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Screenshots of Gears of War.

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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Screenshots — Image #17248

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Platform: Xbox One


Reviewed on PC

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Gears of War screenshot





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Gears of War

Xbox One

  • Release:
    US: August 25, 2015
  • Publisher:
    Xbox Game Studios
  • Developer:
    The Coalition
  • Genre:
  • Buy it now:
  • Also Available On
    Xbox 360
    PC (Reviewed)

Our Review of Gears of War



Reviewed on PC

«Great game with fantastic visuals. This is a console port done right.»

Game Ranking

Gears of War (PC) is ranked #137 out of 1851 total reviewed games. It is ranked #5 out of 13 games reviewed in 2007.

136. Monster Hunter: World
PlayStation 4

137. Gears of War

138. Sims 3

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Gears of War
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Gears of War: Ultimate Edition — Cine. ..
Posted: Jul 12, 2015 20:24

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition — Open…
Posted: Jul 23, 2015 20:42

Gears of War Ultimate Edition – Mad…
Posted: Sep 2, 2015 00:47

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Gears of War. Gears

Gears of War , like any other potential hit, began to shake the gaming community back in 2005, without using screenshots or videos for this. The noble team Epic in tandem with the team Microsoft are not able to give anything below the bar of their dignity on the Xbox 360, because technology and quality rely on the first, and money and PR on the second. It is clear that no one will lose, although the authors do not exclude the possibility of porting the game to the PlayStation 3, which is doubly good. At least to the developers themselves …
Therefore, already in the same 2005, according to stingy descriptions, and even more so after the last E3 2006, it became clear what we all want in the fourth quarter of this year. Point by point: 1) Gameplay from the creators of Unreal ; 2) Entourage from the creators of Unreal ; 3) Engine from the creators of Unreal . Next are the details. But what!

Where is it?

The plot seed of the game, I admit, tore out pieces from all sci-fi works that fit into the framework of the «epos about space heroes.» However, one of the most authoritative Epic Cliff Bleszinski ( Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski ) clarified that the game will, and I quote, “no ice, lava, dropships, and lesbian companions.” Playing without vigorous partners is a passion, how bad, but personally, I, and any other fan of brutal action, are ready to forgive such a sin if what is happening on the screen is epic enough. And that’s exactly how it is.

Our cosmic heroes, as expected, perform their heroic duties on a distant planet. Space heroes are all like “brave men”, and, of course, everyone is a former prisoner. They were released, as it should be in such cases, only for the sake of the prisoners, embittered at society, throwing out the accumulated tub of misanthropy on the monsters, who, having lost the remnants of their conscience, began to smash human cities in the above colonized piece of the universe. The splash, of course, has the most decisive form: thousands of bullets, hundreds of grenades, dozens of bayonet-knife blows … All this was densely wrapped in a tight bar of dynamic battles and covered with special effects chocolate. nine0016

When is it?

Have you already realized that the description of the plot can be put into the phrase “everything is as it should be”? Yes, everything is according to the textbook, precisely verified and clearly linked. Otherwise, Epic cannot. But sometimes doubts creep in: is it not Anrial, only with a third-person view? At least pay attention to the brave men whom we have the good fortune to observe: hypertrophied armor straight from the future, severe muzzles of the face, heroic poses in advertising screenshots . .. It seems that now they will scream: “We escaped from UT2007 !».
No. Doubt away! In the next two minutes of reading on these pages, the opposite of what was written above will be sharply proved. And to be more specific: Epic departed from the character of the traditional franchise Unreal and made a new, sweet, shiny one.
«New, sweet, brilliant» takes place, as it was said, on a planet already fairly destroyed by monsters with a gloomy, by the way, name Sera. Before the attack of the Aliens, a long (79 years) civil war was waged on it for a new source of fuel “Imulsion” found under its surface. The landscape, as befits a planet with such a name, at first seems gloomy and gloomy. But this is a staged optical illusion: a few screenshots show a bright day embracing green grass and equally green trees. The monsters that needed it (not grass, I’m talking about the planet) did not come from Alpha Centauri at all, but, on the contrary, crawled straight out of the depths of the geosphere, where they sat, brazenly absorbing underground heat and biding their time «X». Once on the surface, the creatures began to make obscene raids in such numbers that the inhabitants of the planet immediately called them Locust (locusts). A beam strike on Sera burned out half of the territory, but did not save from the Locust. And it’s not clear whether narrowly targeted pesticides would help in this case or not: these tenacious reptiles look very different, ranging from flying fry (if you look at the sky during the battle, you can see them in clouds) and ending with green warty jocks — like orcs , only rougher. The latter must be poisoned exclusively with lead. Huge spiders, however, have not been canceled: they have not been seen alive, but in the screenshots the spider (yes, huge) is prancing with metal implants in the body. Only rockets will help from such. nine0009 The Coalition of Governments that rules the world of the game have realized the same thing. That is, the fact that the death rays alone cannot be dispensed with. Therefore, in the former iconic city of the planet, Jacinto, the politicians organized their headquarters, and boldly ordered to throw into battle all the remaining inhabitants of Sera, including our alter ego, who was sitting in the «zone» at that time. He suffered the fate, along with other prisoners, of being recruited into the Gears combat unit. Therefore, it is likely that the alter ego’s acquaintance with each of the enemy varieties will take place in a military manner, thoroughly and gradually, as the game progresses (probably to make it easier to get used to their enemy faces). nine0016

How is it?

Yes, but the presentation of the plot according to the method of Unreal has faded into the background — in GoW everything is decided by cinematography. Not only is each scripted scene crisp and smoothly transitioning into the game, but the ears of Alien and Starship Troopers stick out from everywhere, even when walking in third person! The fighters of a friendly detachment constantly talk to each other, exchange glances and quarrel during the battle. And some script scenes are not that distracting — they are directly inscribed in the gameplay. It is unlikely that you will be distracted by the camera, which, right in the middle of the shooting, will spin the pretzel 180 degrees, show the object that needs to be blown up for two seconds, and then return to its place — to the mash with shotguns. nine0016

Shotgun mess, by the way, shakes you to the point of colic in the belly. The shotgun in the hands of our prison hero, former soldier Marcus Fenix, spins more beautifully when reloading than in the paws of Arnold in Terminator 2 . I’ll say more: the planes in which the shotgun shoots are spinning in the same way. For GoW fighters, the ability to hide behind level objects is considered honorable. Not in vain, because, having competently hidden behind a concrete slab or some other rubbish, you can start shooting, looking out from behind it to the right and left, sideways and squatting. But these are all jokes, because in Stallon’s way, raising the barrel over your head and, without looking, firing «somewhere at the enemy» is much more fun. The main thing is not to forget that the enemies can is almost exactly the same, and our team members are exactly exactly the same. Judging by the videos GoW , they didn’t forget to attach intelligence to them, and I give a tooth — it will certainly be possible to lead the detachment.
So the phrase «stupid mochilovo» can be safely left for office championships in Unreal Tournament . Epic now wants the player to be able to hide behind piles of garbage, accurately shoot barrels and competently ride vehicles, which, of course, takes place in GoW . Barrels, by the way, explode perfectly and turn over the skeletons of passenger cars with an explosive wave, behind which you can then take cover if necessary.

Is that it?

Physics, by the way, supports the last word in the fine science of calculating the trajectories of flying barrels and enemies — accelerator PhysX from AGEIA . Despite this, when shooting at the wall on today’s videos, it is impossible to make out flying pieces and «so-so» holes in its concrete interior. Either the videos are of poor quality (which is unlikely), or the environment is not as interactive and refined as the developers say. I tell the truth — they promise that everything will collapse and in different ways: plywood in a plywood way, and concrete — as it should be for normal concrete, and everything nearby will be crushed when it falls. Let’s see, of course. Such opportunities cannot be in vain. After all, a rich arsenal of weapons is promised. All guns are powerful, futuristic and beautiful, only concrete columns can be demolished like that. You gasp from a shotgun — the fire is like from an artillery nozzle — beautiful, bold, bright. And the enemies are blown away as well as the “god of war”: you can already admire the fountains of blood (with a brutal gleam in your eyes), and despite the fact that only E3 visitors could stick bayonet-knives in the form of miniature chainsaws inside a walking locust. We have to train the imagination. In addition to such charms of sadism, bloody fatality blows in close combat are promised. Demolition of heads? Drank limbs? A kick in the direction of a sharp hedgehog of rusty armatures? No problem, everything will be! And we can’t help but rejoice. nine0009 After all, models in terms of the quality of working out wrinkles and warts are comparable only with trolls from the order-bearing trilogy by Peter Jackson . There is nothing to say here — you need to look directly at the screenshots, everything is said there. Taking a dozen of them is a pleasure, that’s how disgustingly modeled. And people who felt GoW at E3, even under torture, continued to repeat that nothing slows down and does not «bad». Only one thing is not clear — how will such beauties move on the PC version of the game? nine0009 And having GoW on PC would be nice, not only because of the furious passage. The developers promise in addition to the single-player game mode — cooperative (this one will be of interest only to console players) and multiplayer (our everything!). Multiplayer is given special attention in the process of testing and balancing, and in addition to the standard approaches, the guys from Epic promise us something very interesting: the ability to use video chat via webcams, as well as the integration of killer technology into the game engine Lip-Synching . What do these miracles give in practice? And here’s what. You shout into the microphone something like: “Necrozoid66, rascal, if you please get a bullet in the forehead from me!”, — and Necrozoid66, in addition to your formidable voice, also sees the heroic, all scarred, lips of the character, which are the same words clearly and speak correctly. That’s something you can catch up with fear!

However, it is unclear how players’ health will be calculated in multiplayer. After all, judging by the statements of the same Blezinski and J. Allard ( J. Allard ), health in the game will be restored by itself, gradually, after a certain amount of time. Apparently, this was done in order to make life easier for console players, who, unlike PC owners, will be happy with another familiar phenomenon for them — saving on «checkpoints» (ugh!).
I have already spoken about intelligent enemies, but not about the fact that you will have to learn how to skillfully use light in order to save the lives of the detachment. The change for the night in the game dictates its own conditions — the creatures of the Locust race are terribly fond of attacking under the cover of darkness, and in order to disorient them at least a little, you will have to actively set fire to everything and everyone. The loss of a team member, however, is not as terrible as it might seem — it is enough to approach the «corpse» of a brother in arms and he, healed (by a courageous cuff), will again rush into battle with his health restored. nine0016

This is…

What else can I say about such an already great game – even I don’t know. Promise happiness in the fall? So this is only for the console guys with the Xbox 360 (although there is a rumor about a PC version in the spring of 2007, a little later than the fresh UT ). Saying something abstract, like «That’s going to be cool!» is completely stereotyped. Therefore, I won’t strain my brain too much, I’ll just say that the game is good, and we must definitely wait for it, in any form.