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Specific Changes & Improvements

We’ve implemented Blizzard Error and System Survey to better troubleshoot crashes and assertions.

Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction

Diablo Ii Lord Of Destruction Character Editor

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Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — v.1.14d patch 6 MB 6/16/2016 67.5K 540
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Stra-D2Mod v.1.9 mod 475.9 MB 8/21/2019 3.9K 206
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Enjoy-SP Mod v.1.7 mod 323.4 KB 3/11/2018 8.2K 169
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Median XL Ultimative v.2017 1.3.2 mod 303.6 MB 7/8/2018 34.7K 122
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — The Sin War v. 3.34 HD mod 151.4 MB 8/21/2019 7.7K 109
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Diablo 2 LoD 1.13 Content Update Mod v. mod 69.8 MB 8/21/2019 544 86
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Path of Diablo mod 631.5 KB 10/16/2017 2.7K 38
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Eastern Sun v3.6d mod 79.2 MB 1/4/2015 7.5K 35
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Le Royaume des Ombres v.6.00beta mod 407.2 MB 7/17/2016 7.1K 35
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — The Forces of Darkness v.29042019 mod 38 MB 8/21/2019 1.1K 35
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Reaper Of Souls v.6.4 mod 66.1 MB 8/21/2019 2.7K 34
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Reign of Shadow v. 0.90 Final mod 303.8 MB 3/12/2019 2K 31
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Diablo II: Unforgiven v.34 mod 54.7 MB 3/11/2018 1.9K 30
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Glory of Nephilim v.19072019 mod 25.7 MB 8/21/2019 4.3K 29
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Diablo II SP Enhancement Mod v.1.6 mod 6.2 MB 5/21/2018 2K 28
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction — Valhalla v.5.03 mod 84.1 MB 1/31/2015 7.5K 27

Diablo 2 Patch | RPG

Diablo 2 Patch | RPG



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Patch for Diablo 2 game.

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[Diablo Anthology] Diablo & Hellfire (ENG+RUS2)

Diablo & Hellfire

Released: 1997
Genre: hack and slash
Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
License?: no
Language: full Russian (Fargus, Stream) / full English
Platform: Windows
System requirements: Windows® 2000, 98, 95 or NT 4. 0 disk


is a cult hack and slash computer game developed by Condor that was purchased by Blizzard along with the game prior to publication and published on December 31, 1996.
The game is made in the style of dark fantasy. The player is invited to go alone into the dungeons of the city of Tristram, flooded with various demons, undead and other evil creatures. Moving deeper and deeper through the levels of the dungeon (there are 16 in total), the player eventually ends up in Hell, where they must find and kill Diablo, the main boss of the game.

The main features of the assembly:
• Installer files are divided into 700 MB each, for the ability to burn the game on CD discs.
• Contains full Russian localization from Fargus and Stream, as well as English localization.
• Hellfire does not require the original Diablo.
• Ability to select the version of the game.
• Ability to select hidden features in Hellfire.
• The ability to easily use the multiplayer features of the game on any Windows.

Build Version History:

Diablo II & Lord of Destruction

Release Year: 2000
Genre: hack and slash
Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard5 License ? Windows
System requirements :
Intel Pentium II 400 MHz
• 64 MB RAM
• 3D graphics card
• 1.2 GB free hard disk space
Text language: Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, English, Russian (L’Autour, DM, Fargus, Uncle Risech, 7Wolf, Triada) Italian, Korean, Polish, English, Russian (Fargus, 8bit, Uncle Risech, Russian Project, Triada, 7Wolf, «Best»).
LoD monologue language: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, English, Russian (Fargus, 8bit, Uncle Risech, 7Wolf)
Diablo 2 video language: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, English, Russian (Fargus, 8bit, Uncle Risech, Russian Project, Triada).
LoD video language: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, English, Russian (Fargus, 8bit, Dyadyushka Risech, 7Wolf)


This game is considered by many to be the most popular role-playing game of our time. The game that set new laws of the genre, turned the notion of collective games and set the standard for playing over the Internet. Diablo II is a game simple enough to be easy for almost any gamer to get into, and so addictive and varied that it could last for years.

The main features of the assembly:
• Installer files are divided into 700 MB each, for the ability to burn the game on CD discs.
• Contains Russian localizations from Fargus, 8bit, 7Wolf, Triada, Russian Project, and Uncle Research. As well as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, English and Korean.
• Ability to select the localization of text, video, as well as monologues separately from each other.
• Ability to select game version from 1.07 to 1.13d, as well as 1.04c and 1.05b.
• Possibility for best gamers to install Diablo 2 without the Lord of Destruction add-on.
• Ability to localize an already installed game.
• Choice of PlugY, Guide, MultiRes and Expanded Stash.
More details about the assembly features:

Assembly version history:
Version 1.0 from 12/13/2007
• The first version of the assembly.

Version 1.1 dated 12/17/2007
• Corrected the text in the uninstaller.
• Before uninstalling, a message will now appear prompting you to delete the game’s saves.
• Changed the order of installing files, now in the Russian and English versions the files are installed in the same order.
• Errors in creating keys in the HKEY_USERS directory will no longer generate an error.

Version 5.0 of 08/30/2011
• All errors with registry keys have been finally fixed.
• When uninstalling, instead of offering to delete saves, you will be prompted to delete the entire folder with the game.
• Redesigned installer, added a description of each component, and a slide show on the installation page.
• The game has been updated to version 1.13c.
• An improved version of Fargus’ localization has been built in, with numerous fixes and adaptation for patch 1. 13c.
• Added localization from 7Wolf, and other Western localizations.
• Added the ability to select the game version.
• Added the ability to install Russian text from Uncle Risech and 7Wolf.
• I’ve done my best to fix monologue breaks.
• Made minor fixes in various voiceovers.
• All localizations, except for English, are compressed as much as possible, which made it possible to significantly reduce the assembly volume.
• Added the ability to remove Blizzard intro videos.
• Added choice whether to install No-CD or use original binaries.
• A collection of the best voiceovers of characters from all Russian voiceovers has been created.
• Added the ability to not install videos and music.
• Default resolution changed to 800×600.
• Passing the user’s video system test is no longer required to start the game.

Version 5.1 of 09/05/2011
• Fixed a bug due to which the final video was not played if the video for LoD was installed in German, Italian, French or Polish.
• Added the ability to install videos to LoD, with Korean subtitles.
• Made some cosmetic changes to the installation page.
• Reduced required installation space. Now, in some cases, it is even smaller than what is displayed in the installer.
• Changed the default folder where you are asked to install the game.
• Added prohibition of game installation if Cyrillic letters are found in the path.

Version 6.0 of 09/19/2011
• Fixed a bug with not finding some .dll.
• Visual Basic 6.0 SP5: Run-Time Redistribution Pack is no longer installed as unnecessary.
• Fixed a bug due to which the video was not localized into Korean.
• Fixed typos in newline translations, from patch 1.13c.
• Fixed minor inaccuracies in descriptions in the installer.
• Added the ability to install game versions: 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.09b, 1.09d.
• Russian, text, localizations, adapted to all versions prior to v1.13.
• Fixed bugs in the collection, the best, Russian, localization.
• Added choice of music for the main menu of the game.
• Griez’s first monologue, in Uncle Risech’s localization, has been fixed.
• Made several fixes in text localization by Fargus.
• Added the ability to add a shortcut to the game in the quick launch bar on Windows prior to Seven.
• The ability to add a game to the Windows Firewall exceptions list has been moved to the components menu to be able to describe why this component is needed.
• Changed default components. They now point to recommended localizations and components.
• Added ability to install Diablo 2 separately from Lord of Destruction.
• The order of files installation has been changed, taking into account the possibility of writing the assembly to CD disks.
• The No-CD component is no longer selectable when the game version is 1.12a or 1.13c.

Version 6.1 of 09/29/2011
• Some component descriptions have been corrected.
• The “Subtitle Speed” component has been moved, and is activated only if voice acting from the Russian Project, Uncle Research, or 7Wolf is selected.
• Fixed a bug due to which it was possible not to select the component «Voice of Lord of Destruction» when «Lord of Destruction» was selected, which led to the inoperability of the game.
• In the collection, the “best”, Russian, localization, not voiced, and English phrases from Sorceress, are replaced with phrases from the 8bit localization.
• In the collection, the “best”, Russian, localization, Necromancer’s voice acting was replaced with localization from 8bit, in Diablo 2, and the Russian project, in LoD.
• If you select an installation folder that already exists, a warning will be displayed.
• Added the ability to install a new component that includes support for Glide in the game.
• Fixed installation errors related to mscomctl.ocx and msvcrt.dll.
• Added the ability to install game versions: 1.03, 1.04c, 1.05b.
• Now, by default, subtitles will not be displayed if “Best” Russian voice acting, or slow subtitle speed is selected.
• Made several minor fixes related to shortcuts.
• Fixed errors that could occur if no video is selected.
• The No-Intro component has been moved so that it can be selected even if the Diablo 2 Video component is not selected.

Version 6.2 of 10/10/2011
• Descriptions of some components and installation processes have been changed.
• Fixed a bug due to which the installer took a long time to start and close for a long time.
• Components can now be collapsed.
• Information about game sites is built into the installer.
• Fixed a bug due to which the video was not decompressed if the selected video for Diablo 2, from 8bit.
• Fixed a bug due to which the component “Subtitle Speed” – “Standard” was automatically selected in cases where this component has no value.
• Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to select the version of the game 1.07, with the selected component Lord of Destruction.

Version 6.3 dated 10/28/2011
• Fixed a bug due to which, without selecting the Video component, the first clip of the game still played.
• The ability to install game version 1.03 has been removed, since No-CD for this version did not work correctly.
• Changed descriptions of some components and installation processes.
• After installation, a Components.ini file is created that records which components are selected.
• The ability to create a shortcut on the quick launch bar, now only works on Windows XP, since only this OS was able to test this feature.
• The localization of the Russian Project has been renamed to the localization from the Triad, since most likely it is.
• Added localization from the real Russian Project.
• Increased installation time for Russian-language videos.
• Fixed a bug due to which, after installing videos from Uncle Risech, videos of low quality were not played.
• Required space for installing some components is now displayed more accurately.
• Removed clicks that occur when no music is selected in Diablo 2 or LoD.
• The size of the installer has been reduced by about 250 megabytes.
• Now you can set a slow version of subtitles when you select any Russian or English localization of the text.
• In Diablo 2’s Best Russian Voice Over, Meshif and Necromancer’s voice acting has been replaced with the version from the Russian Project.
• Now, only when selecting the text from Fargus, and the “Slow down subtitles” component, some subtitles in the Best Russian voice acting will be slowed down. If the “Slow down subtitles” component is not selected, then the speed of some subtitles will be as in English text. If any other text localization option is selected, and the “Slow down subtitles” component is selected, then the slowdown will be applied to all subtitles in the Best Russian voice acting.
• Fixed a bug due to which, when choosing the Best Russian voice acting, and any text other than Fargus, the game did not start.
• Fixed a bug due to which any text other than Russian and English was displayed with defects.
• Synchronization of subtitles with voice acting has deteriorated when selecting any text localization, except for Russian and English. An exception is if the selected text localization has the same language as the voiceover localization. And also, a combination of Korean text, and English voice acting.
• Added the ability to set Korean text.
• Added game version 1.13d.
• Now, along with the game, a collection of various questions and answers to them regarding this assembly is unpacked.
• Now, by default, the hero you have chosen will not walk, but run.

Version 7.0 of 05/24/2012 [Localization]
• Added the ability to install only localization.
• Fixed some typos in component descriptions.
• Duplicate menu music file will no longer be unpacked.
• Added the ability to select multiple options for in-game music.
• Added the ability to change installed components and restore game files.
• Added the ability to create a backup copy of localized files.
• For versions of the game from 1.09 to 1.13c with selected LoD, it is now possible to install PlugY.
• Some game archives will not be overwritten if their counterparts are already in the folder where the game is installed.
• Improved the way to detect invalid characters in the installation path.
• Added several references to the fact that the name and path to the folder where you are going to install are invalid letters other than Latin.
• Added prohibition of launching more than one copy of the installer.
• Information about its author has been added to the comment of the installer file.
• Improved compatibility of combining text localization and voice acting from different languages. As a result, the probability of breaks in monologues is reduced.
• Slightly changed the area for outputting a comment about components, as a result of which more voluminous comments became possible. (Thanks Johny777)
• Fixed mixed up phrases of emotions in the voice acting of Sorceress from Fargus.
• Fixed mixed up phrases of emotions in voice acting from the Russian Project. The number of non-localized emotions has also been reduced.
• Reduced the number of invalid emotes in 7Wolf voice acting.
• In the “Best” Russian voice acting, the localization was changed:
— Sorceress to the version from the Russian Project. The missing emotes are borrowed from 8BiT, and the LoD voice acting for this class will be from Triada.
— Amazon for the Fargus version.
— Malah and Natalya on Triada’s version.
— Kashya on Dyadyushka Risech
— Charsi on Russian project
• Localization from Fargus is replaced by unmodified version.
• Added the latest versions of text Russifications from L’Autour and DM.
• By default, subtitles will be disabled only if the slow version is selected.
• Now, when selecting some Russian localizations of monologues, the corresponding localization of subtitles will be set.
• Fixed a bug due to which, if the Russian voiceover of the LoD monologues was not selected, the Diablo 2 videos would not play. (thanks to Ma4gun)
• Improved game compatibility with Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.
• Added the ability to activate runewords in single player and local games intended for playing through Closed Battle.net.
• Fixed a bug due to which the voice acting of the Diablo 2 monologues from the Russian Project was not installed.
• From now on the Game.exe and Diablo II.exe files will have the «Hidden» attribute, which should prompt the user to start the game only through START.exe.
• LoD videos with Korean subtitles have been removed to reduce the size of the installer.

Version 7.1 dated 05/28/2012 [Fixes]
• Fixed file extension “START in Window Mode”.
• A new version of PlugY Configurator.exe has been built in.
• A bug that caused the game to start for a long time has been fixed.
• Changed descriptions of some modifications.
• Added a modification that adds a lot of new permissions to the game.
• Removed the ability to select a version of the game that does not exist for LoD or regular Diablo 2.
• Fixed incorrect display of required installation space on the component selection page. (Thanks to Gnom_aka_Lexander)

Version 7.2 dated 12/05/2012 [Minor]
• Removed the ability not to select the “Installation type” component.
• Increased the number of slides in the slideshow.
• Fixed a bug due to which, when using Russian text, it was impossible to enter the Uber portal (thanks to Dm).
• Added the ability to select fonts from 7Wolf.
• Added the ability to select a modification that increases inventory.
• PlugY Configurator has been replaced with a more improved version from another author.
• Added two main menu music options from Diablo 3.
• Music and monologue conversion progress will now be shown alternately in the progress bar (thanks to El Sanchez).
• Audio file conversion progress will now be displayed in the taskbar (Windows 7 and older only) (thanks to El Sanchez).
• “START.exe” and “START in Window Mode. exe” can now pass command line parameters to the game with which they were launched.
• Now Russian text localizations will not be partially mixed with Russification from Fargus.
• Added an installation type designed for installation on a portable device (thanks to gora).
• A dialog box has been added that appears if the user has selected the installation type “Localization” without familiarizing himself with the features of this type (thanks to Johny777).
• Now, by setting the Glide mode, the utility with which the parameters of this mode are configured will use the English interface language by default.
• Registry keys created by glide-init.exe should now be deleted along with the game.
• Added ability to install Czech text localization.
• Added English translation of the installer (thanks to Tony_Ireland).
• Fixed impossibility to launch PlugY on older versions of the game when starting the game via “START.exe” and “START in Window Mode. exe”.
• Fixed some grammatical errors in component descriptions (thanks to Torrent-bot).
• Tooltips have been added to some components to explain why a particular component cannot be selected, as well as specifying which components it is better not to select.
• Now the «Hidden» attribute will be correctly set for the «Diablo II.exe» and «Diablo II.ico» files.
• Now, when you select the “Additional Permissions” modification, keys corresponding to the DirectDrav video mode will be added by default in the registry.

Version 7.2.1 dated 12/20/2012 [Thanks to Dm for this]
• Fixed a bug due to which if text Russification from Dm is selected, then when trying to exit the game menu, it crashes with an error (thanks for the information Dm).
• Updated text cracker from Dm, to version from 05/30/2012.
• Fixed display of number 5 in font by Fargus (thanks for font Dm).
• Fixed some backup errors (thanks for the info Dm).
• If the installation type is “Localization”, no uninstaller will be created.

Version 7.2.2 dated 12/21/2012 [Fixes]
• Fixed a bug due to which the files “START.exe” and “START in Window Mode.exe” were not installed, and shortcuts were not created when the version was selected 1.09, 1.09b, 1.09d and PlugY not selected (thanks for the information revelationz).
> Solutions to the most common problems Build flaws:
• Oversized components menu. Although there is a detailed description of each component, but to understand it, you need to strain a little. Games exist to relax, and when you have to strain your brain even before installing the game, this is not buzzing.

• If you select the text from one office and the voice acting from another, then the subtitles will be out of sync with the text, which may lead to excessively slow scrolling of subtitles or vice versa, too fast, as a result of which monologue breaks may occur.

• The required location for installing components may not be displayed accurately.
What can you do to improve this anthology:
Diablo 1

• Transfer Russian text from Diablo 1.0 to 1.09d. To do this, you need to own a HEX editor.

Diablo 2

• Provide cracks (loader, fixed exe) for those versions of the game that are not yet built into the assembly. I want to draw attention to the fact that the crack must necessarily support all the commands that the original executable file does. In particular, the -direct 9 command0005 • Suggest a formula by which you can calculate the value of the speed of subtitles. If you don’t want to calculate the numbers yourself (duration, speed, etc.), use my values ​​here
• Try to solve the problem, with a constant 100% load on one CPU core.
• Fix encodings in the texts of those localizers that are not yet built into the assembly. To do this, it seems to me, you need knowledge in the field of programming. Text files, I can provide.
• You may know where to find localizations that are not built into this assembly (including Asian ones).
• You can try to dig into the resources of the game, for the possibility of enabling Cyrillic support in the chat.
• Can you tell me how best to describe some of the components in the installer.
• Incentivize me financially to improve this anthology.

Questions about the portable installation type
Q: Installed the game by selecting the portable installation type. No shortcuts were created anywhere. How can I start the game now?
A: If you select the portable type, shortcuts and should not be created, because it is assumed that you do not want to leave any traces of the game on this computer.
You need to start the game using the file «START.exe» or «START in Window.exe» which are located in the folder with the game.

Q: If when choosing the portable installation type, there are no shortcuts to launch the game anywhere, how can I conveniently specify its launch options?
A: If you use one set of game launch parameters, then write it to the Portable. ini file («MAIN» section, «Parameter» parameter) which is located in the game folder. If you use several sets of game launch options, then I recommend creating several .bat files and assigning «START.exe» or «START in Window.exe» to them with the parameters you need.

Q: I installed the game in portable mode, but it still leaves registry entries, what should I do?
A: Most likely you didn’t launch the game through “START.exe” or “START in Window Mode.exe”, which led to such results. If you have installed a modification that requires launching from your own executable file, then find the “Portable.ini” file in the game folder, open it and in the “MAIN” section change the value of the “Launch” parameter to the full name of the executable file through which you want launch the game.

Q: If I use the portable installation type, will the system be polluted with unnecessary files or registry keys?
A: New files can only appear in the game folder, just like with a normal installation. Regarding registry keys, they will all be deleted immediately after you exit the game. The only exceptions are the keys created by the Glide configuration utility — «glide-init.exe».

Q: I have the regular version of the game installed, if I also use the portable version, will it affect my regular version?
A: No. Moreover, all game settings from the regular version will be used in the portable one.

Q: Why can’t I see saves from my regular game when I log into the portable version of the game?
A: This means that the saves of these two versions are stored in different folders.

Q: I want to change the video mode, but I don’t see the corresponding program in the game folder, how can I do it?
A: When using the portable installation type, the «hidden» attribute is applied to this program, since the ability to change the video mode is not supported. Only the Direct3D mode will be enabled, even if you change it with this program.

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