utility is balanced out by less than ideal cover for passengers.

Ascenders: While at special areas on the map, players can use the Ascender to quicky ascend or descend great distances.

Additional Features: After releasing Kiki, we will continue to add content exclusive to the map such as new weapons and vehicles

Weapon Mastery Overhaul

The PUBG Mastery systems were introduced as progression content to keep things challenging and interesting for players, but we’ve noticed the current systems needed some improvements for a while now as many players were reaching max levels. Therefore, our dev team will work on creating a stronger progression system by first starting with a Weapon Mastery overhaul.

  • Increasing Weapon Mastery max level to challenge players

  • Having players show off their achievements through Weapon Nameplates and additional rewards once players reach a certain Mastery level

  • Considering various ways to provide more meaningful stats/records to make progressing a more rewarding experience

  • Refer to the previous «Weapon Mastery Overhaul» announcement for more info.

Quarter 4 (October — December)

Vikendi — Reborn

Being one of the more visually unique Battlegrounds, Vikendi still has room for additional implementation of new features and areas for more core gameplay moments. Therefore, we’re planning a grand remake towards the end of the year.

Although Vikendi provides unique visuals, it has room for improvement and new features in terms of core gameplay. Being well aware of that, we decided to remake Vikendi.

Arcade Mode Overhaul

We haven’t done much with Arcade Mode since adding TDM, so we want to overhaul Arcade Mode to add new game types and rewards for playing them.

  • No new mode has been added to Arcade Mode since TDM

  • Developing content simultaneously and running LABS to test modes and features have taken our attention away from Arcade mode

  • In the second half of the year, we plan to overhaul Arcade Mode to add more game types and a new reward system for players who enjoy playing Arcade.

As stated above, this is not an all-inclusive list. We’ve got a variety of different types of content constantly in the works that we’re just not ready to talk about yet.

One last reminder that everything we talk about is subject to change, whether it’s as little as a different name for a system to completely scrapping some features that turn out to be different than we’ve envisioned. 

We’re excited about everything coming in the remainder of 2022 and have plenty more planned for beyond. For now, join in on all the 5th Anniversary festivities. Grab some cool rewards, and as always keep an eye on our official channels for info on when these awesome new features will be ready for you to jump into.

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given throughout the years. 

Happy 5th Anniversary!


Esports in PUBG Mobile in 2022 in 5 minutes — Esports on DTF

A short story about the basics of the esports system


Video version

Greetings to all, we continue our column, where I will quickly and briefly try to tell you the basic information about the eSports discipline. It is assumed that you have some idea about eSports, but are not familiar with one specific discipline. Let’s go through the 25 main disciplines that we have listed in our ranking and tell you about each of them. Today we have the second discipline in our ranking, namely PUBG Mobile

A little about the game

A few words about the game itself. This is a mobile battle royale game. It is almost a complete copy of its older version of PUBG Battlegrounds, but it has some simplifications for control on mobile phones. 16 teams of 4 people participate in the competition. Depending on the final place and the number of kills in the match, the team earns points. Based on the results of a dozen matches, teams earn points and receive final places in the table.

Tournament system

PUBG Mobile currently has a rather ornate tournament system. All teams are divided into 9 regions. These are the Country-regions represented by China, India, Korea and Japan, as well as large prefabricated regions, within which there are their own sub-regions. In Southeast Asia it is Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the League for the rest. In South Asia it is Pakistan and the League for the rest, in the Middle East and Africa it is, not surprisingly, Africa and the Arab countries. In the Americas, these are North America, Latin America and Brazil. And in Europe it is the CIS, Western Europe and Turkey. Within each of the regions, domestic matches are played for six months, which end with a major general tournament for each of the regions.

Well, one best team from each of the regions and sub-regions goes to the international tournament. In the summer it is the Intermediate Tournament, and in the winter the World Finals. The selection for the World Championship is not entirely clear how it will take place, but most likely not according to the banal principle of one best team from each region. Most likely, the regions will be given the opportunity to send several teams by arranging large draws for several places.

Sub-regions on top, major regions in the center and international tournaments on the bottom

But it is worth noting that each region is as different as possible within itself and say China, where the game comes from, plays its own “peaceful” version of the game, but at the same time their local prize fund is 4. 1 million dollars. At the World Championship, only 2 million are played. Accordingly, the World Cup is not even that important for the Chinese in terms of money. They earn more on their own. In the rest of the regions, they usually play for 150-500 thousand dollars, but everything varies from region to region.

Historical champions and legends

The discipline itself is relatively new, it is only 3–4 years old. Namely, it began to come into a more strict form in the last 2 years. So it is difficult to single out special legends. In fact, these will simply be the strongest teams at the moment. So let’s get to them and move on.

The strongest teams now

One of the strongest regions in PUBG Mobile is China, which has been dominated by the Four Angry Men and Nova esports for a long time. The latter are the reigning world champions. And their main stars are Paraboy and Jimmy. But in the last draw, the Regans team became the first. And they are strong too.

The Korean region also showed itself well with their main force represented by the damwon team.

Unexpectedly for many, but one of the strongest teams in the world now is the Nigma Galaxy team with its Iraqi roster from the Arab region.

Also, to the surprise of many, the Mongols of Stalwart Esports from the region of Other South Asia are also strong. The region is not very suitable for them, but you have to play where you have to.

Turkish teams are also extremely strong. They perform well in the international arena, and now the strongest of them are Istanbul Wildcats, Kaos Next Ruya and Besiktas Esports.

Well, the current vice-champions are our guys from NaVi. Fortunately, our region is also one of the strongest. But let’s talk about them separately.

CIS situation

At the last World Championship, the second place, losing only to the Chinese, was taken by the Natus Vincere team with its completely Russian roster. The leader of the team is the player Kitsune. But other teams in the region also offered them worthy resistance, which may indicate the great strength of the region as a whole. The four best teams, besides Navi, are the Russians from Unique, the multinational roster 1218, and the Kazakh roster of Konina Power.

But, unfortunately, now the league in the CIS is suspended due to understandable events and it is not clear whether it will resume, and if so, when, and in what form. The very same discipline in the region is not the most popular. It is difficult to say exactly by the numbers of players, but it gathers quite a few spectators. But in principle, as in almost all «old regions» like Western Europe and North America. The main audience for PUBG Mobile is China, India, other Asian countries and Turkey.

This is my PUBG Mobile esports overview for 2022. I told the most basic and basic. I hope it doesn’t all get mixed up in my head. Well, if you have recommendations and tips on formats, then you are welcome in the comments. Well, subscribe and stay tuned for the next releases.

PUBG team celebrates record annual revenue and plans for new games in 2022

3DNews Software News Games for Android The authors of PUBG celebrated a record annual…

The most interesting in the reviews

02/11/2022 [15:27],

Evgeny Mirkin

Krafton announced record revenue for 2021, the highest in the company’s history. Both the transition of PUBG: Battlegrounds to a shareware distribution model and the popularity of the mobile version of PUBG helped to achieve new successes.

Image Source: Krafton

According to Krafton’s financial report, annual revenues of $1.57 billion increased by 13% over last year. Net profit from operating activities amounted to 34%. At the same time, for the last quarter, the company’s revenue stopped at $ 371.3 million, which is 25. 9% higher than in the fourth quarter of 2020. Net income from core activities amounted to 9.7%.

Krafton noted that it generated over $585.3 million in actual operating income in 2021. This was facilitated by changes in the range of in-game paid products, which more than quadrupled the average check compared to 2020.

PUBG Mobile generated $1.18 billion in revenue last year and $253.7 million in the fourth quarter. According to Krafton, this was facilitated by the development of Battlegrounds Mobile India and the release of New State Mobile.

In 2022, the company plans to release new games and expand business lines: