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Mounts are almost essential for crossing the vast expanses of Tamriel in good time. They have an additional sprint function that further decreases travel time. Several mounts are available for purchase with in-game gold or Crowns, and others are acquired through Crown Crates. Some mounts can also be earned by completing achievements. When your character reaches level 10, your level reward will include a sorrel horse.

Mounts can be horses, guar, kagouti, senche, camels, wolves, bears, elk, Dwarven spiders, or nix-oxen. In addition to their general species, some of them are even daedra or undead.

You can train your character’s Riding Skill every 20 hours at stablemasters, or as often as you like via the Crown Store, to receive a bonus to speed, inventory space, or stamina (up to the maximum of 60 points in each stat). The bonuses are permanent and cumulative, and are bound to the character rather than the mount, making the different mount types cosmetic. Three visual upgrades can also be applied to your mounts by increasing these stats. For more information, see Riding Skill.

Mounts cannot die, but you will be forced to dismount if they receive enough damage. Mounts cannot swim, and will disappear if you ride into deep water. To change mounts, bring up your Collections window, click Mounts, and select the one you wish to use. Mounts have a default name when bought, and this can also be changed in Collections. Mounts can jump, but only while moving. Attempting to jump without moving will cause the mount to perform an animation, as detailed on the mount type pages listed below. The size of your mount is scaled to match your character’s height, resulting in mounts becoming larger when used by taller characters.

Multi-Rider Mounts allow you to ride with a passenger, such as another player or an NPC Companion.

Deprecated Mounts[edit]

Prior to Update 6, horses were the only available mounts and different horses had different stats. Stats were merged into Riding Skill on a per-character basis in Update 6, and horses became cosmetic only with no individual benefits.

Common Horse Palomino Horse Imperial Horse
No bonus stats, available from the Stablemaster for 17,200 Gold. Became the Sorrel Horse. No bonus stats. Purchased online then available at a Stablemaster for 1 Gold at Level 3 (previously 10). Later available from the Crown Store. No bonus stats. Included with the Imperial Edition then available from a Stablemaster for 1 Gold. Now unlocked directly.
Draft Horse Gaited Horse Light Horse
10 point bonus to carrying capacity, available at the Stablemaster for 42,700 Gold. Became the Brown Paint Horse. 10 point bonus to stamina, available at the Stablemaster for 42,700 Gold. Became the Midnight Steed. 10% bonus to speed, available at the Stablemaster for 42,700 Gold. Became the Bay Dun Horse.

Cut Mounts[edit]

Silt-Hoppers have built-in rider features in-game and were found in the files. The usage of Silt-Hoppers as mounts appears to have been abandoned.

Crown Store — The Elder Scrolls Online

Crown Store — The Elder Scrolls Online

15 products listed

9 days left


4,000 4000 Crowns

3,000 3000 Crowns

Tessellated Guar

1,300 1300 Crowns


Cinderstone Kagouti

3,000 3000 Crowns

1,800 1800 Crowns

Highland Wolf

1,800 1800 Crowns

3,000 3000 Crowns

Yorgrim River Ram

3,000 3000 Crowns

900 900 Crowns

Nightmare Courser

2,500 2500 Crowns

3,000 3000 Crowns

Pride-King Lion

1,800 1800 Crowns

3,000 3000 Crowns

9 days left


4,000 4000 Crowns

5,000 5000 Crowns

Duo-Dynamo Dwarven Spider

5,000 5000 Crowns

1,800 1800 Crowns

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The Ministry of Construction explained who installs the PPI of electricity in the housing stock.

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  2. The Ministry of Construction clarified who installs the PPI of electricity in the housing stock.

The Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation clarified that guaranteeing electricity suppliers are required to install metering devices in MKD premises, and grid companies — in relation to equipment installed in MKD by third parties and in townhouses.

The owners of the apartments mount the IPU themselves. In the letter of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation of August 5, 2021 No. 32749-OL / 04, a position was formulated on the installation of electricity meters in the housing stock. Guaranteed resource suppliers (GS) and power grid organizations (ESOs) do this in accordance with Part 5 of Art. 37 FZ dated March 26, 2003 No. 35-FZ. At the same time, GPs install meters in apartment buildings, with the exception of premises and equipment that are directly connected to the electrical networks of the ESO, without the use of in-house systems.

Antennas, towers, other devices of telecom operators and providers, billboards are the responsibility of network companies, since they are not part of the common property of the house. The owners of such equipment can install electricity meters on their own, but in agreement with the organization managing the house, the HOA or the cooperative.

Also, according to the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, owners of apartments in multifunctional buildings install electricity meters themselves. Such premises are not residential, and guaranteeing suppliers are not obliged to install metering devices in them. The building of the multifunctional complex is equipped with meters by the grid company (part 5 of article 37 No. 35-FZ). Townhouses, block-built residential buildings, do not have common house property and are not MKD (decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation dated July 15, 2014 in case No. A41-5150 / 11, decision of the Tenth Arbitration Court of Appeal dated February 20, 2018 in case No. A41-27773 / 16 ). Therefore, in accordance with Part 5 of Art. 37 No. 35-F3, the responsibility for installing electricity metering devices in them also lies with the ESO.

You can read the Letter of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation dated August 5, 2021 No. 32749-OL / 04 by clicking on the link : https://www.rkv. ru/other/pismo-ministerstva-rossii-32749


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Ballu Eco 150 axial duct fan

ECO 150 axial duct fan is made of high quality ABS plastic. The fan is designed for a low air flow system. Fans of the ECO series are used in residential, public, administrative and industrial premises.

Dimension table for ECO 150:
Model ØA ØB C
ECO 150 98 104 120
Special Features:
  • Low pressure fans of the ECO series are made of high quality ABS plastic
  • IPX2 single-phase motors
  • Speed ​​control from 0 to 100% by changing the voltage (thyristor or autotransformer controllers)

ECO series fans are supplied ready for connection. Installation must be carried out by competent personnel. Fans are installed mainly indoors. When installed outdoors, the fans must be protected from external influences. Fans are mounted in any position, according to the direction of air flow. It is necessary to provide access for maintenance of the fan.

It is not allowed:

  • to use fans to transport air containing «heavy» dust, flour, etc. ;
  • to mount fans in explosive and flammable rooms and use them to transport air containing vapors of flammable substances.

Before servicing, unplug the fan and wait until it has completely stopped and cooled down.

Cleaning order:

  1. Remove the fan.
  2. Wipe the parts with a dry cloth. Cleaning must be done carefully so as not to disturb the balance of the impeller.
  3. Do not use cleaners, abrasives, aggressive chemicals or detergents that cause corrosion.
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  6. Fasten the fan to its destination and connect the power supply

Warranty 20 months.

Power, W 25
Electric Guide, V/Hz 220/50
performance, m3/h