Cheat saints row pc: Saints Row 3 cheats and how to use them

Saints Row 3 cheats and how to use them

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Cheat Sheets

Saints Row is a ludicrous open world action series about doing ludicrous things with ludicrous powers (and, also, dildo bats). Abilities you unlock throughout Saints Row the Third let you sprint forever, reload guns instantly, and walk away from explosions without a scratch, but it doesn’t have the fourth game’s crazy super powers, which give you telekinesis and let you super jump across the world. With these Saints Row 3 cheats, however, you can still play god.

The Saints Row the Third cheats below let you spawn in weapons and vehicles, and also let you manipulate some of the game’s major systems. You can change the weather, earn instant gang notoriety, or turn all the pedestrians into zombies.

These Saints Row 3 cheats will all work in Saints Row the Third Remastered the same as they do in the original game. Here’s how to use them, and all the codes you need to know.

How to use Saints Row the Third cheats

Inputting these cheat codes in Saints Row 3 is simple. In-game, pull up your cell phone (Tab on keyboard, Back button on Xbox controller). Select Extras and then Cheats. That’s right—there’s a dedicated cheats menu.

Select Cheats, click Add Cheats, and then type in one of the cheat codes below and click Accept. And that’s it. Cheat added.

Image via TheEliteGamingReview on Youtube (Image credit: Volition)

Saints Row the Third cheat codes

Saints Row 3 ability and item cheats

  • cheese — Get $100,000
  • letsrock — Get all weapons
  • lolz — Gang notoriety +1
  • oops — Remove gang notoriety
  • pissoffpigs — Police notoriety +1
  • goodygoody — Remove police notoriety
  • whatitmeanstome — Gain respect
  • goldengun — One-hit kills
  • runfast — Gain infinite sprint
  • repaircar — Fix car
  • vroom — Your vehicle is invulnerable
  • isquishyou — Your vehicle crushes others

Saints Row 3 world cheats

  • notrated — Everyone killed explodes into a bloody mess
  • fryhole — Dead bodies float into the air
  • brains — Zombie pedestrians
  • dui — Drunk pedestrians
  • mascot — Mascot pedestrians
  • hohoho — ‘Pimp and ho’ pedestrians
  • clearskies — Sunny weather
  • overcast — Cloudy weather
  • lightrain — Rainy weather
  • heavyrain — Heavy rainy weather

Saints Row 3 weapon spawn cheats

  • givesheperd — Get 45 Shepherd
  • giveapoca — Get Apocafists
  • givear55 — Get AR 55
  • giveultimax — Get AS3 Ultimax
  • givebaseball — Get baseball bat
  • givechainsaw — Get chainsaw
  • givecyber — Get Cyber Buster
  • givecybersmg — Get Cyber Blaster
  • giveblossom — Get D4TH Blossom
  • giveelectric — Get electric grenade
  • giveflamethrower — Get flamethrower
  • giveflashbang — Get flash bang
  • givelauncher — Get GL G20 Grenade Launcher
  • givedigger — Get Grave Digger
  • givegrenade — Get grenade
  • givekrukov — Get K-8 Krukov
  • givekobra — Get KA-1 Kobra
  • givesniper — Get McManus 2015
  • giveminigun — Get Minigun
  • givemolotov — Get molotov
  • givesword — Get Nocturne
  • givercgun — Get RC Possessor
  • givedrone — Get Reaper Drone
  • giverpg — Get RPG
  • givehammer — Get S3X Hammer
  • giveairstrike — Get SA-3 Airstrike
  • givesatchel — Get satchel charge
  • giverocket — Get Shock Hammer
  • givesonic — Get Sonic Boom
  • givestungun — Get stun gun
  • givetek — Get TEK Z-10
  • givedildo — Get The Perpetrator
  • giveslm8 — Get Viper Laser Rifle

Saints Row 3 vehicle spawn cheats

  • giveambulance — Spawn ambulance
  • giveanchor — Spawn Anchor
  • giveattrazione — Spawn Attrazione
  • givebootlegger — Spawn Bootlegger
  • givechallenger — Spawn Challenger
  • givecommander — Spawn Commander
  • givecondor — Spawn Condor
  • giveeagle — Spawn Eagle
  • giveestrada — Spawn Estrada
  • givevtol — Spawn F69 Vtol
  • givegatmobile — Spawn Gatmobile
  • givekaneda — Spawn Kaneda
  • givekenshin — Spawn Kenshin
  • giveknoxville — Spawn Knoxville
  • givekrukov — Spawn Krukov
  • givemiami — Spawn Miami
  • givemunicipal — Spawn Municipal
  • givenforcer — Spawn Nforcer
  • givepeacemaker — Spawn Peacemaker
  • givephoenix — Spawn Phoenix
  • givequasar — Spawn Quasar
  • givereaper — Spawn Reaper
  • givesandstorm — Spawn Sandstorm
  • giveshark — Spawn Shark
  • givespecter — Spawn Specter
  • givesquasar — Spawn Squasar
  • givestatusquo — Spawn Status Quo
  • givetaxi — Spawn Taxi
  • givetitan — Spawn Titan
  • givetoad — Spawn Toad
  • givetornado — Spawn Tornado
  • givevortex — Spawn Vortex
  • givevtol — Spawn VTOL
  • givevulture — Spawn Vulture
  • givewidowmaker — Spawn Widowmaker
  • givewoodpecker — Spawn Woodpecker

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Saints Row 3 cheats | Full list of codes and how to use them

Now that the latest Saints Row game has been released, you might be itching to go back in time to an older game in the series to see what’s changed. It’s as good a time as any to get back into Saints Row 3 and try out all of its cheat codes for even more fun.

Saints Row: The Third was originally released back in 2011 and was praised for its frantic sandbox action across all of its releases, most recently on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and Amazon Luna in the summer of 2021.

While the game allows for plenty of stupid fun as is, its long list of ludicrous cheat codes can make proceedings even more out there than they already are. It’s time to have some silly fun with the full list of Saints Row 3 cheats. And, yes, all cheats work in all versions of the game, including the remasters.

As a warning before you get all cheat-happy, though: using cheats in Saints Row 3 will stop you from being able to earn trophies/achievements in that save. Make sure you save before applying any cheat code though and you can always go back to where you were before cheating.

How to use cheats in Saints Row 3

To use cheats in Saints Row 3, simply open up your in-game mobile phone. Once you’re on your phone, open up ‘Extras’ and then select ‘Cheats’. You’ll need to manually type in the cheats, but with the full list of Saints Row: The Third cheat codes below, that should be no problem.

Simply type in the cheat code you wish to use in your in-game phone and then press accept. Cheat: activated.

Saints Row 3 cheats

Below is a list of the general cheats in Saints Row 3 that have a mixed outcome in the game, activating things such as no damage to your car, increase in police notoriety, and more.

  • cheese — $100,000 cash
  • dlc_car_mass — Adds a load of weight to your vehicle so it pushes away all others
  • dlc_never_die — You can’t be killed
  • dlc_player_pratfalls — You’ll pratfall
  • dlc_unlimited_ammo — Infinite ammo
  • dlc_unlimited_clip — Ammo clip lasts forever
  • fryhole — Heaven Bound (bodies float upwards towards Heaven)
  • goldengun — One-shot kills
  • goodygoody — Completely removes Police Notoriety
  • isquishyou — You will smash up other vehicles with your own
  • lolz — Increases Gang Notoriety
  • notrated — Exploding bodies
  • oops — Completely removes Gang Notoriety
  • pissofpigs — Increases Police Notoriety
  • repaircar — Repairs your vehicle
  • runfast — No sprinting resctrictions
  • vroom — Your vehicle takes no damage
  • whatitmeanstome — Gives 100,000 Respect

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Saints Row 3 weather and time cheats

  • Clearskies — Makes it sunny
  • heavyrain — Heavy rain
  • lightrain — Makes it rain
  • overcast — Makes it cloudy
  • ticktock — Changes the time of day

Saints Row 3 world cheats

  • brains — All pedestrians become zombies
  • dlc_low_gravity — Lowers the gravity
  • dlc_super_explosions — Makes all explosions four times larger
  • dlc_super_saints — Makes the Saints super
  • dui — All pedestrians become drunk
  • hohoho — All pedestrians become pimps and prostitutes
  • mascot — All pedestrians become mascots
  • nohud — Removes the HUD
  • turkeyburgers — Activates God Mode and you become unstoppable

Saints Row 3 weapon cheats

Enter these cheat codes if you’re looking to instantly equip any of the weapons in Saints Row: The Third:

  • giveairstrike – SA-3 Air Strike
  • giveapoca – Apocafists
  • givear55 – AR-55
  • givebaseball – Baseball Bat
  • giveblossom – D4TH Blossom
  • givechainsaw — Chainsaw
  • givecyber – Cyber Buster
  • givecybersmg – Cyber Blaster
  • givedigger – Grave Digger
  • givedildo – The Penetrator
  • givedrone – Reaper Drone
  • giveelectric – Electric Grenades
  • giveflamethrower – Incinerator
  • givegrenade — Grenades
  • givehammer — Hammer
  • givekobra – KA-1 Kobra
  • givekrukov — K-8 Krukov
  • givelauncher – GL G20
  • giveminigun – Mini-Gun
  • givemolotov – Molotov Cocktails
  • givercgun – RC Possessor
  • giverocket – Shock Hammer
  • giverpg – RPG Launcher
  • givesatchel – Satchel Charges
  • givesheperd – 45 Shepherd
  • giveshield – Riot Shield
  • giveslm8 – Viper Laser Rifle
  • givesniper – McManus 2015
  • givesonic – Sonic Boom
  • givestungun – Stun Gun
  • givesword – Nocturne
  • givetek — Tek Z-10
  • givetek – TEK Z-10
  • giveultimax — As3 Ultimax
  • giveultimax – AS3 Ultimax
  • letsrock — All Weapons

Saints Row 3 vehicle cheats

It’s time to gift yourself a shiny new vehicle. The following Saints Row 3 cheat codes will give you what you want.

  • giveanchor — Anchor
  • giveattrazione — Attrazione
  • givebootlegger — Bootlegger
  • givechallenger — Challenger
  • givecommander — Commander
  • givecondor — Condor
  • giveeagle — Eagle
  • giveembulance — Ambulance
  • giveestrada — Estrada
  • givegatmobile — Gatmobile
  • givekanada — Kanada
  • givekenshin — Kenshin
  • giveknoxville — Knoxville
  • givekobra — Korbra
  • givekrukov — Krukov
  • givemiami — Miami
  • givemunicipal — Municipal
  • givenforcer — Nforcer
  • givepeacemaker — Peacemaker
  • givephoenix — Phoenix
  • givequasar — Quasar
  • givereaper — Reaper
  • giverpg — RPG
  • givesandstorm — Sandstorm
  • givesatchel — Satchel Charge
  • giveshark — Shark
  • givesheperd — Sheperd
  • givespectre — Spectre
  • givestatusquo — Status Quo
  • givetaxi — Taxi
  • givetitan — Titan
  • givetoad — Toad
  • givetornado — Tornado
  • givevortex — Vortex
  • givevtol — VTOL
  • givevulture — Vulture
  • givewidowmaker — Widowmaker
  • givewoodpecker — Woodpecker
  • repaircar — Repairs your vehicals

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Cheats for Saints Row: The Third








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Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% completed)


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (100% Complete + All DLCs)


Saints Row: The Third — Remastered: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% completed)


Saints Row: The Third — Remastered: Trainer/Trainer (+16) [1. 0] {FLiNG}


Saints Row: The Third — Remastered: Trainer/Trainer (+12) [Codex] {LIRW / GHL}


Saints Row: The Third Remastered: Trainer/Trainer (+13) [1.0] {peizhaochen}


Saints Row: The Third Remastered: Table for Cheat Engine [UPD: 05/24/20] {Rhark}


Saints Row: The Third Remastered: Table for Cheat Engine [UPD: 05/24/20] {Cielos}


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Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% completed)


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (7% Passed, Character: Alisher Tagirovich (Morgenstern))


Saints Row :The Third: Save/SaveGame (7%, Character Walter White from Breaking Bad)


Saints Row: The Third: Trainer/Trainer (+15) [Steam dx9-dx11] {LIRW / GHL} — Updated: 10/23/2018


Saints Row The Third: Save/SaveGame (Lots of money, cars and costumes)


Saints Row: The Third Save/SaveGame (Game 100% cleared + all DLCs, unique vehicles available) [SKIDROW]


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Character: Lara Croft ; Lara Croft)


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Character: Jason Statham)


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% completed, Bold character) [SKIDROW]


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% completed, female character) [SKIDROW version]


Saints Row: The Third: Master: Save/SaveGame (Game completed 24-25%, character Agent 47)


Saints Row: The Third: Save Editor / Save Editor [Corrodias]


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% Completed, Character Boss) [2. 0]


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Game 100% Completed, Character Boss)


Saints Row ~ The Third: Trainer/Trainer (+7) [Latest Steam] {MrAntiFun}


Saints Row: The Third: Save/SaveGame (Passed 100% + DLC / Character Joker)


Saints Row — The Third Save/SaveGame (Game 100% completed + all DLCs)


Saints Row: The Third — Complete Edition: Trainer/Trainer (+8) [1.0] {FLiNG}


Saints Row — The Third: Trainer/Trainer (+22) [Steam Update 2012-05-30: DX9/DX11] {LinGon}

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Saints Row 2022 Cheats | Game portal THROW PW

Heading: Uncategorized

Looking for Cheats Saints Row 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and Stadia? Here we list the Saints Row 2022 cheat codes and unlockable items with tips for rebooting the new Volition adventure shooter series.

Here we’ll show you how to unlock all Saints Row 2022 codes with a cheat list that is valid for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions (where available).

Secondly, to collect money from the criminal adventures that you perform on the Empire table, which you unlock after completing the «Networking» story mission. This Cash app will always run in the background no matter what you do and will earn you between $256,000 and $320,000 per hour! Once the Cash app hits the $3.5 million cap, don’t forget to cash out your money so it can continue to bring you unlimited income.

Third, increase the money earned from the same businesses by eliminating the 5 closest threats first.

Saints Row Tips and Tricks — Get Unlimited Money and Save a Lot of Time (Saints Row Reboot)

Saints Row 2022: Infinite Car Upgrade

First, you need a car that can unlock the Infinite Acceleration signature ability. These are usually fast sports cars like the Attrazione. The guaranteed way to get it is to complete all JimRob Garage Venture missions, after which you will receive it as a reward. Also, you might find it randomly while driving through North and South Lakeshore, park it in your garage to save it.

Secondly, you need to unlock the signature ability called Infinite Haste. This is shown in the lower right corner of the garage screen. You must buy Nitrous Equipment for the car (in the garage: Customize — Equipment — Nitrous for $7500). Then you must make 3 full nitrous by holding CIRCLE/B until the full nitrous is gone. You can see the nitrous bar at the bottom right corner of the screen. It automatically refills within seconds, do it just 3 times to unlock the signature ability «Infinite Acceleration». You will receive a notification at the top of the screen when it is unlocked.

Third, go back to the garage and turn on the signature ability «Infinite Enhancement» (in the garage: Setting — Signature Ability = ON). Now drive up to the long bridge connecting the left and right sides of the city, there is a straight highway with no turns. Continuously hold down the CIRCLE/B button to burn 3 nitrogen bars at a time. Don’t let go of the intermediate button, the signature ability makes it so that the Nitrous Oxide bar instantly recharges and you can keep leveling it up forever. After burning 3 bars, you can release the button, it should say that you have burned 3 (or more) Nitrous Bar, in the upper right corner of the screen.

Saints Row — Free Recharge Trophy / Achievement Guide (how to get infinite power up)

Saints Row 2022 How to unlock the hoverbike

How to unlock the hoverbike in the «Corporate Vacation» story mission.

Saints Row – How to unlock hoverbike (corporate retreat)

Saints Row 2022 tips and tricks

Timeline of useful tips and tricks:

  • 00:19 – Early weapon skins (sword, umbrella, etc. )
  • 03:00 — Fully get these updates
  • 04:38 – Best early game weapon
  • 05:55 – Unlock these fast travel points
  • 06:18 – Amazing early helicopter
  • 06:55 – Fast cars early
  • 07:30 — Secret parts for unique cars

Saints Row Tips and Tricks — Best Early Weapon, Most Powerful Vehicle and More (Saints Row Best Weapons)


These are all Saints Row 2022 cheats for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Stadia, PS4, PS5 and PC. We’ve also prepared the handy Saints Row 2022 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks on how to play!

Do you know any cheats or unlockables for Saints Row 2022? Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit to find out.