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10 Best Anno Games Series Ranked Ever Made [2023]

Deciding the best Anno game ever made is never easy. Although they have the same storyline and concept, every single title will provide a simulation experience that you cannot ignore.

Anno is the collaboration project of several developers, namely Max Design, Related Designs, Blue Byte, Keen Games, Kaiko GmbH.

The publishers are Sunflowers Interactive, Ubisoft, and Disney Interactive Studios. Since appearing in 1998, many people have been interested in this game.

Gamers are captivated by the concept that allows implementing strategies to build colonies, regulate territories, and do various things related to civilization.

Moreover, each game has a stand-alone title that displays a timeline from the past.

Besides being fun, this Anno history collection will also make you more familiar with past civilizations.

10 Best Anno Games Series Ranked [The Best one To Worst]

Playing any series of Anno online will make you feel like the true ruler. The difference only lies in the time setting, for example, the industrial revolution, Venice, and others.

However, with the existing series, it is normal if you are confused about which is the best Anno game you want to play first. Thus, this article comes to help you. No need to waste time.

Instead of playing Anno games in order of release, you better follow these lists for the best experience.

1.      Anno 1800: Seat of Power

Despite some considerations, calling this series the best Anno game does not seem like an exaggeration.

In general, this is the latest release that enhances its predecessors. The setting that becomes the theme of this game is the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century.

This best Anno game will take you through the life of the people at that time. Also, the app has various features that make you feel fun spending time in it.

Unlike the previous series, the gameplay has some new features which are related to industrialization. Therefore, you can improvise to build a colony based on trade and industry.

Anno 1800 will bring you to enjoy the gameplay of managing an industry with all workers inside. Further, you can apply various strategies to develop your city to be the top.

2.      Anno 1404: Venice

It is the extension of its predecessor, Anno 1440, but focuses on Venice as the backdrop.

Because it is still one type, this game also has several similarities with Anno 1701. In general, their storylines are the same.

But the difference is that Anno 1404 has a new feature that allows multiplayer mode.

The time setting is the same as its predecessor of Anno 1404, which is the medieval period. It is also known as the Age of Discovery.

You will build various public facilities, ranging from monuments, architectural works to cathedrals. To earn, you can trade and trade!

3.      Anno 2070

This game began circulating in 2011 and became part of the futuristic series. Anno 2070 will take players to the future and try to survive amid environmental problems that hit.

In 2070, the world is experiencing problems due to global warming. The highlands turned into islands due to melting ice.

Meanwhile, the beautiful islands that were once popular have now sunk under the sea. Apart from global warming, the world is also facing various other problems, including environmental pollution.

Therefore, humans must find alternatives to survive. 2070 is not the only Anno series based on futuristic.

However, compared to 2205, this game is closer to the life of today’s society so that it is easy to understand.

4.      Anno 1602

Based on the storyline, Anno 1602 is not much different from other series. In simple terms, you will cultivate an area and make it as desired.

Additionally, players will face various challenges to create a prosperous colony. However, they have to be able to defend themselves from rival attacks.

What is unique about Anno 1602 is its neutral campaign against all countries. While starting the game, you might find the menu to choose a flag that suits you.

Another thing, even though it takes place in the past, the storyline puts more emphasis on technology.

Players will get directions to use knowledge in increasing income and prosperity. The game also lets you create maps for your territory with a feature called Scenario Builder.

Unfortunately, not all versions of the Anno 1602 have this convenience.

5.      Anno 1503

Once you enter the game, you will take control of a ship with people and materials. All of you are on a journey of finding new land to a better life. The building process starts when you reach the site.

In this game, you will face increasing levels according to achievements, ranging from citizens to aristocrats. Of course, you have some tasks to do.

Similar to the Anno 1602, 1503 has a progressive AI that can adapt to the player. Each player will have a different color in it.

Anno 1503 puts forward two things in the game, namely economy, and technology. Humans in this era already have an advanced civilization but have to work hard to survive.

6.      Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery

If you are looking for a reference for the best Anno game for Nintendo DS, then you can try this series. Just like the others, this installment will have you exploring strategies to develop your territory.

Like the title, this game focuses on discovery. You will sail across the ocean to find new islands to stay. Use your best strategy to build the settlements.

Interestingly, this game consists of three modes, namely multiplayer, continuous, and story. Each has challenges that will explore your abilities as a true ruler.

Multiplayer mode allows interacting with other players.

Meanwhile, if you play continuous one, you can seize rival settlements and have them as your territory.

In Story Mode, you can also attack rivals like a continuous one, but the difference is, you have to fulfill several tasks before reaching the goal.

7.      Anno 2205

Although it has the same concept as the previous series, this sixth installment offers a different experience. Anno 2205 will take you to the future.

The time setting is 2205, where the life of people is technology-based. Everything is futuristic that requires players to have a far-sighted mindset.

In addition to building buildings and creating ultra-modern civilizations, players also must meet the needs of the people.

Your income will depend on your people’s satisfaction.

8.      Anno 1404

In North America, people also know Anno 1404 as the Down of Discovery. Ubisoft published this game on June 25, 2009, and invited players to build a city by prioritizing the economic sector.

Because it is still a series, Anno 1404 has many similarities with Anno 1701.

With a storyline concept based on the Medieval and Renaissance eras, this series remains trendy with a futuristic feel from 2070.

Compared to its predecessors, Anno 1404 has several additional features. They include Occident and Orient, which allow you to play in two different zones.

The other feature is the housing level, where you will experience a gradual increase according to your achievements.

Overall, there are six levels to complete this game.

Occident has housing level peasants, citizens, noblemen, and patricians. Meanwhile, in Orient, you have to go through the levels of nomads and envoys.

In addition, several other features were not present in the previous game, namely Civilization Clash ratios, new goods, and quests.

Everything is very challenging!

9.      Anno: Build an Empire

Despite not being the top in this list, you can crown it as the best Anno game for smartphones.

It will be perfect for both iOS and Android. Its smartphone version has the same gameplay as those for PC. However, the availability of in-app purchases certainly provides convenience for mobile gamers.

The time setting itself is the XV century, which is the colonial era.

You will play as a ruler who develops the economy with various assets typical of the period. Moreover, an essential thing about this game is that you can enjoy it immediately after installation.

There are no long and tedious tutorials like most installments.

10.  Anno: Create a New World

Finally, we come to the last. Being at the bottom does not mean Anno: Create a New World is not worth playing. Of course, this is still as interesting as the others.

Playing this game will bring you many challenges.

The background takes the era of the 14th century, precisely during the reign of King George. It was a very bleak period in European history because of the drought.

Then, in these conditions, King George will send his two children, William and Edward, to explore new places in search of a better life.

In this game, you will be Edward whose task is overcoming problems related to the economy and citizen welfare. Thus, you must find resources to save their lives. So, get ready to take the role.


Those are some reviews to learn before starting to install. Each has a time setting and features to try. However, deciding the best Anno game may be different for everyone. So, feel free to pick!


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Best Anno Games, Top 7 Ranked

The Anno series has been producing some of the most exceptional 4X-strategy games since the 1990s.

What is 4X strategy? Simply put, a subgenre of strategy that focuses on 4 key pillars- explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. By taking the initials from each of these 4 key components, you get 4X.

Unlike your average RTS game, 4X can be both turn-based as well as real-time (or a combination of the two).

You don’t just collect resources and build an army in 4X games. Instead, you explore a gigantic map filled with unique biomes and factions who you can turn into allies or enemies.

Victory in 4X games can be achieved through a variety of methods ranging from militaristic expansion to diplomatic relationships. 

Which is the best Anno game? This is a hard question to answer. Each one is unique and introduces new mechanics/civilizations. However, you’ll also notice a bunch of similarities between all Anno games.

For instance, every Anno game since the first has had a year attached to it, denoting the time period it takes place in.

Anno of course is short for Anno Domini (AD) which tells us the year according to Julian/Gregorian calendars.

Every Anno game is set during a pivotal part of human history, with a couple of exceptions. There are two Anno games set within a futuristic timeline-Anno 2205 and 2070. 

Anno Games: Ranked Worst To Best

Clearly, the Anno series of video games are loved by strategy fans all around the world. But which Anno is the best?

Here’s my personal list of the best mainline Anno games, ranked worst to best. The ranking is based on my preference, but you’ll find that most Anno fans more or less agree with how I ordered these games. 

7. Anno 1602

Developer Max Design
Release Date February 1, 2000 (1998 in Europe)
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

The first of its kind, Anno 1602 was originally released all the way back in 1998.

It puts the player in charge of managing the economy, military, and infrastructure of several island groups.

You’d also be able to expand your empire by colonizing and/or establishing diplomatic treaties with neighboring AI empires.

Anno 1602 has a progressive AI system which basically means that the game pace will slow down or increase depending on your decisions.

The first Anno game, 1602 sold very well upon launch in Germany.

In fact, it was Germany’s most popular computer game in 1998 (while also attracting a significant female player base).  

6. Anno 1503

Developer Max Design
Release Date April 4, 2003
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

The sequel to 1602, Anno 1503 didn’t revolutionize the classic formula.

It added little things here and there to smooth out the experience while building upon its predecessor’s success.

Just like the previous Anno game, you can wage war on both land and sea. Or you can focus on trade and diplomacy to bypass military conflict with neighbors while also improving your own economy.

For Anno 1503, Max Design tweaked the combat system.

The result is more options for tactical planning before a battle starts. The map sizes, unit variety, and AI are also a big improvement over Anno 1602. 

5. Anno 1701

Developer Related Designs
Release Date October 30, 2006
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

Ubisoft Mainz was formed back in 1995 and would be known as Related Designs. This Ubisoft subsidiary is renowned for developing one of the best Anno games of all time, Anno 1701.

In Anno 1701, you have two primary game modes- continuous play and scenarios. Continuous play mode puts you in an open-ended world with the potential for limitless expansion and customization.

In scenarios, you are placed within pre-crafted mission templates and given certain tasks to complete.

You can customize world size, island location, and environmental factors such as pirates, natural disasters, etc.

Much like previous Anno titles, your success depends on how efficiently you manage your economy and military. 

4. Anno 1404

Developer Related Designs, Blue Byte
Release Date June 23, 2009
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

This is one of the few legacy Anno titles to get a remaster, which is titled “Anno 1404- History Edition”.

The History Edition remaster features slightly better graphics and support for 4k resolution. Plus, it’s optimized to work properly on modern PC hardware.

History Edition also adds better multiplayer support with bonus content in the form of wallpapers, soundtracks, etc.

It should be noted that Anno 1404 plays a bit differently from its predecessors. There is a lot more focus on city-building (and the variety + detail in buildings has been improved significantly). 

3. Anno 2205

Developer Blue Byte
Release Date November 3, 2015
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

The first of my top 3 Anno titles, 2205 marked a significant departure from the legacy of Anno games set during humanity’s revolutionary/renaissance periods.

This one takes place in a future with advanced space travel, omnipresent nuclear power, and artificial intelligence.

And yes, the futuristic megacities in Anno 2205 have flying cars (which adds a further layer of complexity to city planning).

At the start, you’re put in charge of a giant corporation that’s in fierce competition with rival corporations.

Unlike previous Anno games where you managed islands on Earth, you can now manage settlements both on Earth and in space.

You build futuristic cities filled with skyscrapers and technology research centers, including robot-manufacturing plants. 

2. Anno 1800

Developer Blue Byte
Release Date April 16, 2019
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

The latest and best-looking Anno game, it’s what I’d recommend to most people who are just getting into Anno for the first time.

You’ll find an endless supply of walkthroughs, guides, and tutorial videos that are sufficient to convert you from a newbie into a pro.

Plus, the latest Anno game features quality of life features that make playing the game a lot easier for newcomers.

Set during the beginning of the industrial revolution, Anno 1800 features everything from steam locomotives to petroleum power plants.

And you also have to plan out each city while minimizing pollution and congestion.

Not an easy task, considering the fact that you have to strike a balance between citizen satisfaction and economic growth. 

1. Anno 2070

Developer Related Designs, Blue Byte
Release Date November 17, 2011
Platforms MS Windows (PC)

Anno 2070 is my personal favorite of the lot, and it barely wins out over Anno 1800.

The level of player freedom and customization in this game cannot be rivaled by any other Anno title.

In fact, one of the main criticisms for Anno 2205 was that it took away several game mechanics from its predecessor (2070).

Unlike previous Anno games, politics is no longer a divisive topic that marks a difference between each faction.

Global warming has melted the ice caps and flooded several cities, so all of humanity is working together irrespective of culture or nationality. And there is one global government. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Anno play like Civilization?

A: Not really, even though both are grand strategy games with giant maps and extensive levels of detail in their respective worlds.

The latest Anno 1800 plays somewhat like a city builder with a smattering of strategy. Previous Anno games play more like authentic 4X games.

Q: Do I need a powerful PC to run Anno 1800?

A: You can get by with a gaming PC that is 4 to 5 years old, but the game will slow down while zooming and panning around your city.

As long as you have a quad-core and at least 8GB of RAM, you can run this game on minimum settings.

Q: What is the best way to move my camera in Anno?

A: You can use edge panning/ scrolling. If that isn’t enough, you can also bind WASD to the camera for faster movement. 

Q: How to rotate buildings in Anno?

A: Different games will have different shortcuts. For instance, Anno 2070 uses “,” and “.” while Anno 1800 uses the middle mouse button. Since these are PC games, you can easily rebind the keys according to your personal preferences.

Q: Does Anno have multiplayer?

A: Anno games have always had some form of multiplayer, whether it be online or LAN. For example- Anno 1800 supports online cooperative play with friends. You can also play against your friend or team up against AI.


You don’t need to play the Anno series in any particular order, since they act like standalone titles. Each with its own historical setting and storyline.

But if you do play a couple of these games, you’ll notice that game mechanics and systems carry over between titles.

The game features civilizations based on real historic empires, with a somewhat realistic depiction of the culture for each one of these civilizations.

And as for this list of mine, it only contains the mainline Anno titles. Spinoffs such as Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery and Anno Online haven’t been included.

Because if I discussed all the spinoffs, it would make this article far too long and tedious for most readers. 

If you’re new to Anno, don’t worry about the spinoffs- the main series is plenty to keep you busy for months. And these are also the best Anno games. So dig in, take your pick, and start playing some Anno.

Anno game series — all parts of Anno in order

If you like to meditate, watching how little people solve their daily tasks in the world you created, the Anno game series, created in the best German traditions, is just what the doctor ordered. At home, a whole army of fans is devoted to it not only out of love for domestic products, but in our open spaces, many were inflamed with tender feelings for Anno strategies back in the late 90s.

Anno 1602: the settlers sailed from nowhere

When the world was bigger and hard drives smaller, more than one cool PC strategy saw the light of day: Age of Empires, The Settlers, Caesar, his younger brothers Zeus and Pharaoh, the list goes on. Anno 1602: Creation of a New World (or 1602 A.D.), released in 1998, is somewhat similar to each of them, but not similar in general.

Despite the fact that the name of the game hints at the colonization of America (it was at the beginning of the 17th century that the British founded the first colonies in what is now the United States), with historical accuracy, the developers from Max Design decided not to bother. Our settlers have no idea about their nationality, and they have to live not on the mainland, as it really was, but on islands that you will not find on the map. In addition, the settlers have no way to contact the metropolis and invite friends from their homeland, as in Sid Meier’s Colonization. The fact that colonists once lived in another part of the world is only reminded by itinerant merchants and pirates, who come from nowhere.

The size of the settlement entrusted to you is very modest, determined by their first built building — a warehouse where all honestly earned benefits are stored. Only in the zone of its action can everything else be built, given that a significant part of it falls on the sea, there is quite a bit of space for construction. But there is good news: in Anno 1602, you can not limit yourself to one settlement. In this case, each colony does not have to be self-sufficient at all — what the inhabitants of one village lack, it is quite possible to deliver from another.

In addition to money (which, by the way, the developers did not give a name, which also does not contribute to historical accuracy), wood, stone, and tools will be required for construction. It is also worth choosing the right places for buildings: for example, if the sawmill is not placed close enough to the forest, when the trees in the area of ​​​​the building run out, your lumberjacks will start to beat the buckets instead of benefiting society.

One of the main features of Anno 1602, as well as subsequent games in the series, is the almost complete absence of war. Yes, of course, you can attack the indigenous population, for example, but the result of the battle will always be predictable — whoever has more units wins. It is much more interesting to focus on the well-being of your colonies, meeting the needs of workers, collecting and producing resources (and there are many of them, only a few edible items) and economic growth.

The first part of the series has two expansions — New Islands, New Adventures and By Royal Command, also released in 1998.

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Anno 1503: no more historicity, more variety!

Anno 1503 was released in 2003. As in the previous part, the developers ignored the history and geography: the African savannahs are adjacent to the American prairies, European forests and the polar tundra. And again, we will have a huge set of resources at our disposal: here you will find cotton, wheat fields, tobacco and sugar cane plantations, grapes, hemp (to twist ropes, and not what you thought), livestock and mining opportunities. At the same time, grapes, for example, do not grow in the tundra, so its economy depends on the climatic zone in which your city is located.

We have to find shelter on the islands again, only now everything has become more colorful and prettier. Again, the needs of the citizens will have to be met, and the higher their standard of living, the more bourgeois excesses fall into the list of essentials. The status of townspeople is growing, from ordinary settlers, for whom it was enough to have some kind of roof over their heads for happiness, they are gradually turning into aristocrats, whose days will be full of sadness and longing without parks and theaters.

There is much less trouble with international trade and diplomacy than in the first part: it is enough to conclude a cooperation agreement, lay out a trade route and indicate the places of arrival and departure of merchants, and then everything will happen automatically.

In 2004 Max Design released Treasures, Monsters and Pirates with new campaigns and scenarios.

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Anno 1701: All Quiet on the Caribbean Front

The third part of Anno came out three years later, in 2006. But little has changed in the game: you still need to build, explore, lay routes, trade, sometimes fight on a little. But the picture has become much more beautiful, (Many even dubbed Anno 1701 the most beautiful urban simulator at that time), all elements are drawn with true German pedantry, which is good news.

And it all starts with the fact that our smiling hero in a brand new camisole lands somewhere in the Caribbean. In his hand he has a letter from Her Majesty, giving the right to found a colony. In general, there is no end to the work. True, from time to time Mother Nature creates interference in the form of tornadoes or volcanic eruptions. And if a plague breaks out in the settlement, merchant ships will not want to moor with you — it smells bad. The queen will also demand to pay tribute, do not obey — the punitive expedition is already rushing towards you across the ocean at full speed.

The third part, like the previous games in the Anno series, is made with high quality, but still it seems that there is not enough soul in it. The settlers are just a faceless crowd, if the buildings are drawn with accuracy and thoroughness, then the people in the game turned out to be crooked, and in fact they would like to take a closer look.

In 2007, the Nintendo DS version Anno 1701: Dawn of Discovery was released, and in 2008 The Curse of the Dragon was released, adding a 12-mission campaign leading to the magical artifact Dragon’s Eye and a new natural disaster — a meteorite fall.

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Anno 1404: The Orient is a delicate matter

Anno, like fine wine, only gets better with age. The fourth part, which was released in 2009, struck with picturesque landscapes and chic drawing. At some point, when everything seems to be built, production is established, trade is going on, you want to watch everything that happens, feeling proud of the town created by your own hands. Looking at crabs on the sandy shore, staggering drunken revelers, scurrying back and forth hard workers is akin to meditation.

But what’s really new in Anno 1404 is travel to the East. European views will seem gray and dull compared to bright oriental colors. The ability to develop in two cultures immediately brings variety to the gameplay. At the same time, you will have to adapt to life in the eastern city, because the climatic conditions are different from European ones. For example, to turn a piece of desert into fertile land, you need to build irrigation stations.

Another nice bonus is that the controls are simplified compared to the previous parts. In general, it turned out to be a deep, beautiful and unhurried strategy, the best in its genre in terms of visual design. At least at that moment.

A year later, in 2010, Venice was released. Although it is impossible to manage the most romantic city in Italy (it acts as a strong neighbor, throwing up various tasks every now and then), new story missions and full-fledged multiplayer appear.

You can download Anno 1404: Gold Edition along with the addon in GOG.


Anno 2070: think globally, act locally

Humanity, unfortunately, has been thinking about environmental problems relatively recently. And that is not all, but for those few who are trying to somehow help mother nature, large corporations and oil magnates put spokes in the wheels. In Anno 2070, released in 2011, we decided to show what awaits the planet in the near future, if we do not stop ruthlessly depleting its resources and destroying everything we can reach.

In the fifth part, you will again have to surf the oceans and colonize the islands, but not out of a craving for adventure, but out of lack of another way out, because the sea level has risen, leaving only land islands at our disposal. The essence of the game remains the same: we build, develop, delight the population. But now you have to do everything with an eye on the ecological situation — every action of the player affects the environment.

You will be offered to take the side of one of the factions: in Global Trust they develop quickly, but do not think about tomorrow at all, for which nature can severely punish, in the Eden Initiative everything happens much more slowly, but safer. Naturally, most players choose the bright side. The developers foresaw this, so in some missions they literally force you to try on the image of a villain or use both approaches equally.

Developing technology in Anno 2070 is more effective and interesting than in previous parts, and having access to research laboratories, you can completely change the future of the world.

The 2012 Deep Ocean expansion adds new campaigns, resources and disasters.

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In 2013 the browser-based strategy Anno Online appeared, in which the developers transferred all the best from the series, but now the game is closed. But when you try to get to the page of the browser, we are instead offered a nice toy Anno: Build an Empire for Android and iOS.

Anno 2205: ticket to the Moon

Released in 2015, Anno 2205 tells how bad things are in the 23rd century: the ancestors nevertheless brought the long-suffering planet to almost complete flooding. Now we are building a huge corporation, taking into account the opinion of environmentalists, who have finally begun to listen. The requests of the wards are no longer limited to a hearty dinner and a warm bed — give them neuroimplants and anti-aging injections.

In addition to the base in warm, friendly lands, you will also have to build a settlement in the Arctic. Like it or not, it will be unprofitable, but only there you can produce various high-tech gizmos for the rest of the bases. And later we will also fly to the moon, spend an indecent amount of money there, but we will get so much energy that our entire empire will be in chocolate.

Production chains are so complex that it becomes simply impossible to remember what is needed for what. The locations are beautiful, but there are very few of them — only nine pieces. There is not much to fight with anyone — sometimes there will be small skirmishes at sea, but in general, people of the future will not see a real war, as well as competitors who appear only as avatars in the results table. But there are a bunch of quests, for the completion of which you can get rare resources.

In general, everything is complicated, long, beautiful and interesting, but without rivals and multiplayer it can become sad. The only chance to lose is to drive your corporation into a financial tailspin.

Three expansions were released in 2016: Tundra, Orbit and Frontiers.

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Anno 1800: Era of Change

On April 16, 2019, fans of the series had the opportunity to get acquainted with its new part — Anno 1800. If the two previous games sent us to the distant and not very future, then in this one, as it is not difficult to guess from the name, we are waiting for the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Anno 1800 is to some extent a return to Anno 1404: here, too, players are waiting for islands, each of which is rich in certain types of resources. In general, the essence has remained unchanged — we build houses and other necessary buildings, extract resources, process from and produce goods, satisfy the needs of citizens, in general, we grow and develop in every possible way.

The population is divided into five classes, and if farmers, in order to be happy and not want to run away from under your leadership, just catch fish and sew simple linen clothes, and for this resources can be found almost everywhere, then the higher the class of settlers, the harder to get and produce what he needs.

In addition to the home region, only one new region is available in the game — the New World, which looks somehow frivolous compared to the number of different regions in the previous part of the series. But the game is trying with all its might to save the newly minted manager from micromanagement so that he can pay maximum attention to the economy.

Of course, there is war in Anno 1800, but it never became one of the key elements of the gameplay. With diplomacy, the situation is completely strange: on low and medium difficulty, neighbors will not declare war on you just out of harm, but it’s still not so easy to negotiate with them, but on high they may dislike you for the very fact of your existence.

As for the main thing, the economy, sooner or later you will have to build such a complex and cumbersome system that there is simply no time left for other aspects of the game, such as expeditions and compiling newspaper headlines. However, they are not that important.

On the whole, Anno 1800 is a solid economic strategy, certainly not worse than the first parts of the series and in many ways better than the previous one.

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Anno: History Collection — a timeless classic

On June 25, 2020, Ubisoft Mainz released a collection with re-releases of the first four games of the franchise — starting with the classic Anno 1602: Creation of a New World and ending with Anno 1404, released in 2009 . A number of mechanics were modernized, the multiplayer was thought out, but the picture was almost not touched.

On the other hand, all four projects received excellent optimization for modern systems, high resolution, many old bug fixes and full integration with the Uplay service. Updated games can be purchased both as part of the collection and separately.


The best part of Anno — Community Imperial

Date: March 16, 2014, 09:27

It is interesting to know your opinion.

    Date: March 16, 2014, 09:46

    I didn’t like 2070 — I don’t like strategies about the future. 1404 is a masterpiece. The rest of the parts are not much different from 1404, only the graphics are worse, so my vote is for 1404

      Date: March 16, 2014, 11:19

      Anno 2070 is an interesting game, but Anno 1404 is still closer to me. I vote for it.

        Date: March 18, 2014, 02:47

        definitely 1404. and the most interesting period for me.
        sorry, no technical support anymore… played co-op with a friend, but due to constant problems (which are revealed both on the pirated and on the license) had to be abandoned. otherwise they would play for a long time, it is very addictive)

          Date: 24 March 2015, 22:19

          What happened to Anno after moving to Ubisoft

          As is often the case, many up-and-coming game development studios with a talented team inside go under the ownership of big companies that are real sharks in the gaming industry.

          The French from Ubisoft in 2013 bought out 30% of the studio Related Design, the creators of the outstanding Anno series. Many, due to the high rating and celebrity of Yubikov, began to have great hopes regarding the future of Anno, which, unfortunately, did not come. And even the absolute acquisition of the «great fathers» could not improve the current situation, and partially even aggravated it.

          But fortunately, such a deplorable situation did not happen with the classic genre of games — shooters. On the contrary, over the years, fans and players have only been arriving, and this is clearly evidence that the games of this genre are really interesting for the user.

          What is the reason?

          First of all, this is the emergence of the Anno Online project, which began to be distributed according to the Free-to-Play scheme. Free-to-play games with the need to buy in-game content for real money have gained popularity on mobile platforms, but when it comes to PC, you should expect trouble.

          Many gamers prefer to pay for a quality game and get the desired emotions for it during the passage, but Anno Online with its free status has failed completely. The main reason for this failure was the same type of quest tasks, a one-line plot and the lack of any dynamics in the gameplay and the desired freedom of choice.

          The second reason for such a frank failure and delays with future parts of the series was the perplexity of Ubisoft, which is already engaged in many game projects, highlighting the priorities of its own production. And even the appearance of fresh DLC for Anno 2070 is the work of avid fans of a professional level.

          In addition, do not forget about the failure of the online version, which has ceased to bring the desired profit. This, you see, motivates a little.

          All of the above is the most reliable reason why in 2015 we did not hear encouraging information about the appearance of new parts of the series, or at least new full-fledged DLC, which have every chance not only to enrich the previous parts, but also to correct situation with Anno Online 2013 release.