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The 22nd installment in the Need for Speed series features deep customization, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive plot. The overall focus is on deeper levels of authentic urban car cul… Read allThe 22nd installment in the Need for Speed series features deep customization, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive plot. The overall focus is on deeper levels of authentic urban car culture, and is centered around the player’s car.The 22nd installment in the Need for Speed series features deep customization, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive plot. The overall focus is on deeper levels of authentic urban car culture, and is centered around the player’s car.





    • Craig Sullivan
    • Abdul Gamiet(cinematics director)
    • Jason Smith(live action)
    • Adrian Vershinin
  • Stars
    • Faye Marsay(voice)
    • Howard Charles(voice)
    • Christina Wolfe(voice)
    • Craig Sullivan
    • Abdul Gamiet(cinematics director)
    • Jason Smith(live action)
    • Adrian Vershinin
  • Stars
    • Faye Marsay(voice)
    • Howard Charles(voice)
    • Christina Wolfe(voice)
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    • 4Critic reviews
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    Watch Need For Speed: Heat

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    Watch Need For Speed: Gamescom Trailer: The Icons

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    Watch Need For Speed: E3 Stage Trailer

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    Watch Need For Speed: Five Ways To Play

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    Watch Need For Speed: Gameplay Innovations: Cars And Customization

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    Top cast

    Faye Marsay

    • Amy
    • (voice)

    Howard Charles

    • Manu
    • (voice)

    Christina Wolfe

    • Robyn
    • (voice)

    Adam Long

    • Spike
    • (voice)

    Leo Gregory

    • Travis
    • (voice)

    Tangie Ambrose

    Raymond Dunbar

    Kosha Engler

    • Dispatch
    • (voice)

    Darien Sills-Evans

    Ace Gibson

    Misty Lee

    Matthew Mercer

    Ronan Summers

    Fredric Aasbo

    Ken Block

    • Self
    • (voice)

    Shanna Corridan

    • Dancer

    Marios Gavrilis

    Michael Koltes

    • Racer
    • (voice)
      • Craig Sullivan
      • Abdul Gamiet(cinematics director)
      • Jason Smith(live action)
      • Adrian Vershinin
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    Good enough

    Decent enough game hampered by terrible acting.

    Faye Marsay is the only decent actor in the cast, but she’s a Brit playing an American so even she can’t save the cinematics. Other than that the game is a typical Need for Speed street racer with fun game play elements.



    • AlienRefugee
    • May 1, 2021


    • Release date
      • November 3, 2015 (United Kingdom)
      • Sweden
      • United States
      • Official site
      • English
      • Japanese
    • Production company
      • Ghost Games
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    Need for Speed Unbound release date | Gameplay, pre-order & news

    After what has felt like a sizeable gap in the series, Electronic Arts and Criterion have announced a new release coming to the Need for Speed franchise.

    Need for Speed Unbound will see gamers play as a racer trying to win street racing challenge The Grand. Fans of the series are also set to be treated to a brand new aesthetic of cel-shading and photo-realistic graphics (think hyper-realistic cars and anime characters) — a first for the franchise.

    The trailer’s official description reads: “Race against time, outsmart the cops, and take on weekly qualifiers to reach The Grand, Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge.

    “Pack your garage with precision-tuned, custom rides and light up the streets with your style, exclusive fits, and a vibrant global soundtrack that bumps in every corner of the world.”

    Read on as we run through everything we know about Need for Speed Unbound so far, starting with its much-anticipated release date. If you’re already desperate to get behind the wheel, fortunately you haven’t got long to wait before you can explore the fictional city of Lakeshore.

    When is the Need for Speed Unbound release date?

    The Need for Speed Unbound release date is 2nd December 2022. Pre-orders are open now at the likes of GAME.

    For those who just can’t wait that long, EA Play members can also play Need for Speed Unbound early with a 10-hour trial starting 29th November.

    December’s gaming releases in general look to finish off 2022 with a bang — with Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Callisto Protocol and Hello Neighbour 2 set to hit our screens in the last month of the year.

    Which consoles and platforms can play Need for Speed Unbound?

    On December 2, Need for Speed Unbound will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC — sorry Switch fans, and those of us still playing on PS4 or Xbox One.

    On the PC side of things, in terms of launchers, NFS Unbound can be bought on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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    Can I pre-order Need for Speed Unbound?

    Yes! If you pre-order Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition on PlayStation or Xbox, you can bag yourself a deluxe offering created in partnership with Palace Skateboards, including four custom cars, a clothing pack, driving effect, decals and licence plate, character pose and banner artwork for £79.99 — but if you’ve got an EA Play membership this is chopped down to £71.99.

    The ‘base’ version of the game comes in at £59.99 on Epic Games Store and Steam — but Steam offers the Palace Edition at £69.99. You can also order any version you like from retailers such as GAME.

    EA Play Pro members on PC will enjoy unlimited access to the Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition starting November 29, three days before the game officially launches.

    Need for Speed Unbound gameplay and story details

    According to NFS Unbound’s official press release, gameplay follows the story of two friends ripped apart by a robbery at a family auto-shop. Your job is to rise from rookie to top racer to win the ultimate street race and reclaim the stolen car.

    Players also have to take on none other than actor, fashion icon and rapper A$AP Rocky in a brand-new event where «you will have to prove your skills» against the star.

    To become the best, Need for Speed Unbound players will need to pull huge drifts on the street and evade the cops — and racing can be taken to the next level with multiplayer options. Join underground meet-ups across Lakeshore with the online street racing community.

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    Is there a Need for Speed Unbound trailer?

    Tune in below to check out the first full trailer for Need for Speed Unbound — featuring game play and its new aesthetic, cut scenes and a whole lot of A$AP Rocky. While you wait for the NFS Unbound release date on 2nd December, take a look here:

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    causes, signs and ways to get rid of shopaholism — Mike Lanzetta on

    We all experience stress at times. Some try to drown out such a state of food, others — the acquisition of new things. Moreover, with the development of online shopping, you can make a purchase in a split second and at any time. However, harmless entertainment can easily develop into a very dangerous addiction. A person will begin to lose not only money, but also himself, loved ones, precious time. How to distinguish the innocent «I want to pamper myself» in time from a pathological habit, and is it possible to fight the shopping mania? nine0004


    Invisible addiction

    Oniomania — shopaholism — an irresistible desire to buy something in order to enjoy the process of acquiring. Research confirms that it is an addiction, just like drugs, gambling or alcohol. But in other cases, the pathology is immediately visible. You should be wary if you notice one or more of the following signs of oniomania:

    — you are upset if you failed to make a single purchase today; nine0016

    – you can’t safely leave the store or close its website if you didn’t buy something;

    — visit shopping centers and marketplaces aimlessly, feel the need to just «look»;

    — you feel a sharp emotional upsurge, get rid of fatigue and stress by buying any thing. But, returning home or minimizing the browser, you feel a breakdown.

    The first stage of addiction is the pursuit of a pleasant, heady feeling when buying a new thing. On the next, nervousness, irritability appears if nothing is acquired during the day. On the third, you can no longer live without shopping, you experience obsessive thoughts about going to the store. nine0004

    What lies behind the shopping urge?

    Shopaholics are usually condemned for excessive spending and lack of a conscious approach to themselves and the planet. However, oniomania does not arise just like that, it always has reasons, and very serious ones.

    Anxiety and depression

    It is difficult for a person in such a state to find something that can distract from sad thoughts, to please. He can walk around the mall for hours, with or without shopping, unconsciously trying to relieve anxiety. nine0004

    Children’s behavioral patterns

    Some parents prefer to indulge their children in everything, and never refuse the phrase: «Mom, buy it.» Gradually, in the mind of the child, the acquisition of things is equated with the manifestation of love and care for oneself. Having matured, he continues to use this model of behavior.

    This also includes the thirst for hoarding. There are families in which it is customary to save the “best things” until a “special occasion”. As a result, a person wears the same thing, but constantly buys clothes to satisfy the natural need for novelty. nine0004

    Lack of proper self-realization

    According to Maslow’s pyramid, the highest need of every person is self-realization. Having failed to achieve their goals, some people close the emotional hole by looking for profitable offers.

    To the store — with a sober head

    Shopaholism is a signal of the presence of a deep inner discord. It is almost impossible to cope with it on your own, the fastest, safest and most correct option is to seek help from a psychologist. In parallel, it is worth using the following practices:

    • Monitor negative emotions

    Ask yourself: «What do I feel, what is this emotion?». Define and classify it, for example: longing, sadness, resentment, sadness. Next, imagine that she is a soap bubble, and mentally «burst» it.

    If you frequently shop online, make it a habit to only spend offline and pay mostly in cash so you can be in better control of yourself. Do not keep money in a bank account unless absolutely necessary. It is better to use a deposit, the withdrawal of money from which will deprive you of interest. Then the desire to once again «climb» there will be much less. nine0004

    Make your personal list of pleasant things to do. These should be things that cause you positive emotions: manicure, massage, walk, sports, etc.

    • Work with the Inner Self with Gestalt Therapy Technique

    Imagine that your “I” from childhood is standing nearby. Talk to your inner child, addressing him by name. For example: “Masha, you are already an adult girl, and I will not fall for your manipulations, there are other ways to please yourself!”. nine0004

    To overcome the postponed life syndrome, stop waiting for the “best case”, sort out your wardrobe and get rid of everything that has not been worn for more than 6 months. Let yourself look beautiful even at home.

    • Build your development vector

    Make a list of hobbies you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to do. Choose one of them, watch training videos, sign up for a master class, order the necessary materials and get down to business. You will definitely succeed! nine0004

    The best investment in yourself is cultivating mindfulness. If you find that shopaholism has gone beyond the «norm» — you have already taken the first step towards becoming psycho-emotionally mature. And, getting rid of everything that causes discomfort or mixed feelings, you are guaranteed to move to a qualitatively new level of life.

    Mike Lanzetta, Psychologist, founder of the psychological agency Psy.Prime, author of educational programs and meditations


    Catastrophic shortage. The digital breakthrough was predicted by the acute shortage of IT specialists

    Author photo: Vostock-Photo

    16: January 2624 2020

    35842 Visters

    16: 2624 January 2020

    In Russia, the share of IT specialists is 2.4% of the economically active population, which is almost three times less than that of neighboring Finland.

    In 4 years, the need for top IT workers will be 300 thousand people a year, analysts predict. Market participants see the solution to the problem in the training of their own personnel and education reform. nine0113

    In Russia, the need for highly qualified IT specialists is now estimated at 222 thousand employees, according to a study by the APKIT Association, commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Communications with the support of ANO Tsifrovaya ekonomika.

    The total annual demand of the country’s digital economy for highly qualified personnel by 2024, according to analysts, will increase by a quarter and reach 290-300 thousand people per year. At the same time, 20% of the workforce in this area is concentrated in Moscow, which leads to a particularly acute need for IT personnel in the digital economy of Russian regions. nine0004

    As noted in the report, even taking into account the possible reduction of the market and the need for new IT personnel against the backdrop of the economic crisis, all IT specialists graduating from universities, even taking into account related specialties, were in full demand on the market.

    Read also:

    Labor market

    Outplacement and hr-implant. Non-standard services of recruitment agencies

    «In the implementation of the modernization scenario for the development of Russia, the number of required specialists in the coming years should have exceeded the number of graduates of educational institutions by several times, and its dissatisfaction should become the main deterrent to the development of the country,» APKIT predicts. nine0004

    The fact that the formation of the digital economy is a matter of national security and independence of Russia, the competition of domestic companies, was said by President Vladimir Putin back in 2017, later in his messages to the Federal Assembly the head of state repeatedly returned to this strategic task.

    The new head of government Mikhail Mishustin, in one of his first policy statements, also emphasized that «stimulating the digitalization of the real sector of the economy will become one of his main tasks. » However, the current staffing situation, analysts’ calculations and observations of market participants suggest that Russia already has a growing shortage of IT specialists, and the country is significantly inferior in terms of the share of such employees in the economy to the US and EU countries. nine0004

    By the end of the list

    in the IT industry and another 350 thousand in the telecommunications sector, calculated in APKIT. The share of ICT personnel among the economically active population of Russia is 2.4%.

    According to this indicator, in comparison with the EU countries, Russia is in third place after Latvia and Greece. At the same time, compared to the UK, whose digital economy is in many ways similar to the Russian one, the share of ICT personnel in Russia is 2 times less than in the UK. The corresponding figure on average in Europe is 3.9%, in Finland — 7%, in the UK — 5%, in Norway — 4.5%, in the Czech Republic, France, Germany — 4%, in Poland — 3%.

    At the same time, according to the HSE Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge, the total number of people employed in professions related to the intensive use of ICT in Russia exceeds 8 million people. As noted in the report, in a situation of economic transformation under the influence of ICT, skills in working with them are required not only for specialized specialists, but also for other categories of employees. As a result, the share of people employed in professions with intensive use of ICT on average in the country is 11% of the total number of employees. In foreign countries, the share of people employed in ICT-intensive professions ranges from 5 to 22%. In this case, the indicator for Russia is comparable to the average for the European Union; in the list of 30 countries, the Russian Federation is in 18th place. nine0004

    Huge demand

    The shortage of specialists is confirmed both in the IT market as a whole and in the field of software development. «In many cases, recruitment plans do not match the offer of professional software developers that is available on the labor market. Nevertheless, companies were aimed at rapid growth in the number of personnel in 2018-2019,» Russoft noted in the report.

    Researches of recruiters speak about the same. So, despite the growing interest in representatives of the high-tech sector from companies from completely different industries, while the offer is not able to meet demand, HeadHunter notes. nine0004

    «The level of competition in the field of IT, Internet and telecommunications can be determined by the hh.index, which reflects the ratio of active resumes and open vacancies. At the moment, this indicator averages three resumes per job offer, but if you go deeper professional areas and look at specific specializations (developers, programmers, Data Scientist, etc.), the situation with a shortage of personnel can be even more dramatic, «the company’s study said.

    On the one hand, employers are constantly looking for employees of mass specialties that do not require special qualifications and skills, on the other hand, there is a severe shortage of highly qualified workers, such as programmers, artificial intelligence specialists, business analysts, and so on, notes Dmitry Puchkov , category manager of Avito Rabota

    «Demand remains at a high level every year, but there are still not enough candidates. In the next few years, the shortage will only increase, as IT specialists are needed everywhere. Previously, only specialized companies were interested in them ( developers of software, online platforms, and so on), now qualified personnel are needed almost everywhere,» the specialist is sure. nine0004

    «I would not talk about a shortage, but about a catastrophic shortage. To begin with, about a catastrophic shortage of young people with a basic sufficient school mathematical education. And, as a result, about a huge and growing shortage of qualified engineering personnel in all industries, in IT in the first place turn. For many years in a row, SuperJob has recorded a huge unsatisfied demand for IT specialists. And this is holding back not only the growth of the IT industry, but also the growth of the Russian economy as a whole,» Alexei Zakharov, founder of the portal for finding highly paid jobs, is more categorical in his assessments. super job. According to him, all the leading IT companies in the country would be ready to simultaneously increase the staff of qualified developers by 10 times and «load» everyone with work «right now» without reducing wages. nine0004

    Unfortunately, we can confidently say that there are not enough IT specialists, especially when we are talking about a country that declares and confidently holds leadership in some areas of digitalization, confirms Tatiana Bocharnikova, Head of NetApp Representative Office in Russia and the CIS . “In addition, speaking of IT, we mean a large group of professions where there can be an excess of personnel in some professions and a shortage in others. and Data Science. Java developers, developers of mobile applications for iOS and Android, UI / UX designers, QA specialists are also always in demand on the market,» she lists. nine0004

    There is also a shortage of professionals in related professions. Evgeny Yashin, General Director of Oberon, notes that as such there are no specialized personnel for digital in Russia yet, this niche in business is completely occupied by managers and information technology specialists. «In the field of system integration as a part of the IT market, we are most acutely aware of the lack of qualified sales managers. Today is the time to work out digital strategies together with the client from scratch. A successful «digitalization seller» in the b2b market should be no worse, and sometimes better than the customer, to understand in the subject,» he adds. nine0004

    Grow and educate yourself

    Satisfying the need for technical specialists in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain and IoT across the country, Russian universities will be able only in the next decade, even with retraining programs, the CEO of Oberon admits. According to him, the most demanded on this wave will be those specialists who «have already led the first wave of digital transformation and today are taking the first steps with the state and business into digital obscurity.» nine0004

    The top manager of NetApp in Russia recalls that large companies are already sponsoring specialized departments and areas, collaborating with specialized universities. Some of them, like Yandex, even open their own educational institutions. However, there are also less expensive options: employment and internships for students, emphasizes Tatyana Bocharnikova.

    «Unfortunately, Russian legislation does not regulate internships as a separate type of employment, like other countries, although there is great potential for short-term employment of students. By the way, it is worth realizing that students are far from the only IT talent pool. The modern economy creates a need , and the opportunity to change a profession throughout life, therefore, there is a high demand and supply for training in IT specialties among middle-aged people,» Bocharnikova believes. nine0004

    «Employers are purposefully moving towards dual training, when students study theory in an educational organization, and acquire and hone practical skills already in the company. In addition, most large companies patronize departments in universities: this makes it possible to train students according to their own standards and to the maximum quickly close vacancies. VTB, SberTech, Yandex, Group and many others have similar departments,» says, in turn, a representative of Avito Rabota

    Nikita Durov, CTO of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS, is confident that the company’s stable growth can be ensured by «cultivating» its own young specialists. «They must grow with the company, develop it and themselves. At the same time, sometimes it is necessary to attract third-party highly qualified experts who can develop new areas. It is somewhat similar to when a company acquires a startup and develops it within itself using its resources» , — explains the top manager. nine0004

    However, such measures will not cover the need for qualified specialists, states the founder of SuperJob. “No university graduates or self-taught people, and even more so the meager number of specialists (relative to needs) that companies manage to train, will not save or correct the situation. You need to start from the primary grades of secondary school,” Zakharov is sure.