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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare — Patch 1.3

If you own a Call of Duty 4 PC, it is likely that you’ll be receiving the new Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare — Patch 1.3. The patch has been available for some time now and provides numerous new features to the game. It mainly adds new maps, game modes, perks, weapons and much more for this year’s version. In order to use the new features within the game, you will need to download the latest Windows update. This is actually quite simple to do and can be done by simply searching for your specific version of the game and then clicking on «Check For updates» or something similar to this.

Unfortunately, this new version is not compatible with the older versions of Call of Duty 4. Although this may not sound like a big deal, it can cause you a lot of problems as far as playing the game is concerned. For example, if your PC is equipped with an older operating system, you will have no problem with this update, but if you have an XP platform, it’s highly recommended that you install the latest Windows XP drivers so that your game can take advantage of all of the new features in this update. Luckily, the majority of PCs can now receive the latest Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare — Patch 1.3 without any problems, so you don’t have to worry too much about this.

When downloading the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare — Patch 1.3, it is important to make sure that you are protected against viruses or other malicious software. You should practice installing antivirus programs on your PC before attempting to patch your game. This will ensure that you are safe from any potential security issues. Furthermore, it will also allow you to make sure that the game itself is not corrupted or infected while it is downloading. This will also allow you to fully enjoy all of the new additions to the game.



Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare — Patch 1.7 for Windows
  • Windows Vista
Latest update:
Sunday, September 12th 2021


We don’t have any change log information yet for version 1. 7 of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare — Patch. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Available on: PC, Macintosh
Available Addons:

Infinity Ward
Activision, Asypr

Latest patch:

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MOD Tools

Tools pack version 1.0 (590MB)
Tools pack update 1.0 to 1.1 (3MB)
Tools update for patch 1.5 (11MB)

Patch 1.7.1

Macintosh english CD/DVD edition patch 1.7.1 (259MB)
Macintosh french CD/DVD edition patch 1.7.1 (259MB)
Macintosh german CD/DVD edition patch 1.7.1 (259MB)

    List of changes


english CD/DVD edition patch 1. 7 (259MB)
english digital download edition patch 1.7 (259MB)
french CD/DVD edition patch 1.7 (259MB)
german CD/DVD edition patch 1.7 (259MB)
italian CD/DVD edition patch 1.7 (259MB)

CD/DVD edition update 1.6 to 1.7 (37MB)
Direct2Drive edition update 1.6 to 1.7 (28MB)
Digital River edition version 1.7 (273MB)
Linux Server version 1.7 (265MB)

of changes (english forum)    List
of changes (german forum)

Patch 1.6

edition patch 1.6 (281MB)
edition version 1.6 (260MB)
patch 1.6 (267MB)

of changes (english forum)    List
of changes (german forum)

Patch 1.5

CD/DVD edition update 1.4 to 1.5 (10MB)
download update 1.4 to 1.5 (2MB)
download update any to 1.5 (56MB)
digital download update 1.4 to 1.5 (13MB)
Tools update for patch 1.5 (11MB)
of changes and discussion forums

Patch 1. 4

CD/DVD Edition (68MB)
digital download update 1.3 to 1.4 (49MB)
digital download version 1.4 (62MB)
of Changes in this patch and discussion forums


CD/DVD Patch 1.3  (13MB)
digital download patch 1.3 (9MB)
of Changes in 1.3 and discussion forums

Patch 1.2

1.2 (12MB)
    List of changes not available

Patch 1.1

1.1 (2MB)
    List of Changes in 1.1 and discussion forums

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Modern Warfare (pirated online) free on pc torrent

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Alice Madness Returns The mod itself boasts new and unique tech trees, focus trees, events, and decisions to immerse you in the intricacies of the modern age. nine0003

Modification offers you:
— A unique economic system.
— A new political system.
— National taxation and debt.
— Customizable internal political factions.
— The mechanics of international influence.
— Customizable 3D models.
— Customizable soundtrack and more!

Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Features Mod:

  • New unique map (new provinces, real borders, states, resources, industry and population). nine0678
  • New countries (all with portraits, correct stats and warlords).
  • New economic system (development, debt, corruption and budget management).
  • New technology tree (from 1965 to 2035).
  • New equipment and unit types (all made from scratch to make combat a whole new experience).
  • All countries have very detailed and accurate armies, navies, aircraft and equipment based on real statistics collected by IISS The Military Balance 2016, SIPRI Trends in International Arms Transfers 2016 and FlightGlobal World Air Forces 2015.
  • Detailed civil wars (if any, here).
  • Modern 3D models.
  • New political system.
  • Custom internal fraction system.
  • Custom sphere of influence mechanics.
  • Custom missile system.
  • European Union user system.
  • All new modern sound effects. nine0678

Update list

v 1.7 — Make «Millennium Dawn» AI great again (09/24/22)

— Improved common tree AI.
— Economic AI should now evaluate taxes and raise and lower them as needed.
— AI will produce higher quality units.
— AI will now invest in infrastructure.
— AI will invest up to 6% per annum and then stop focusing on servicing debt. nine0662 — AI will now produce equipment more efficiently to provide more reliable AI.
— AI in Africa and Western ENG should no longer support the Nigerian Caliphate.
— Nigeria has a couple of additional AI strategies to be more dominant in the ECOAWS region.
— Nigerian AI should now be slightly more dynamic.
— AI should be more aggressive when repaying debt.
— Russia should have better war declaration AI.

— Business Cycle Upgrade is now 7.50% of your current GDP.
— Health & Social spending is now more expensive for countries with lower GDP/C other PPs.
— Reduced impact of SCO decisions.

— New tags: SPA, TLS.
— Majors are now at the top of the game rules list.
— Nationalist Germany can now claim Liechtenstein.
— Added initial stock of missiles to ITA. nine0662 — Added initial stock of missiles to SPR.
— Rebalance and restyling of the Italian mafia system.
— Added new branches to the Italian focus tree: City of Rome, Church Relations, Media.
— Added technocratic governments in Italy with unique mechanics.
— Complete overhaul of the Italian territorial claims, military and diplomatic branches of the focus tree.
— Rebalancing the Italian officer corps (weakened, but can be improved with new military focuses). nine0662 — Italian leaders no longer change after losing an election, instead they can be replaced in a special unit.
— Added several new Italian parties that can be unlocked by changing leaders.
— Reworking the Italian political system to be based on decisions that can be made and overturned indefinitely.
— Granted access to politics to non-democratic Italian paths, added a democratic path to the senate, and reworked the common branch. nine0662 — Minor changes and additions to Italian education, debt, administration and industries.
— Added several new complex restoration options throughout the Mediterranean._
— Updated romanization decisions with new states and added solutions for previously missing Roman provinces.
— Added rewards for completing all integrative restoration jobs and all romanization solutions.
— Rewrote calculations for party drift in Italian reform expectations and rebalanced various other effects. nine0662 — Updated starting stock for Italy.
— Restructured Brazilian and Vietnamese navies.
— Improved influence GUI localization in tooltips.
— Compatible with Tank Constructor.
— Complete Naval System Upgrade.
— Reworked the cost of investing in cybersecurity infrastructure, now it depends on the percentage of GDP.
— Minor changes in the CSTO faction.
— Private Military Companies mechanic added. nine0662 — Added tooltip for 2000 election Russian focus to
avoid future questions.
— There are now unique aces for different culture groups.
— Added ideological powers to all political parties.
— 18 new formable nations, still without any flags/country names, but coming later.
— New game rules to weaken countries.
— Dynamic Research Slot System.
— Gave the SHB leader some character traits. nine0003

Focus Trees:
— New/Improved Focus Trees: Spain, Armenia.

v1.7.1 — Fix and BBA compatibility (8. 10.22)

— Azerbaijani AI should no longer commit suicide in Iran.
— Armenia should be more friendly with Russia.
— Danish AI should be friendlier with Scandinavian countries.
— Improved French Francosphere AI.
— Ukrainian AI, if it has a military target, should not commit suicide against Russia. nine0662 — The Russian AI should now choose Putin with the historical/United Russia path.
— Changed the rejection AI for economic aid (opinion matters).
— AI is less likely to become a jihadist than the Gulf states.
— AI will no longer get submarine/ship defense companies if they don’t have shipyards.
— Economic aid AI should now be more about opinions rather than scripted hard triggers.
— Investment AI should now rely more on opinion and has scripted some specific cases where they are more likely to refuse. nine0662 — Restructured the Russian AI for the initial election to make Putin the only choice (can only be changed via the game rule if you are on the historical AI focus).
— AI will now use PMCs.
— Improved the AI ​​with a focus on North Korea to focus more on reducing the Hard March.
— AI peace agreements should result in the annexation of cores and puppeting the rest of the conquered lands.
— AI peace deals should see war winners looking to keep puppets close to their border if possible. nine0662 — Custom peaceful AI behavior for Roman Italy (ITA), Nationalist/Salafi Afghanistan (AFG) and Iran IR (PER).

— Removed local PMC solutions, since global ones are enough even in multiplayer.
— PMC decisions temporarily require the «No Step Back» dlc.
— Made tank engines slightly faster.
— Universal defense companies increased from 1% to approximately 6%.
— Reduced unit combat experience bonuses from 25% per level to 15%. nine0662 — Reduce air superiority impact on defense from 65% to 50%.
— Generic Tree revanchism idea gives you +1 volunteer size.

— Fixed Spanish Carlists not coming to power properly when doing the «Set Carlist Monarchy» decision.
— Fixed Russian tech categories not being applied to MTG items.
— Fixed a scope bug in Spanish demand events in Andorra. nine0662 — Fixed flag for South Korea in equipment purchase decisions.
— Improved focus tree positions for Armenia, Greece and France to avoid some issues.
— Fixed effects from machine learning technology.
— Fixed 0 increase in terrorist threat in radicalize event.
— Citizenship revoke decisions for Spain fixed (Culture group core was wrong).
— Fixed Cruiser Hull 2 ​​(1985) having a bad technical year.
— Fixed yellow operation ribbon appearing in 2000.
— Fixed attacked influence opinion modifier, should now decrease by -10 opinion and should be 12 months old.
— Fixed Friend Permission Type for Volga-Don Canal, now Russia can move ships out of the Caspian Sea.
— Russia should now have a thermobaric warhead from the start date of 2000.
— Fixed the Fuel icon in the lend-lease window.
— Fixed the position for the name Artillery in the tech tree.
— Fixed the idea of ​​deleting Army of Tips by spamming. nine0662 — Fixed Foreign data Kraken and Asylum Shopping ideas from the start of the game if the game rule disabled EU.
— Fixed events about Donbass (the Lugansk state was omitted in the uprising and the return of Donbass to Ukraine).
— Fixed uprising events for Spanish missions.
— Fixed missing GFX for Saudi prince, paramilitaries, Azeri Wester Drift idea.
— Fixed aircraft carrier design plan.
— Fixed missing technologies for the Netherlands and Ukraine. nine0662 — Karabakh should now have the idea of ​​a non-state entity instead of an aspiring state.
— Fixed research slots not costing anything correctly.
— Fixed a bug that caused Ukraine to leave their own Baltic-Black Sea faction.
— Fixed bad calls in the «Hard Path of Culture» conflict for Spain puppet Korea.
— Fixed requests for 2 ruling parties in the Danish focus Restrict Immigration. nine0662 — Fixed incorrect data selections for Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.
— Fixed incorrect call for MBT_3 and MBT_2 in Spanish licenses.
— Fixed Russia and Iran having 2 recon companies in unit templates.
— Fixed incorrect network technologies for some countries after starting the game.
— Fixed Africa Brain Drain idea, this idea should now be removed if country has 4k GDP per capita and at least higher education.
— PMC decisions will now spawn real tanks instead of hulls. nine0662 — Fixed a bug due to which the available number of PMCs was not updated when deleting units.
— Fixed Iranian focus tree crash.
— Fixed match and resistance check for decisions of formable nations and other small fixes for these decisions. Japanese tree to play was less painful.
Added more military targets to give exact boundaries of the Spanish empire.
— Improved some features in the Spanish monarchy tree. nine0662 — Added a protest mechanic to prevent Italy from sitting at 0% stability.
— Added a slight reduction in reform wait from some Italian recurring decisions.

— Ideological Forces have all WIP icons replaced with custom GFX.

v1.7.2 — Halloweenie Patch (10/29/22) nine0678

  • Russia no longer attacks FSU countries if they have guarantors from China until 2012.
  • Russia will no longer attack Azerbaijan, if it has a guarantor from Turkey, until 2016.
  • AI can now correctly allocate military factories for aircraft production.
  • AI received new military templates.
  • The AI ​​will now pay the full amount of its debt if it has money.
  • AI should now properly refuse economic aid. nine0678
  • The AI ​​will now send its tank armies into the mountains less frequently. And in general, AI will no longer send troops to be slaughtered in an inappropriate area.
  • A new game rule for economic AI that removes restrictions on the adoption of economic laws.
  • Balance:

    • Updated popularity drift from operatives.
    • Increased protection for the turret type of the «No turret» tank: from 4 to 8.
    • Reduced the cost of converting «No turret» The turret type of the «Tower» tank was changed from 2.25 to 0.75. nine0678
    • Tank hulls are not produced by default (experimental change).
    • Reduced the cost of influencing policy management from 10% to 5% to make it more useful.
    • Changed the cost of policies so they are slightly more expensive.
    • Adjusted starting tax rates for some countries.
    • Balanced several Italian modifiers, added some duplicate solutions.

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed NATO exchange group if NATO disabled game rules.
    • Fixed resource export disappearing when you rent factories.
    • Fixed a missing update for air superiority fighters.
    • Fixed US Navy OOB so they didn’t receive 2015 modules in 2000.
      — Fixed CV MR text icon bug.
    • Fixed missing localization for max production cost modifiers. nine0678
    • Fixed attempts by PMCs to create units with non-existent combat equipment.
    • Fixed the incorrect number of maximum aircraft in the air wing menu (instead of 100 from vanilla, now 50).
    • Fixed wrong localization of uprisings in Spain.
    • Fixed a broken icon for the Right Wing Propaganda focus in the Spanish Focus Tree.
    • Issues with the North Korean focus tree have been fixed.
    • Belize, Northern Cyprus, Cyprus, Bahrain, Hezbollah now have a gift income to avoid debt crap. nine0678
    • Fixed tooltip with strange effects in «IMF Requests Land Reform» event.
    • Fixed missing technologies for Liechtenstein, Mexico and Germany.
    • Fixed autonomy reduction decision not being removed if you lost a puppet.
    • Fixed prerequisites in the decision to Replace Saudi Arabia as GCC leader.
    • Kuwait should no longer have completed focuses in 2000.
    • Fixed Chinese decision to reduce autonomy in Hong Kong. nine0678
    • Korean union idea fixed It didn’t change correctly due to bad variable names.
    • Fixed Chinese focus Zhejiang City Project.
    • Removed Uzbek units in Kyrgyzstan in 2000 scenario.
    • Added bypass for UK focus development infrastructure.
    • GCC focus mass deportation fixed.
    • Fixed Spanish communist decision everywhere (communists had to be in a coalition to work). nine0678
    • Fixed strange tooltips with influence changes (there were 2 identical countries).
    • Fixed a bug with pending investment offers (you can no longer spam players with investments and they must be accepted in sequence).
    • Fixed a graphical bug where limited nested buildings gave you the false hope that they could be built for 10 when there could only be 5.
    • Fixed the T-62 cannon and reload type. nine0678
    • Fixed AWACS graphics for all countries.
    • Fixed MBT7 for India.
    • Fixed a spam bug from the peace conference.
    • Fixed a spam error due to an invalid unicode character.
    • Fixed a number of non-MTG related bugs in OOB.
    • Fixed the 2017 NSB SOV file.
    • Fixed repeated SCO idea triggers for the International Officer Training Act.
    • Fixed missing localization for insult opinion modifier. nine0678
    • Fixed decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem.
    • Fixed changing the terrorist threat for the Salafist Revolt focus.


    • Increased oil drilling cost for China.
    • Increased the cost of campaigning against DPP.
    • The idea of ​​limited access to Chinese tourism should now also add additional costs.
    • Improved idea Legacy of four Asian tigers. nine0678
    • Various changes to the GCC focus tree and decisions.
    • Various changes to the Chinese focus, decision, and idea tree.
    • Rebalanced some effects for Chinese STE solutions.
    • Modules and other minor technologies can now have XP for tech bonuses.
    • Added new naval doctrines for Bluewater and Greenwater Navy.
    • Rebalanced decisions to encourage/deport migrants to the Gulf states
    • Updated political parties in Jamaica.
    • New tags: CSM, FNC.
    • Chain of events of the Ivory Coast and Senegal.
      — New political party badges for most Arab autocrats in Africa.
      — New political parties for SHA, MAU, LIB, SIE, GUI, BFA, GUB.
      — New starting political settings for AFG, AGL, BFA, CDI, GUB , GUI, LIB, LUR, MAU, NAM, SHA and SIE.
    • New equipment purchase system to replace the decision menu (the button is in the political menu). nine0678
    • Four new custom content modifiers have been introduced.

    Focus tree:

    • Changes to the American focus tree.
    • Added libertarian tree in reformed republic added content announced in release 1.7.
    • Improved the general tree (added new focuses and rebalanced some things).


    • Changed the office sector building to blue so it’s more obvious when available. nine0678
    • Additional models for different countries and some fixes for them.
    • Poor size portraits fixed.
    • Added icons to ideas with missing images.


    • Better position in the top bar.
    • Fixed the Ship Filters section of the Naval Production screen.
    • Fixed UI in Ledger Naval Information.
    • Minor interface tweaks in the country view window. nine0678


    • Localization improvement for Rentier condition — include information about when it will be removed.
    • Various improvements to EU focus localization.
    • Adjusted localization for SOV guns.
    • Some localization fixes in UI modding.


    • Optimized on_startup on action so the game should load faster. nine0678
    • Optimized the investment system UI to run more smoothly in the game.

    . Quality of Life (QoL):

    • Added project counter to international investment tooltip.
    • When laws are locked, the duration is now displayed until you can change it again.
    • Added a scrollbar to the technology description.
    • Most tooltips for the investment system have been rewritten to make the requirements clearer. nine0678

    v1.7.3 — Next Patch (3.11.22)

    — Rebalanced the starting positions of several African nations to keep them from going bankrupt early in the game.

    — Fixed tank updates without NSB dlc (hopefully).
    — Fixed a localization bug in Ivory Coast news.
    — Fixed new Turkish submarines using the wrong hull type.
    — Fixed a display issue with the dynamic GDP/C research slots in the system. nine0662 — Fixed 5 year plan decision effects for resource and office gain efficiency.
    — Fixed wrong unit definitions in USA.
    — PMC buying Wagner tank fixed.
    — Fixed solution visible to ZSR.
    — Fixed tooltip for ZSR nationalization.

    — The winner of the civil war in Côte d’Ivoire should now become Côte d’Ivoire again.

    — Added 4 new generic portraits. nine0662 — Polish portrait bugs fixed.

    — Improved localization for 5 year plan solutions.

    — Removed unnecessary dynamic calls in subideology window.

    Quality of Life (QoL):
    — Budget Debt/International Investment Container The tab now supports the same functionality as the top bar.
    — New map modes: SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). nine0002 — The mod does not require Hearts of Iron 4 DLC, but the Millennium Dawn team strongly recommends having all DLCs to get the full experience.
    — Due to the size and scale of the Millennium Dawn mod, it requires higher system stats than vanilla.