Black flag tipps: Tips For Playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Tips For Playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag


Kirk Hamilton

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a vast game. Edward Kenway’s groovy pirate adventure will likely devour the free time of more than a few history buffs over the next few weeks. But while all pirates sail the same seas, not all of them are as smart about it.

After spending 30+ hours adventuring through Black Flag‘s version of the Caribbean, I thought I’d jot down some tips to help everyone else have smoother sailing. Ready? Let’s go.

Play online, if you can.

I played the bulk of Black Flag more or less offline on a debug PS3, and after talking to Stephen (who played a retail version of the game online), it became clear that playing online makes it a lot easier to make money. That’s because the game contains online-only «social challenges»—gold-laden ships, hidden treasure and rare harpooning challenges that open up and offer you fabulous cash rewards. Stephen had a much easier time paying for the upgrades he needed in the early goings than I did. The «Fleet» minigame, additionally, is only available online. I found it too tedious to sink much time into it, but it does seem like it could be a decent source of income if you dedicate some time to it.

That said, if you want to make the game more of a challenge, play offline. I can attest that it’s doable, it’ll just mean more grinding for less money in the early goings.

Don’t reduce your wanted level.

Money won’t be too much of a problem as long as you’re playing online, but materials will be. You’ll need lots of metal to upgrade the Jackdaw and her guns, and the easiest way to get that is by boarding and sacking military ships. However, those can be hard to come by in the early goings… unless you get a wanted level. After you take out a few ships, you’ll get a GTA-style wanted ranking and red-sailed «pirate hunters» will come after you. These ships always have metal, and can be a great way to farm for upgrade materials. After taking one down, you’ll have the option to reset your wanted level, but don’t do that. Let it keep climbing, and keep on taking down ships. In about an hour, you can earn a ton of metal and even if the high-level mega-ships that eventually come after you take you out, you won’t lose any of your earnings.

Sail a lot in the early goings.

One of the best things about Black Flag is that there’s a new, incredibly useful fast-travel system. In the early goings of the game, you’ll have to sail a lot to get where you’re going. This is good: Be sure to sail over and pick up any loot you may pass by. It’s very a cinch to grab it and it’ll add up.

Take out a lot of ships, too.

You may want to power through the story missions of Black Flag, but it’s worth taking the time to do some real piracy. If you take down a bunch of ships, it’ll be much easier to upgrade the Jackdaw for the more difficult later missions. Also, piracy is fun.

Level up your swivel guns early.

Of all the upgrades you can give the Jackdaw, armor and main cannons seem like the two most useful. And they are useful. But the swivel guns—the guns that automatically target an enemy ship’s weak points after scoring a hit with cannons—are the Jackdaw’s secret weapon. They’re the thing that allows you to take down three powerful ships without sinking yourself. Upgrade them as soon as you can to do more damage and fire more shots.

Use the swivel gun before boarding.

You’ve got a lot of freedom when it comes to boarding ships, but before you leave the Jackdaw, be sure to take the enemy-facing swivel gun and take out as many crew members as possible. It’s surprisingly easy to get killed while swordfighting on the enemy deck, so the more dudes you can kill before leaping over, the better your chances will be.

When fighting more than one ship, board and repair mid-fight.

This is a tricky trick for tricksters, but it makes it much easier to survive a pitched sea-battle. If you’re taking on more than one high-level ship, focus your attention on just one of them. Cripple it and board it, and when given the option, choose to repair your ship. Voila! It’s like grabbing a health-orb in the middle of a fight.

You’ll know a ship is clear for boarding when its powder keg explodes and its sails catch fire. It’ll look like it’s going down, but be careful not to loose another fusillade into it, or it’ll sink and you’ll lose your chance to board. The moment you begin boarding, the other ships will stop shooting you, so you’ll be in the clear.

Don’t forget about your mortars.

This is the other biggest ship-on-ship tip: Don’t forget about your mortars! You’ll get them early in the game, and can access them with the L2 button (LB on Xbox). They’re incredibly powerful, and much more accurate than the mortars that enemies will use against you. If you’re taking on a powerful enemy ship, soften them up with mortars beforehand. Mortars are even more useful on forts, which can take a lot of punishment from your main guns but seem significantly more vulnerable to mortar rounds. You also won’t come across mortar ammo on the seas as often, so be sure to stock up when you’re on land!

You can buy the materials for some important upgrades.

At general stores, you can actually buy the animals hides you’ll need for some basic upgrades that’ll make your life a lot easier. Specifically, the hides needed to make ammo pouches for your blowgun and pistols, which will help you go a lot longer without restocking.

Pay attention to the map of Templar Hunt quests.

There are four Templar Hunt quests that you can undertake to unlock a decent set of Templar armor. The armor itself isn’t my favorite—it doesn’t make Edward that much stronger and it looks funny—but the missions to get the armor are pretty cool. However, while three of the missions are located in the three main cities, the fourth one is on an island northwest of Kingston. It’s marked on a map that you can find in the plantation house on Great Inagua, but it’s easy to forget where it is and spend ages scouring the map for it. Make a note early on for where to find it.

Fight smart: Use guns and smoke bombs.

The combat in Black Flag is a good degree more challenging than past games in the series. As a result, you’ll want to fight smart, and sometimes dirty. If you’re in the middle of a ship-boarding, low on health and worried about having to start over, throw down a smoke bomb. It’s a bit of a cheat, a get-out-of-jail free card that’ll let you effortlessly kill three or four dudes, even the heavies. But hey, no one said pirates fight with honor.

Learn the juke.

When running around on land, when you tease the thumbstick left or right, Edward will «Juke» without fully turning himself. It’s a good move to master, not only because it looks cool but because it can help you dodge enemies and enemy fire without deviating from your path.

When sneaking, tag everyone.

Stealth in Black Flag is greatly improved compared to past games in the series. One of the things that makes sneaking a lot more fun is that you can now tag enemy patrols and keep an eye on them through walls. Edward can tag a pretty large number of enemies, and every time you head into a new area, don’t forget to snap on Eagle Vision and capture as many enemies as you can. It’ll make your life a lot easier.

In the modern-day stuff, seek out the audio logs.

There are a lot of things you can collect in the offices of Abstergo Entertainment. Without spoiling too much, there are audio diaries that are easily the most rewarding things to collect, particularly for longtime fans of the series. Take the time to track those down and listen to them.

Don’t sink money into your pirate hideout.

Early in the game, Edward unlocks a hideout on Great Inagua. If you want, you can sink money into upgrading this place. Don’t. The upgrades are mostly cosmetic, and there are far more worthy things to spend money on.

Pay attention to optional mission objectives.

The optional mission-objectives aren’t just bonus challenges, they offer great ideas on how you can approach each one. If an optional challenges says «Take out five guards from cover,» you know there’ll be a lot of cover to use. If it says «Don’t get spotted,» you know it’s possible to play the entire mission from stealth. «Air assassinate your target,» «Use a rope swing to assassinate your target,» and so on and so forth.

Remember to sell your sugar and rum.

Two of the materials you’ll loot from enemy ships have no use except to be converted into cash. In the early goings, don’t forget to sell sugar and rum as soon as you can, since you won’t need them for anything else.

Buy the black privateer outfit so you look like the Dread Pirate Roberts.

The white and blue Assassin’s robes are all well and good, but let’s be honest: black is way cooler. It’s worth dropping 5k on the black Privateer outfit, which will make Edward look ready to take on an army of ROUSes.

Chase down sea shanties. They are the best.

Black Flag‘s collectible sea shanties are the best. With each one you capture, your crew will learn a new song and sing it the next time you travel. You’ll quickly get tired of hearing the same ones over and over, so it’s worth taking the time to run down new shanties whenever you see one. For bonus points, try to figure out which crew members are singing which songs—some of the guys have lovely voices, and some are… well, let’s just say «untrained.»

Those tips should make for smoother sailing through Black Flag‘s deadly waters. Keep a hand on the wheel and an eye on the horizon, and remember: Always steer into rogue waves.

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Tipps und Tricks um das Spiel zu meistern

Tipps und Tricks um das Spiel zu meistern

Nach dem Durchspielen auf 100% ist mir klargeworden, wie einfach und simpel das Spiel nur ist wenn man es versteht, da die Missionen immer das selbe behinhalten und man von Anfang an strker als die meist dumme KI ist. Deswegen hier ein paar Tipps wie man das Spiel schnell und einfach durchzockt.

Im Grunde gibt es nur eins was das Spiel wirklich vereinfacht: massig Kohle zu besitzen. Deswegen sollte man so schnell wie mglich versuchen an viele Reales zu kommen.

Kampf (Land)]

Ein wichtiges Basic in Black Flag ist das Kmpfen mit dem Schwert und der Pistole. Es macht Spa, schaut gut aus und bringt immer etwas Kohle ein wenn man schn alle Leichen durchsucht. Damit kommt ihr auf lange Sicht auch auf Millionen, aber es daurt lange. Sehr lange. Aber trotzdem kann es im allgemeinen gut sein zu wissen wie man kmpft! Anfangen tue ich deswegen bei den verschiedenen Gegnern.

Soldat: Die Standarttruppen der Spanier und Englnder. Sie greifen einmal mit moderatem Schaden an und sind leicht zu kontern und auszuschalten. Wenn man sich in einer Kombo befindet fegt man sie leicht weg. Ausserdem besitzen sie keine Verteidigung.

Kundschafter: Soldaten mit Gewehren. Ebenfalls leicht auszuschalten, aber auf lange Distanz und in Schleich-Leveln knnen sie nervig werden. Schaltet sie zuerst aus, habt immer einen menschlichen Schutzschild in der Nhe oder knallt sie ab bevor sie euch abknallen.

Spher] Die Typen mit dem Messer. Sie knnen sich gegen eure Angriffe verteidigen, aber ihre Verteidigung kann durch Knopfdruck durchbrochen werden. Sie greifen drei mal in Folge an und lassen sich mit einem Konter ebenfalls ausschalten. Auch sie fallen bei Kombo-Schlgen direkt.

Grobiane] Diese Fetties werden euch mit ihrem massiven Schaden und den Granaten nerven. Sie blocken eure Angriffe auch in einer Kombo und knnen nach einem Konter nicht eliminiert werden. Also knnen sie daher nur erschossen oder erschlagen nach Durchbrechen der Verteidigung werden. (Hinweis: Wenn sie eine Granate werfen entfernen ise sich davon und meist auch von euch. Das gibt euch Zeit nachzuladen oder sie zu erschieen).

Kapitne] Besitzen ebenfalls Schwert und Pistole. Sie greifen viermal schnell hintereinander an mit hohem Schaden, und nach einem Konter verletzt ihr sie automatisch, sodass sie nun angreifbar sind. Auf Distanz wollen sie euch erschieen. Kapitne und Grobiane knnen von allen auer einer Pistole einen Schuss berleben!
Nach dem Kontertten eines Soldaten ist direkt eine Kombo aufgebaut, versucht damit alle weitern Soldaten/Kundschafter/Spher auszuschalten, ber vor ihr euch den Grobianen und Kapitnen widmet. Nehmt zur Kenntis das ihr mit der Axt eines Grobianes (Spezialattacke) und den Gewehren von Kundschaftern einen Instant-Kill an jedem durchfhren knnt!

Kampf (Wasser)]

Last euch nicht vom Level der Schiffe inschchtern, meistens knnt ihr sie trotzdem besiegen. Denkt daran das jede Art von Gegnerschiff anders angreift. Whren Kriegsschiffe und Fregatten starke Breitseiten haben, wollen Briggs euch meist rammen, also gebt ihnen Saures und weichtihnen dann aus. Eine gute Kombo ein Schiff asueinanderzunehmen ist von der Seite zu kommen und es zu rammen, sich dann schnell so zu drehen dass euer Bug an ihrem Heck ist und ihm eine Breitseite verpassen, dann Abstand gewinnen und ihn mit Mrsern und Kanonen zu finishen.


Die Gegner sind wenns ums schleichen und ausschalten geht dumm wie Stroh. Sie werden es nciht bemerken wenn ihr hinter ihnen jemanden ttet, sind automatisch verwirrt sobald ihr aus ihrem Sichtfeld rausseit und kapieren es noch nicht einmal wenn ihr vor ihren Augen jemanden aus einer Schleichzone heraus ttet. Auerdem ist er hilfreich die Kundschafter zuerst auszuschalten, am besten mit Schlafpfeilen oder auf anderem Wege. Versucht ausserdem nie Leichen rumliegen zu lassen, versteckt diese immer. Kundschafter, Grobiane und Kapitne mit Berserkerpfeilen zu beschieen ist auch ein guter Weg um ABlenkung zu schaffen und ein paar Gegner indirekt auszuschalten.

Edward Upgrades]

Sie machen euch besser in jeder Hinsicht, und ihr msst noch nicht mal zwingend dafr jagen gehen. Die meisten Waffenlden bieten Jagdbuete an, also beschafft euch Geld und kauft euch die ntigen Tierpelze zu mVerbessern.


Forts sind der Schlssel zum Erfolg. Wenn ihr eins erobert gibt es Marine-Missionen fr euch, und wenn ihr alle davon abgeschlossen habt bekommt ihr die strksten Pistolen die ihr haben knnt. Ausserdem ist dadurch die Karte aufgedeckt und kein Groteil des Gebiets mehr Sperrgebiet. Forts sind nicht einfach einzunehmen, aber ihr braucht nicht ein voll ausgerstetes Schiff dafr, da es auch hier eine Taktik gibt: Weicht den Mrsern aus und beschiet es mit euern bis ihr nah genug am Fort seit. Umkreist es dann und beschiet es mit euren normalen Kanonen. Hinweis: Bevor das Fort feuert, wird das Symbol dafr angezeigt, wie es sich aufldt. Trefft ihr den Geschtzturm der schieen wird vorher, wird sein Schuss abgebrochen. Damit lsst sich Schaden vermeiden.

Kenways Flotte]

WICHTIG: Ihr msst bei U-Play angemeldet und online sein um auf Kenways Flotte zugreifen zu knnen.

Ein nettes Minispiel um ordentlich Kohle zu scheffeln. Viele Leute meinen die Flotte solle aus verschiedenen Schiffarten bestehen, ich bin der Meinung nur Kriegsschiffe erfllen ihren Zweck auch. Schickt immer wieder Schiffe los, da es ja manchmal tage dauert bis ihr euer Geld bekommmt.

Fr schwierigere Strecken braucht ihr natrlich starke Schiffe, und zum Glck knnt ihr euch diese ganz leicht beschaffen ohne euer Schiff in Gefahr zu bringen. Sucht euch dazu das Schiff eurer Wahl raus und segelt neben im her bei voller Geschwindigkeit (nicht Reisegeschw.). Wartet bis ihr es etwas berholt habt, bremst und verlassst das Steuer (schnell!) und schwingt euch per Seil, das neben euerm Steuerrad ist, rber. Das Schiff wird nun anhalten. Geht hoch und schaltet die komplette Crew aus, anfangen solltet ihr mit den Kundschaftern. Wenn das getan ist schwimmt ihr zurck zur Jackdaw und gebt dem Feindschiff einen Schuss mit irgendeiner Waffe. Es ist jetzt sofort zerstrt und enterbar. Auch das Entern ist entweder sofort gewonnen oder ihr msst noch die Flagge des Feindes zerstren. Und zack habt ihr Material, Geld und ein gratis Schiff fr eure Flotte erhalten! Die fettesten Kriegschiffe gibt es aber nur als Piratenjger, nmlich wenn ihr die vierte Stufe an Bekanntheitsgrad erreicht habt wird euch eins dieser Biester verfolgen. Hier funktioniert der genannte Trick nicht, versucht es lieber in die Nhre eines von euch eroberten Forts zu locken, lasst dies die ganze Arbeit erledigen und gebt den letzten Schuss ab.

Jackdaw Upgrades]

Geld ist das was ihr braucht, und Eisen ist das meist rahrste Material. Schaut also auf Reisen immer nach Schiffen mit Eisen und schnappt euch diese! Ich empfehle zuerst euer Leben zu verbessern und dann die Waffen. Je nachdem welche Waffe ihr zuerst verbessert msst ihr nher oder weiter weg vom Feindschiff, also achtet drauf was ihr verbessert.


Wie schon erwhnt, ist Geld das was zhlt um im Spiel voran zu kommen und schnell mlgichst gut ausgerstet zu sein um schnell viel tolle Sachen zu machen. Hier die besten Wege Reales zu beschaffen:

-Gegner tten: Wie schon gesagt, es ist der einfachste aber auch der lngste Weg.

-Truhen] Egal ob in Stdten, auf Inseln oder aufm Meer, Truhen sind berall. Hohlt sie euch wenn sie in der Nhre sind oder wenn ihr grade keine Missionen macht, sie sind schnelles und einfaches Geld.

-Schatztruhen: Sie behinhalten viel mehr Geld als normale Truhen, und manchmal noch ein schnes Upgrade. Hohlt euch sowohl die Schatzkarten als auch die Schtze so schnell wie mglich. Sie sind leicht zu lokalisieren, allerdings nicht so leicht zu finden. Geht herum und drckt die Taste die Graben bedeuten wenn es soweit ist, irgendwann stolpert ihr schon darber.

-Kenways Flotte: Siehe oben.

-Passanten: Man kann sie ausrauben, aber sie haben nur sehr wenig Geld am Start. Nicht die beste Methode.

-Auftrge: Sowohl Assassinen- als auch Marineauftrge geben gutes Geld. Sie alle schnellstmglich abzuschlieen bringt euch ausserdem den den Vorteil des besten Schwertes (Assassinen) und der besten Pistole (Marine). Marineauftrge erforden aber meist ein relativ gut ausgerstetes Schiff.

-Konvois: Die Barkeeper an Tavernen decken ihre Position meist auf. Sie bringen gutes Geld, erledigt sie so schnell wie mglich.

-Brettspiele: Nicht der schnellste Weg zum Glck, und ihr msst gut sein, da die Extremen Bots sehr stark sind und am meisten Geld bringen.

-Waren: Zucker und Rum sind Waren die nur zum Geld verdienen da sind. Plndert also fleiig Schiffe und Lagerhuser um viel davon zu bekommen.

-Legendre Schiffe: Dazu gibt es gengend Guides. Sie bringen aber schn viel Reales bei Erfolg.

Tipps und Tricks:

— Legendres Schiff (El Impulto): Das oben links auf der Karte anzutreffende legendre Schiff kann mit einem simplen Trick besiegt werden, sobald ihr auf See stechen knnt und bringt ordentlich Kohle: Wenn ihr es seht, markiert es sodass ihr wisst wie weit ihr von ihm entfernt seit. Da es euch bei einer Distanz von ungefhr 570 Metern angreifen wird, stoppt bei 600 M und verlasst das Steuerrad. Lauft auf eurem Schiff nach vorne. Die Angriffssequenz wird eingeleitet und ihr seid zu Fu auf eurem Schiff. Wartet bis das Schiff euch rammen will und springt von der Jackdaw auf das Schiff. Klettert hoch und erledigt die Crew, geht wieder zurck und erledigt das nun fast kaputte Schiff. Bis auf den Anfang ist es das selbe wie der Trick mit den Kriegsschiffen fr Kenways Flotte (siehe oben).

-Florida: Auf dieser kleinen Insel im Nordwesten gibt es immer zwei zerstrte Schiffe mit Fracht die ihr plndern knnt. Sie kommen immer wieder wenn ihr dorthin schnellreist, also quasi eine unendnliche Einkommesquelle.

-Maya-Stehlen: Ich empfehle euch diese Nebenaufgabe so schnell wie nur mglich zu erfllen, da es als Belohnung eine Kugelsichere Rstung gibt, die euch den Kampf in vielerlei Hinsicht erleichtert. Ein frhes Bekommen dieser bringt euch im Spiel schneller weiter da ihr mehr wagen knnt.

-Lagerhuser: Sie resetten sich von Zeit zu Zeit, also schaut immer mal wieder auf der Karte ob das ein oder andere wieder voll ist. Das gilt sowohl in den Stdten als auch auf den Inseln fr Lagerhuser.

-Wartet zwischen den Hauptmissionen immer etwas um euch zu verbessern, da dies die Schwierigkeit der Hauptmissionen deutlich verringert.
Solltet ihr alle diese Tipps befolgen steht euch nichts mehr im Wege schnell der bestausgestattete Pirat/Assassine der Karibik zu werden und jeden Feind den ihr mchtet zu vernichten.

Viel Spa:)

Eingesendet von ishitib, vielen Dank.

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Walkthrough

Part 1
Cape Bonavista
June, 1715
Memory 1
«Edward Kenway»

Two years ago, Edward Kenway went free, promising his beloved Caroline to return and live as a white man. One day, the pirate ship Edward worked on was attacked. At the time of the skirmish, we notice an assassin on one of the enemy ships. We get to the helm and take control of the ship. The side cannons have a limited field of view, so we always try to turn the ship sideways towards the enemies. Not having time to rejoice at the victory, the powder kegs on board almost instantly ignite. Taking advantage of the panic, the assassin kills the captain, after which an explosion occurs.

Steed Bonnet.

We rise to the surface and get to the shore. The exhausted and wounded assassin asks for help to get him to Havana. Frightened, do not understand why, he hides in the jungle. We run along the path, cross the abyss along the bridge and cross the water. We climb to the very top of the wooden structures. If desired, you can climb to the viewpoint and synchronize with the terrain. We jump into the haystack and continue the chase. After the shot, the pursuit will enter the final phase. We catch up with the assassin Duncan Walpole and engage in a fight with him. We use counterattacks and techniques to break through the defense. Having defeated the enemy, we get a letter from the governor Laureano Torres y Ayala from his bag. He is waiting for Duncan with valuable cards and an unusual crystal cube in Havana. The Governor does not know Duncan by sight, so it will not be difficult to impersonate him.

Dressed as an assassin, we get to the restricted area. The royal guards have captured a merchant ship, and the guards are holding the merchant. Jumping into a stack of leaves, we wait for the moment when the enemy is nearby. We whistle to attract his attention and subsequently quickly and silently deal with him. You can also hide in dense thickets. We get closer to single enemies, lure them with a whistle and neutralize them. We will destroy the remaining three with brute force, suddenly attacking from the back. Meet the merchant Steed Bonnet. We introduce ourselves to him as Duncan. The captain was killed, so we will lead the ship. We swim to it, stand at the helm and get out of the bay. On sharp turns, we slow down so as not to run aground or crash into rocks.


The Sample 17 Project is studying the memory of Desmond Miles’ DNA after his death. In particular, as a new employee, we will have to immerse ourselves in the life of a pirate-assassin Edward Kenway. At the request of Melanie, we look at the lamps above the screen and in the floor. We follow the leader to the reception. Having received the communicator, turn on the miracle device and continue to follow Melanie. We contact the icon inside the elevator and press the button indicated on the tablet screen. Meet the boss — Olivier Garneau. Let’s proceed to the workplace, where we have our personal Animus, and connect to the system.

Part 2
Havana, Cuba
July, 1715 Remembrance 1 «Merry Havana»

Steed negotiated with Spanish merchants to sell sugar. We accompany the merchant to the local tavern. On the way, we will stop at a weapon shop and purchase the English broadsword blade. We climb onto the roof of the church, then to the top of the tower and synchronize with the terrain. A thief attacked Steed and took his bag. Jumping down, we rush in pursuit of the fugitive. To complete an additional task, you need to jump on the pickpocket and knock him to the ground, but, in no case, do not kill him! We search the body and return to Steed, who is already waiting for us near the tavern. What kind of booze does without a fight? We counterattack the attacking opponents. We carry out a couple of throws, injury and knockout. We finish the rest in any way possible. The guards ran up to the noise. Use the smoke bomb, climb onto the roof and leave the red area on the minimap as soon as possible. We try not to catch the eye of other guards so that we do not have to make up for additional meters.

Memory 2
«But what about my sugar?»

Walking through Abstergo, you can’t help but feel like you’re in the game’s developers’ office.

Meet Steed at the port. He also got on well. We find out that the bag with materials intended for the governor was in the hands of the guards. Eagle Vision allows you to quickly spot targets and enemies in a crowd. They can also be marked so as not to be overlooked, even if they hide behind buildings. It is enough just to look in their direction for a couple of seconds to fix it. We immediately hire dancers and pursue the guards. Girls will be an excellent cover, providing inconspicuous movement. Dancers can distract guards building along the aisles. Once will be enough to complete an additional task. It is also not worth using their services all the time. It is much faster and less costly to move around the rooftops. The guard meets a certain gentleman who is taken to Captain Mendoza. The bells will announce the beginning of the hanging. Without delay, we rush for the goals. When they stop, we will get lost among the group of dancers and, without leaving the marked area, we eavesdrop on the conversation.

After hanging, follow the captain. He will not stay long in the forbidden zone — it is better not to go there. Only if there are no dancers with us who will distract the guards on the move so that we can catch up with the captain and rob him from behind. In the first option, you need to follow the captain and, as soon as there are no guards nearby, commit a theft.

We pass further game Assassin’s Creed 4 together with

We go around the fort on the right side, swim up to the wall and hang on the edge near the side door. One of the guards keeps coming out. As soon as he goes back inside, we follow him and neutralize both guards one by one, sneaking up from behind. We follow the rest of the enemies through the mini-map. We pass into the next room and through the window we get out. Having jumped onto the beam, we pull ourselves up by the upper ledge, jump over to the neighboring ledge, drop lower and jump onto the next beam. We climb up to the ledge, wait for the enemy and drop him down. On the mini-map, we follow the views of the guards. When they turn away, you need to have time to pull yourself up and go to the boxes. The shooters are watching us more closely, but if you stand behind cover for a while, they will forget about us. We make our way to the room and return the bag. We turn right, jump into the water and meet with Steed at the pier.

Memory 3
«Mr. Walpole, I presume?»

We get to the governor’s estate and head to the shooting range. Meet Woods Rogers and Julien Ducasse. Before meeting with Laureano, let’s practice shooting. We hit all the specified targets. Then we interact with Woods and go through the targets again, but now for a limited time. Before that, it is best to fully reload the guns. We stand approximately in the middle for the best view. Having successfully completed the test, we communicate with Julien and follow the owners. They have prepared trials for us in which we will have to destroy targets with the help of a hidden blade. We approach any of the targets and use the blade. Hiding in a haystack, we attack a nearby target. Further, we mix with the crowd near the building and, without leaving it, we attack the target. We climb onto the roof, look towards the target and, by pressing the appropriate button, hit it in the jump. And the last thing: we quickly head towards the target and, on the run, pierce it through with a powerful blow.

Governor Laureano Torres.

Duncan betrayed the Brotherhood of Assassins and decided to join the side of the Templars. Woodson hunts down and exterminates pirates, and Julien sells all kinds of weapons: from ordinary blades to heavy cannons. We pass the cards and the crystal cube to the governor. At a secret meeting, we are all initiated into Templars. Then the furnace will go to the forgotten Observatory in the West Indies. There is something of powerful power that allows you to follow every person on Earth. A sage named Roberts fell into the hands of the Templars, who has valuable information about the location of the Observatory. Until the conversation is over, we rob Woodson, Julien and Lauresne, getting close to them from the back.

Memory 4
«The Man Called Sage»

In addition to the Templars, Roberts is of great interest to the Assassins. We escort the allies to Torres’ house. When the assassins attack, we kill one of them with a shot from a pistol. We try not to go far from Torres, so that if necessary we can protect him. Thanks to the efforts of opponents, the Wise Man manages to escape. Let’s chase after him. To complete an additional task, you need to attack him from above. The fugitive himself often climbs onto the roofs of buildings. When he descends, we will have a chance to catch up with him and make a jump. We often press the corresponding button so as not to miss the moment. For good work, we receive an award from the governor.

Memory 5
«Any complaints?»

After discussing with Steed the power of a powerful artifact inside the Observatory and the prospects after its sale, we go to the Sage. Having penetrated into the restricted area, we destroy single guards. Be sure to make three kills while in thick grass, if necessary, luring opponents with a whistle. We get to the green zone, activate eagle vision and track down the yellow target. After neutralizing it, we search the body and take the key.

Climb up the wall to the left of the stairs. We wait for the enemy and, when he approaches, we drop him down. We move forward along the left wall. We follow the guards on the mini-map and try not to leave them behind us. Having reached the next wall, we climb it on the cart. Having unlocked the door, we find the killed guards. The sage is not here, but Torres arrived and accused us of releasing him.

Memory 6
«Silver Fleet»

Together with a friend in misfortune, we are freed from the shackles by pressing the button shown. We stand near the boxes at the aisle, whistle and neutralize the approaching enemy. We run to the next corner, making sure that the guard is in the far position. And we are waiting for the last enemy near the boxes to the left of the passage. We take our things from the table.


Now we need a ship and a crew of pirates. We get out on the deck and act at our discretion — covertly or in open combat. The second option is much easier and faster. The first option involves hiding around corners and watching the guards’ route for a long time. Each ship contains captive pirates. For the main task, it is enough to release eighteen people + five for the additional one. We move from one ship to another along the masts or water. Having finished with the release, we move to the noted brig and carry out its capture. We stand at the helm and go to the indicated point. To resist the flotilla led by the ships is beyond our power. Therefore, we leave the red area as soon as possible, simultaneously firing at the frigates from various guns. We follow the weather phenomena on the mini-map. We go around typhoons and turn the ship in advance to face the killer waves in order to overcome them without damage and loss of the crew.

Part 3
Flashback 1 «New Captain»

Adewale is unhappy with Edward’s promotion to captain. As compensation, we offer him to choose any position on the ship. He agrees to the quartermaster. We call the brig «Jackdaw» — in honor of the bird from Edward’s childhood. On the advice of Adewale, we go to the nearest island to replenish food and water supplies. We leave the ship near the shore and swim to the island on our own. We will shoot one of the iguanas with a pistol. They can be found right on the beach. We will kill one of the ocelots by jumping from a tree. There are many fallen trees on the island. We climb one of them and wait for prey. After butchering all four bodies, the main menu will open. Choose «Crafts», make a holster and improve health. We return to the brig, interact with Adewale and get a pistol.

Nassau, Bahamas
September 1715
Memory 2
«Recruitment Open»

Meet up with friends Edward Thatch (Blackbeard) and Ben Hornigold. Both are notorious personalities in the pirate society. Our brig is still in need of fresh blood, so let’s look for candidates. All of them are marked on the mini-map. We get to the indicated points, deal with the guards and recruit pirates. Three need to be killed, after disarming. We should not have weapons in our hands, we fight with our fists. We counterattack the attackers and click on the «Disarm» button. Having replenished the crew, we go to the gallows. We select from behind and, without entering the red zone, we aim at the rope and shoot at it. After destroying the guards, we free the prisoner and return to the tavern. We tell our friends about the Observatory. They are skeptical of the idea of ​​finding a powerful artifact, preferring the more tangible loot of gold.

Memory 3
«Robbery and robbery»

Enlisting the support of Ben, we go to the open sea. He will teach us the basics of naval battles and boarding already damaged ships. We look through the spyglass, find the schooner and mark it. On all sails we rush to the goal. Each ship has a status bar, which in turn displays a small red bar. If you overdo it with shelling, then the ship will sink and then we will get only half of the cargo. If you do not take it to the extreme, but stop the fire in time, then you can come close to the ship and start boarding. While the pirates are trying to throw cables on the enemy schooner, we will use the falconet near the helm. To complete an additional task, you need to kill three opponents with a weapon. We move to the enemy ship, deal with the remaining crew members and carry out the capture of the ship.

Edward Thatch (Blackbeard).

Having repaired the «Galka», we continue robbery attacks on all the same schooners. Do not forget that the spyglass helps to determine in advance what kind of cargo the ship is carrying. To complete an additional task, you need to get twenty barrels of rum. Having received the required amount of cargo, we set off for Salt Key. We moor at the pier, run to the bench and get a solid hull for the Jackdaw.

Memory 4
«Under the black flag»

We set off for metal mining. We use a telescope to find the ships that carry the cargo we need. We will also need thirty bags of sugar. Above the ship status bar is another small bar. After it is filled, a warship will pull up to help the merchant ships. He is distinguished by exceptional preparedness and can repulse the most notorious pirates. The next step will be an attack on a warship. Sooner or later he will find us. We do not expose ourselves to rams, we actively fire from side cannons, and then we fire at weak spots from a falconet. After capturing the ship, we return to Salt Key and bribe a local official to get rid of a bad reputation. We are purchasing another upgrade for the Jackdaw — side guns. This time we will do it from the ship’s cabin.

Memory 5
«Sugar Cane Harvest»

Enlisting the support of James Kidd, we will go to the man Peter Beckford, who will lead us to one of the many plantations. James will turn right, and we will go forward and activate eagle vision to recognize attorney Beckford. We keep our distance and pursue the target, if necessary, mixing with the crowd and hiding in the bushes. It is not necessary to enter the forbidden zone at all; we look at the attorney and, as soon as the timer appears, we quickly return to the «Daw».

Taking the helm, we start chasing the target through the water. Entering the restricted area, we avoid collisions with enemy ships. We go around them for a mile, because no one knows in which direction they will venture to swim. To perform an additional task, we must not be detected. We moor at a nearby pier behind the pursued ship. We have exactly fifty seconds to get to the attorney. We quickly rush to the first bell and neutralize two guards with hidden blades on the run. We disable the bell and get to the bushes near the target. Without leaving the marked zone, we pursue the attorney. When he disperses with the guard, ahead of him, we run to the bushes near the second bell. After the attorney reprimands the drunkard, we wait for his departure and neutralize the enemy. The warehouse is locked, so we go to the tower and with the help of eagle vision, we calculate the owner of the key. As usual, we hide in the bushes along the guard’s route, lure him with a whistle and destroy him. We unlock the doors of the warehouse and pick up a large amount of cargo.

Memory 6
«Good defense»

Before starting the task, we get an improvement for the «Jackdaw» — heavy cores for onboard guns. Ammunition can be bought from the harbor captains in the harbor. Together with Blackbeard, we set off in search of the La Arca del Maestro ship. We get to the red zone and immediately go to the green. Not to notice such a colossus will not be easy. Its field of view stretches for hundreds of meters. However, we use a spyglass and mark the battleship of the sixtieth level. We keep a distance from him and lead the pursuit without colliding with other enemy ships.

James Kidd.

Ahead of us, the ship is attacked by Charles Vane, an old acquaintance of Blackbeard. Having suffered a fiasco, «La Arca del Maestro» turns all its power against us too. On all sails we move around the territory, avoiding damage from mortars. Due to the high speed, we will be able to leave the firing zone in time. The Spanish ships will soon arrive. We destroy two with heavy cores. To do this, we swim closer to the opponents and, without aiming, we shoot from the onboard cannons. Two more ships must be destroyed with one volley from the onboard guns. We leave the enemies with a minimum amount of health. The longer we hold the aiming button, the more closely the cores will fly. Taking aim, we shoot almost immediately to cover as large an area as possible and hit several enemies.

While we were fighting, the main ship managed to escape. And he went to the island, which controls Julien Ducasse.


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