Destiny 2 izanagi quest: How to get Izanagi’s Burden in Destiny 2

How to get Izanagi’s Burden in Destiny 2

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If Se7en has taught you one thing, it’s not to ask what’s in the Mysterious Box, but that’s exactly what we are going to do in this guide to get Izanagi’s Burden. With the launch of the Black Armory came the forges and within the forges there were three exotic weapons; Jotun, Le Monaqrque, and Izanagi’s Burden. The first two can be acquired by grinding out forge completions, but Izanagi’s Burden is going to take a little more than simply participating in the events.

The process for acquiring Izanagi’s Burden changed slightly with the launch of Shadowkeep. The good news is you no longer have to individually unlock each forge—instead, you just need to wait for each to come up in rotation.

Acquiring the Mysterious Box

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The first step in getting Izanagi’s Burden is to get the box, which, as of Shadowkeep, is simply a matter of talking to Black Armory vendor Ada-1. You can find her in the Annex section of the Tower. If you haven’t yet unlocked the Black Armory forges, you’ll need to do a short quest first. Once that’s done, you’ll find the Mysterious Box alongside her wares.

Locating the keys to open the Mysterious Box

After you acquire the box, you’ll need to find four different keys to open it. The Fishhook, Butterfly, Hand, and Black Armory keys are all found throughout the Volundr, Izanami, and Gofannon forges—respectively—with the fourth, Black Armory, requiring additional work.

While in these forges, you’ll want to keep an eye out between the first in the second round for a series of small drones flying around the arena. If you destroy all the drones within the arena, you’ll be notified that you have tempered the forge and received a Maximum Temper buff. Successfully completing the forge you’ll receive the keys after tempering.

The three locations for the forges can be found below in gifs.




The fourth key

Similar to the keys above, the Black Armory key can be found within the Bergusia forge after you destroy the drones to receive the Maximum Temper buff, but to get this part takes a few more steps than previous keys.

The first step is to visit Ada-1 in the Tower and you’ll receive the Black Armory Key Mold and that you need to kill watchers in the underbelly of the Leviathan raid. There’s two ways to do this, as a team while completing the Leviathan raid normally or to use the switches beneath Leviathan to gain access to the Underbelly solo.

This most simple and fastest approach is to do this is the second method. You’ll need to load in to the Leviathan and make your way to the switch room in the basement. Pull the switches in the following order; 1, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6 as shown in the GIF below.

After you’ve successfully opened the door via the switches, you should make your way towards the engine room to kill the watchers (follow the path in the gif below). While in this room, you will want to kill all the Watchers and additional enemies, exit the room, pull the switch again, and repeat until you’ve killed enough Watchers, which is 24, to fulfil the requirements of the quest by harvesting their Lenses.

Next, you’ll need to gather 200 Glimmering Amethyst, this can be done through opening planetary chests, completing strikes, and participating in Public Events. The fastest method is to complete Heroic Public Events, which nets you 10 per completion. Normally this should take you 20 events, but equipping a ghost with a chest finder for the planet you are on will speed up the process as you’ll stumble upon multiple planetary chests naturally while waiting for events.

You’ll now be able to find the final key within the Bergusia forge by taking part in the event, find the drones, and destroying them. The drones are found circling two pillars on each side of the arena (as seen in the gif below). Completing the forge, just like the others, will net you the final key to the Mysterious Box—but we are done, not yet.

Forging the Unidentified Frame

If you haven’t already, you can now place all four keys in to the Mysterious Box. In doing so, you’ll receive a Mysterious Decryption Device and a Mysterious Datapad. Take these items to Ada-1 in the tower and you will receive the next step of the quest.

This part of the quest requires you to complete and hand in a rare Black Armory bounty. Black Armory bounties are randomly dropped when completing standard bounties from Ada-1. So, you’ll either need to keep one on you and wait to turn it in, or you’ll need to grind out Ada’s bounties until you receive one.

When you turn in the bounty, you will receive an Obsidian Crystal. The next step requires you to complete the Shattered Throne, which is a 3-weekly event in the Dreaming City when the curse is at its highest.

After that, you need to complete a special instance of the Pyramidion. This version will have its own unique modifiers which increases the damage of solar weapons and the frequency of heavy ammo. You’ll need to be a minimum of 650 Power Level to attempt this strike and you won’t be able to change your gear while attempting to finish it. So, equip a solar class, your favourite solar secondary, and a solar heavy weapon that packs a punch.

Upon completion, you’ll receive the Unidentified Radiant Frame and gain access to the Lock and Key mission on the EDZ. It’s quick, easy, and when you reach the end you’ll get an Exotic item called Not a Weapon that you can take to Ada-1 in exchange for Izanai’s Burden.

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Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden in 2022 [All You Should Know]

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In this Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden article we will be covering everything we know so far and how you can get it. Izanagi’s Burden is a great weapon and this weapon is one of the favorite weapon by guardians or destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden

Table of Contents

What is Izanagi’s Burden?

From the hit free-to-play online game series of Destiny 2, a new powerful weapon will come as Izanagi’s Burden from the expansion of Black Armory will soon open its availability to use. Izanagi’s Burden is also one of the three exotic weapons from the forges in the Black Armory.

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It has a description of an exotic sniper rifle that has the advancement of triggering four shots that can fire all at once which can hugely affect the damage scope. It was believed to be the strongest weapon among the three and probably because of the difficulty in minimal occasions to acquire the weapon mainly in Black Armory’s mystery box. This weapon is going on for more than just participating but the good news is players don’t need to unlock each forge one by one since the launch of Shadowkeep in which players can just easily wait for the rotation.

izanagi’s burden

Is Izanagi’s Burden a good weapon?

Upon its first release in the Destiny forge in Black Armory, Izanagi’s Burden is one of the best choice weapons in the series. However, with the rise of other new weapons, several gamers still hook on using the Izanagi’ Burden because of its single fire release and a domain to use.

This weapon is one of the few rare weapons that can singularly handle quadruple attacks. Izanagi’s main advantage among all other weapons is the damage per second that got the result of an effective range of 62 percent and a revolt minute per second that has the rotation speed of 90 rpm. Also, the minimum amount of impact of the Izanagi’s Burden is ranging from 52-70 with just a maximum of 4 per magazine in one punch release.  

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What does Izanagi’s Burden do?

Although it looks simple as a railgun, a sniper rifle ammo like Izanagi’s Burden is the perfect weapon for automatic load in the player’s launcher. The weapon allows the players to burst four times the shot in a quick rotation of the stored bullets. Since this weapon is not a heavy weapon it can also use to change with another weapon with ease. This weapon is suitable for fast reload as Izanagi’s burden Hodge Edge needs to hold the reload button to put all fours in the mag because apparently even in switching modes, the energy acquired in the weapon will be ready to charge. Another use of this weapon is if the players were using this weapon in deciding to direct kill, the reloading speed Increases to almost a glitch and automatically activated the Honed Edge Shot in the magazine. 

Izanagi’s Burden uses

How long does it take to get Izanagi’s burden?

In order to get a new sniper, players must complete the Mystery Box quest first. But the question is How long does it take to complete the Mystery Box to unlock the Izanagi’s Burden? Getting the Izanagi’s Burden is not that complicated quest ever that happens in Destiny 2 apart from that is the duration of the long process which is kind of a bit challenging for the players who really want to get used to this weapon. Approximately, players need to accommodate and finished at least 20 public events or perform a series of steps in the Black Armory to unlock the locks in Mystery Box in exchange for Izanagi’s Burden.

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How to Get Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden in 2022

It is way more different of a process in chances of getting the Izanagi’s Burden upon the set in motion since the adaptation of Destiny 2 of Shadowkeep. Instead of roaming around to take in all 4 Mystery Boxes including, Fishhook Lock, Butterfly Lock, Hand Lock, and Black Armory Lock, players just need one route in Shadowkeep that rotates daily and does the planned activities on the existing forge to get the Izanagi’s Burden. It may be a long journey for a lot of gamers to acquire the best sniper in the game but it is definitely worth the wait.

How to Get Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden

Step 1: Mysterious Box Quest

The first thing that needs to be done is to collect all the Mystery Box Quest from the landing zone on the EDZ and from then it needs to speak to Ada-1. Ada-1 is a communicator from Black Armory that provides the access to acquiring the Mystery Box, she can be found in the latter part of the Annex. Ada-1 will provide you with the Black Armory Key Mold.  Next to that is unlocking the second step by opening the forge and completing the Machine Gun Frame quest. After succeeding in those steps, players may proceed to the next plan in getting keys for Mystery Boxes.

Mysterious Box Quest destiny 2

Step 2: Keys to Open Box

After getting all the Mystery Boxes now it’s time to find the four kinds of different keys to open the quest. When you get all the keys, It’s time to take them into the forge, and then go into your inventory, use the collected keys and insert the key into the mysterious box. You can make this up to 3 times in unlocking the different quests if you are still locked up in the Black Armory forges.

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Step 3: Butterfly, Fishhook, and Hand Keys

The Butterfly Key can be found at the Izanami Forge. While the Fishhook key is available in the Volundr Forge and lastly the hand key can be found in the Gofannon Forge. In order to get each of the hand keys in the three different forge, players in the area must clear the forge by activating the Maximum Temper active. Players will be needed this activation to destroy the remaining droids in all rounds.

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Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden vs Whisper of the Worm

If we talk about Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden vs Whisper of the Worm, most of the players love to have Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden because its damage rate is far better than a whisper of the worm.

Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden

This is all for Destiny 2 Izanagi’s Burden in 2022. If you are a destiny 2 player and love to know about destiny 2 news & tips then do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter which is given down below.

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Destiny 2: Black Weapon.

Mysterious Datapad. Quest — How to remove the Lost Souvenir


The Burden of Izanagi exotic sniper rifle is finally available in Destiny 2: Black Armory, and it brings another quest with it. About halfway through the Destiny 2 Mysterious Box quest, you get the Mysterious Datapad, which has its own shorter independent questline. Here’s how to do it.

How to Solve the Mysterious Datapad Mystery

The Mysterious Datapad comes with a riddle that takes you to Niobe Labs. This area is located in the southernmost reaches of the EDZ, so make your way to the Outskirts and head south past the Guardian camp on the broken bridge. But before you go to the labs, make sure you have the following Black Armory weapons: Hammer Machine Gun, Vicious Fang Bow, and Tatara Gaze Sniper Rifle. You can get these weapons by unlocking the first three forges, and you’ll need all three to shoot the symbols found in Niobe’s lab. You will also need Izanagi’s burden, or failing that, a friend who has one.

When you get to the heart of the Niobe Lab, look for a lever under the central platform. This will activate the Lost Souvenir mission in which you will need to shoot seven symbols in the correct order with the correct weapon. Order:

  • Paper Shoot with Bow
  • Shoot the Storm Cloud with the
  • Assault Rifle

  • Shoot the temple with a sniper rifle
  • Shoot sunrise with a bow
  • Shoot a star with a machine gun
  • Shoot with a machine gun
  • Shoot black weapons with a sniper rifle symbol

The glyphs are scattered all over the room, so check out this video from YouTuber Esoterickk if you’re having trouble finding them:

When you complete the glyph sequence, waves of captured enemies will start to appear, including Take Knights equipped with kinetic shields, which can only be damaged by Izanagi’s burden. Normal weapons can damage them when their shields are down, and if you give them time to regenerate, they will only return Black Weapon drone shields, but you’ll need Izanagi’s Burden to kill them.

How to get Forge Essence

Clear Taken and you’ll move on to the next step, which requires Forge Essence. To get this, you will need to complete the forges of Volundr, Gofannon, Izanami, and Bergusia while wearing a full set of black weapon armor and three black weapons. You already have a weapon, so don’t worry, and if you’re missing any armor, buy some Forging Resins from Ada-1 for six Black Armor blueprints and 10 Legendary Shards apiece. This will ensure that the armor drops upon successful completion of the Forge and will greatly speed up the armor grinding process — although you will still be dependent on the RNG.

Once you’ve got it right, pull out all four forges to get the Obsidian Dreams Emblem and one Obsidian Booster. You can trade this with Ada-1 for Obsidian Radiance, which can be used to modify Black Weapon weapons and slightly increase the damage they deal in Forges. You can also get extra Obsidian Radiance by completing more Forges, though they won’t have the same special effect as the first Booster — which I won’t mess with because it’s is really cool.

Izanagi’s quest is still unfinished, players are frustrated

It’s been a long and frustrating journey for Destiny 2 players who are trying to complete the Mystery Box quest to earn the Izanagi Exotic Sniper Rifle. And despite the thought that the quest would be fixed after this week’s patch to fix issues with the quest, a new bug has come up that has once again broken the quest and made it impossible for players to get hands from Izanagi’s highest level. Burden.

Developer Bungie announced today that there are new issues with the quest and that the developer is currently investigating. The problem seems to be that the quest is not correctly recognizing when players turn certain items to complete the quest, specifically the Obsidian Crystal and the Forge Key. Until the issue is resolved, Bungie is advising players not to turn in any of these items, because players report being lost without having any effect on the progress of the quest.

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This is especially frustrating when it comes to the Obsidian Crystal, which can be obtained by completing the Rare Black Weapon bounty. These rewards are indeed extremely rare, they have a random chance to drop after receiving the normal rewards from Ada-1, and then usually present players with a Destiny 2 challenge that is significantly more difficult and time consuming than the normal reward. Thus, the fact that this luck and the time spent is not taken into account when completing the quest when turning in a rare reward leads to players’ frustration.

Bungie tweeted about the issue via their official Twitter account, and there are dozens of players who have responded and asked for solutions such as auto-completing these erroneous steps until an official fix is ​​made, or even a full quest change. Similar to what happened with the quests for Jotunn and Le Monarc, which were made easier in Shadowkeep.