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Maps and Vehicles
Defense of Con Thien is a head to head battle across the DMZ separating North and South Vietnam. Defense of Con Thien features 3 new vehicles:

  • OH-6 Loach is a scout helicopter used by the USMarines. It’s fast and agile, armed with chain guns and can be used to spot for artillery strikes.
  • Ka-25 ‘Hormone’ is an attack helicopter used by the NVA. It carries chain guns and heat seeking missiles, and also benefits from the addition of radar in the nose.
  • Stationary M60 emplacements with infinite ammo.

Menu and Game Features

  • MapVote/KickVote/Buddy GUI from BF1942 1.6 has been integrated into BFV 1.1.
  • Longer player names (Up to 23 characters) will show up on the TAB screen.
  • Current tickets for each team displayed on the TAB screen.
  • Server IP, name, and current map appear on TAB Screen.
  • Server Favorites option added to server browser.
  • Server Browser Legend added.
  • Copy and Paste IP address into Add Server dialog box
  • Servers rented through the EA ‘Rent Server’ program have special a icon in the server browser.
  • The choice to using English Only dialog for all VO’s added to Options Menu.
  • 3d map now shows friendly mines, traps, explosives, ammo boxes, and medical cabinets. These icons fade in as the player approaches.
  • Pixel added to the middle of the crosshair.
  • Flight Ceiling added to helicopters.

Dedicated Server

  • Dedicated server supports the creation of a multiple mod/game mode maplist. Note that Evolution mode is NOT supported in a mixed mod map list.
  • Added an option to force team switch at the end of a round.
  • Added an option to carry tickets over between rounds. This will work with team switch, so the tickets will follow the team if they switch sides.
  • Can force players with a defined string in their name to a particular team.
  • Crosshair pixel centerpoint option added to dedicated server.
  • Crosshair hit feedback option added to dedicated server.
  • Dedicated server can choose between death camera options of orbit/reveal killer/free cam.
  • TK punish mode options added to dedicated server.
  • Password-reserved slots added to dedicated server.
  • Option to disable the Flag Warning mini-map icon added.


  • Disappearing/duplicate missiles bug fixed. This was especially prevalent with the Mi8.
  • Fixed bug where NVA mobile tunnel spawns wouldn’t appear for some players.
  • Punkbuster button is easier to see, and easier to select.
  • Multiple VO messages at connection time fixed.
  • Selecting the current weapon from the weapon menu will close the menu.
  • Splash physics against soldiers fixed. They now react with the appropriate force when a tank shell explodes nearby.
  • lowered 44 Magnum rate of fire to better sync with the animation.
  • Free camera prediction moved to client side to give smoother control.
  • Removed splash physics from friendly explosions when Friendly Fire is off.
  • Airlifting Tango no longer repairs/rearms helicopter.
  • Vehicles on Tango won’t float in the air when Tango moves.
  • Can no longer deploy Pungi Sticks when in an armed passenger position (they would float around the vehicle).
  • Can no longer deploy Claymores when in armed passenger position (they would explode).
  • Certain static object exploits fixed.
  • Fixed potential exploit involved with altering video settings.
  • AI shooting teammates has been lessened.
  • AI visibility is now properly blocked by overgrowth/undergrowth.


  • Jeeps take less damage in water.
  • Jeep top speed and torque increased.
  • Helicopter bullet damage decreased against light vehicles and air vehicles.
  • The ability to track air targets was lowered for vehicle mounted heatseekers.
  • MUTT tow rocket changed to a heat seeker. Reload time increased, ammo count decreased.
  • Cobra heatseeker rate of fire decreased.
  • Increased destabilization of Cobra when no driver, making it harder to switch to the 2nd position to fire heatseekers.
  • Slightly reduced Cobra hitpoints.
  • M60 damage vs. helicopters increased.
  • LAW and RPG damage vs. helicopters significantly increased.
  • Vehicle resupply radius of ammoboxes increased from 3 to 8 meters.
  • BM21SAM minimum firing pitch angle lowered.
  • BM21SAM Rate of fire doubled, but now contains 4×10 round magazines with a long reload.
  • Increased ammo count of M46 from 30 to 50 rounds.
  • Replaced static crosshair with animated one in all mounted MG’s.
  • Lowered minimum pitch of all tank turrets as much as possible.
  • Kit speeds adjusted so Scouts are fastest, Heavy Assault slowest.
  • Falling damage when going down stairs reduced.
  • Flaming Dart air towers are less vulnerable to explosives and mortar attacks.


  • General optimizations to reduce server lag.
  • CDkey hash added to game.listplayers output. -game.listPlayers uses the new format: #Id: — is remote ip: : hash:
  • Gamespy port setting fixed. game.gameSpyPort — now working game.gameSpyLANPort — now working game. ASEPort — removed (not supported by ASE)
  • All Seeing Eye updated.
  • Battlefield Vietnam games no longer appear in Battlefield 1942 ASE list.
  • Player details should appear correctly in ASE server list.


  • Sort by Ping fixed in Server Browser.
  • Scrollbar fixed in Server Browser.
  • Player number now displays properly if more than 10000 players.
  • Soldier prediction fixed to remove jerky movements when walking/jumping.
  • M60 removed from the LAW kit and replaced with M14.
  • M60 and RPD min/max bullet deviation increased when standing/moving.
  • M60 and RPD max bullet deviation decreased slightly when prone.
  • Rate of fire and velocity of M60/RPD adjusted.
  • Player movement speeds on Heavy Assault kits reduced slightly.
  • Network overhead of vehicle engines and airlifting significantly reduced.
  • Added minimap warning icon when enemies are within capture radius of an opposing team flag.

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Battlefield: Vietnam Redux — PC — Review

Battlefield: Vietnam Redux might as well be Battlefield: Vietnam

That might be a bit harsh, but any BFV fan that may have been
looking forward to this release as a gaming fix until BF 2 is released will
surely be disappointed. Some gamers, including myself thought that this might be
more of an expansion pack or a re-release of the game with some cool bonus
features not already found as a patch. To my dismay I was wrong. Just about
anything worthwhile can already be found as a download to update the original
version of the game.

The WWII mod, in its own right, is fun to play using the BFV
layout, but any BFV fan would have most certainly downloaded this as an update
to the game. In addition, it also has what should have been a current version of
the game, V 1.2. (Sigh) Mistake number two. At the time of review I had to
download a new patch so I could play online, V1.21. If that is not bad enough, I
had to figure out that BFV is no different than Redux; there is absolutely no
information on updates on the EA Web site.

Case in point … I could not play online, said I needed current
version. Go to EA to find update, all I could find were updates to BFV. No where
does it say BFV and BFV Redux are one and the same. So I surf from one end of
the Internet to the other in search of some update that cannot be found. Only
until I read a few message boards do I find that I am only to update BFV Redux
by downloading the BFV update. Low and behold, if I didn’t have the WWII mod
with my new game, I could have downloaded that too. So my point is this,
anything found on the discs you can pretty much find as a download if you have
the original version of the game – so save your pennies. If there is something
I’m missing it’s just plain not worth the $29.99 MSRP. NOW if you were
considering getting BFV and don’t already have it, well that’s a whole different
ballgame. Only then can I recommend this title.

So here is my take on BFV. The Battlefield franchise leaves 1942
behind and jumps 20 some years into the future waging war with more firepower,
plus modernized weaponry and vehicles. Battlefield Vietnam levels feature the
country’s thick, jungle landscapes, which can have a great effect on
line-of-sight, cover, and tactics, as well as on the game’s overall look. The
scenarios let you choose how you want to fight either from the land, air, or
sea. The drivable vehicles include jet fighters, helicopters, tanks, trucks, and
jeeps, and passengers can fire weapons while on board. A cross-section of
popular music from the era, including singles by Creedence Clearwater Revival,
Jefferson Airplane, and the Kingsmen, can be played in-game on the car and truck
radios, and will be heard by other players as these vehicles pass them, If
playing in a multiplayer game, users can also import and listen to customized
.mp3 soundtracks (though only on their own computers).

Personally I like these types of games with some sort of
campaign style of play where you feel like you are progressing through the game
meeting some end-all objective. Instead here we just have scenarios, or missions
if you will, that still have you just fighting for command points and holding
off the enemy. The upside is the environments are immersive and the new vehicles
are quite fun. Definitely different from BF 1942, yet still pretty much the same
type of gameplay.

Playing online is still the best thing this game or franchise
has to offer. There is so much diversity and tactics one team can use, it would
be hard to duplicate any game. Unfortunately with BFV and BFV Redux the Internet
servers still have problems with crashing games or lag with 64 players. Most
smaller games can play hassle-free and are a blast to play.

The music was awesome. I loved hearing the tunes from the era
and it added realism to the game. The sound effects and voices were decently
done. Visually the game is appealing but not exactly eye-popping. I like the
fact that maybe the developers may have gone for better graphics to add more
drivable vehicles or gun emplacements. That, my friends, is worthy of letting a
few pixels go. Playing the game is a blast no matter how you choose to play it.

Unfortunately, though BFV is fun, it’s just not what this review
was supposed to be about. This is supposed to be about BFV Redux, which if you
even try and find it on EA’s Web site you will be out of luck. How sad is that?
It seems that EA is not posting anything about the game because they know that
this was all about marketing. They just packaged the updates (well most of
them), and added the WWII mod and a few maps and threw it in a new box and
dropped the price a bit. I’m starting to second guess my loyalty to EA. It would
be one thing to post what this game is all about and say ‘here ya go, if you
don’t already have BFV, now is the time to get it. We put all the patches and
mods together for ya!’ I should not have to find out from retail outlets or from
other people’s forums about who bought the game and how they were disappointed
because they already had the stuff from the free downloads. Just would have been
an honest and admirable statement, and would have kept gamers in their corner.
I’ll get off my soapbox now and quietly wait for Battlefield 2. 

Review Scoring Details for Battlefield Vietnam Redux

Gameplay: 8. 0
Easy to get started and the default keys are laid out nicely. No hiccups so
the game ran smoothly.

Graphics: 8.0
Visually the game was good. You don’t exactly need a power horse to run it
so it played awesome. The effects were decent and immersed this reviewer in the

Sound: 9.0
The musical score was awesome. Tracks right from the era that you have heard
in any Vietnam movie. The sound effects and voice-overs are quite good too.

Difficulty: Medium
You can toggle the settings to make the game as easy or hard as you like.
You can even further tweak some attributes to fine-tune the challenge as well.

Concept: 5.0
This is still BFV with the latest patches and the WWII mods. It’s a shame
that it’s basically the same game in a new box with a lower MSRP than the
original. The upside is that if you do not have the original BFV this is a good
time to buy. That or wait for the long anticipated BF 2

Multiplayer: 7. 0
Once you find the right version multiplayer can be quite fun. With so many
variations and updates this can be difficult. As of time of review there was no
help from the web site. You would think that all the correct patches would be on
this one, yet still not. GRRRRR

Overall: 6.5
BFV in a new box; yes, it has a few minor changes but for the most part, for
anyone who owns the original BFV there is really no point in shelling out the
bucks for this one. This is not, by any means, an expansion as most thought it
would be. If you don’t have BFV than by all means pick up BFV Redux, otherwise
just save your cash. (Editor’s note: The overall score here reflects the
repackaging of the original title. Battlefield: Vietnam’s original title
received a score of 9.0 from and that review can be found at

90,000 50 years later. Eight famous films about the Vietnam War

  • Ilya Goncharov
  • for BBC Russian Service

Image copyright, Getty Images

Image caption,

American actor Anthony Barrille on the set of the Vietnam War film Hamburger Hill, 1986

50 years ago, US troops officially withdrew from the Vietnam War on January 27, 19For 73 years, the Paris Agreements on a ceasefire and the restoration of peace in Vietnam were signed, but in fact only the United States withdrew from the war, and hostilities continued for another two years.

By the time the Paris Agreements were signed, most of the American contingent had already left the country. The last soldiers left Vietnam in March of that year.

The Vietnam War, which lasted more than ten years, caused great suffering to the Vietnamese people and changed America.

It became the first «unloved war» in US history, against which the broad masses of Americans openly protested. It also resulted in a wave of mental disorders among veterans, unofficially called the «Vietnamese Syndrome».

Movies were not left out either: in the 1970s and 1980s, many films were made about the Vietnam War and its consequences for America. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous.

Image copyright, Getty Images

Image caption,

Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver (1976)

A film about a narrow-minded and unfortunate young man Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), who, after demobilization, cannot find a place in civilian life , suffers from insomnia, loneliness and alcoholism, spends long hours in porno movie parlors and finally buys weapons and goes to a familiar brothel to kill pimps and clients — to cleanse, as he believes, the city of New York from filth.

In this painting by Martin Scorsese, awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes, the war is so hidden that you can only notice its presence if you look very closely. For example, the emblem of the King Kong Company on Travis’ jacket was the name of the Marine unit where the hero served.

Nevertheless, «Taxi Driver» is considered one of the iconic films about the Vietnam War, because it shows the restlessness of thousands of veterans who returned from the war — just as lonely and with a broken psyche.

Image copyright Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Image caption

Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter, 1978

Skip the Podcast and continue reading.


What was that?

We quickly, simply and clearly explain what happened, why it’s important and what’s next.


End of story Podcast

The Deer Hunter, directed by Michael Cimino, tells the story of three guys from a community of Russian emigrants living in the American outback.

They work at a steel mill and have a busy life: they have to attend a wedding in the Russian Orthodox Church, dance to «Korobushka» and «Katyusha» at a wedding, go hunting — and all this before going to fight in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, all three are captured by the Viet Cong, who force them to play Russian roulette. They will become addicted to this game and will play more than once, risking their lives, including with each other. One of them will be unlucky one day and shoot himself.

This is one of the most controversial films about Vietnam — and one of the most controversial in the history of cinema in general. It won five Oscars out of nine nominations, and critics still place it on all sorts of lists of the best films of all time.

However, many consider this film overrated: the introduction is too long, the Vietnamese in the film are too cruel and dehumanized, and they did not force the prisoners to play Russian roulette in real life.

In the USSR, they were offended by the fact that the heroes of this film were Russians, they did not accept it for rent, and «The Deer Hunter» appeared on the Russian screen only in 2019year.

Image copyright, Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Image caption

Still from Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now, 1979

Film by Francis Ford Coppola, working title The beginning of filming was «Psychedelic Soldier». A great poem of cruelty and absurdity, which in the author’s version lasted more than five hours, but the film was later reduced to three.

Her hero, Captain Benjamin Willard (Martin Sheen) and his crew sail up the Mekong River into the jungles of Cambodia to find and destroy former US Army officer Walter Kurtz (Marlon Brando) — a former «green beret» who deserted, went crazy and became the leader of a distant tribe.

Constantly growing madness is the main motive of the film. It begins at the base of the helicopter unit — the starting point of Willard’s detachment.

The unit commander suddenly decides to destroy a remote village on the seashore, regardless of the loss of personnel and without sparing the civilian population, simply because he wanted to go surfing in those places.

The scene where the Ride of the Valkyries helicopters burn forests and houses with napalm is perhaps the most famous moment of this film. From the same scene — the commander’s catch phrase: «I love the smell of napalm in the morning.»

And the higher up the river the characters get, the more absurd the situations they find themselves in become. And in the end, when they do find Kurtz, the mysticism begins.

Image copyright, Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Image caption,

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: First Blood

First Blood (1982)

Sylvester Stallone’s character John Rambo due to the disastrous effect of the franchise, he entered popular culture as an almost caricature character who does not care who to destroy by the dozens — the Viet Cong, the Taliban or members of the Mexican drug cartel.

However, «First Blood», where he first appeared on the screen, was not a primitive action movie about a superhero. This picture is deeper and more complex — it is about the fact that a soldier can leave the battlefield, but the battlefield will never leave the soldier.

In the first film, the action takes place not in Vietnam, but in a provincial American town. War veteran John Rambo came there to look for his front-line comrade, but does not find him and finds himself in a strange place all alone — without a car, without friends and without prospects.

Rambo’s battle against everyone started at the police station, where he was beaten for disobeying an officer’s orders. At the sight of his own blood, he had a flash of rage — he remembered the time spent in captivity.

The case ended in a massacre — first in the police station, and then in the forest, from where he had to be smoked out with the involvement of additional police forces, helicopters and the National Guard.

«First blood is on them,» — this is how the hero said about why he arranged all this at all.

Exciting action, but when you think about what an insignificant reason it all started (Rambo ended up in the station, arguing with the local sheriff, who mistook him for a homeless man), you realize that the veteran carried the war in him all this time, and she just waited opportunity to get out.

Image copyright, TriStar Pictures/Getty Images

Image caption,

Nicolas Cage and Matthew Modine in a scene from Birdy

Birdy, 1984

Birdy and Al’s friendship story — two guys from the American hinterland who went through Vietnam. The war itself remains behind the scenes — the film directed by Alan Parker shows their life before and after the war.

Before the war, they carelessly walk with the girls and invent a flying machine, and after — Bird went crazy and thinks he is a bird, and Al visits him in a psychiatric clinic and tries to bring him back to life.

Al’s psyche is also crippled, after Vietnam he is afraid of closed spaces. But he still has a bitter realization of the senselessness of the war that broke the life of him and his friend, and that their fate has become a bargaining chip in someone else’s game, which they never understood.

One of the most heartfelt moments of the film is Al’s reflections on his participation in the war, which he unexpectedly compares to how, in childhood, he and Bird were dragged into a dirty business by one rogue.

«Funny. We’d be heroes in another war. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into playing heroes, did we? dogs?» he says.

They ran away from Sogesa, who caught stray dogs and handed them over to the slaughterhouse, as soon as they found out in which «shelter» he takes the caught animals. They failed to escape the war.

Image copyright, Getty Images

Image caption

Still from Hamburger Hill

Hamburger Hill, 1987

John Irwin’s film based on the true story how a platoon of the 3rd Battalion, 101st Airborne Assault Division of the US Army took Hill 937, nicknamed Hamburger Hill, in May 1969.

This film has been called one of the most realistic films about the Vietnam War. it is quite difficult, because half an hour after the start, tough battle scenes begin there, in which soldiers are blown up by mines, come under fire and lose their arms and legs, unsuccessfully trying to take the point on which the enemy was entrenched.0011

In between fights, they joke about girls, read (listen to audiotapes) letters from home, discuss American social issues, including anti-war protests at home. And they continue to die one by one.

And when the height is finally taken after ten days of assault, the wounded are carried off the slopes, the remaining soldiers of the platoon sit on the top of this hill, and the commander looks into the distance, and tears roll down his cheeks. And this is where the movie ends.

«Is that all?» — the viewer should be surprised here.

A second later, the end credits roll, explaining that the film is dedicated to the soldiers who fought for heights and paths whose names no one remembers now except themselves. «When people dare to call this war idiotic, do not forget to remember the kind words of those humble heroes who did not return from it.»

Image copyright, Getty Images

Image caption,

Robin Williams in a scene from Good Morning Vietnam!

Good Morning, Vietnam, 1987 year

A film about radio host Adrian Cronauer, who entertained the US military in Vietnam with fiery morning shows, which he began with a loud exclamation of «Good morning, Vietnam!»

A naive tragicomedy about how a careless merry fellow, getting to the front, sees with his own eyes that his country is killing other people and lies to his people about the loss of personnel.

And his friendship with a local resident Phan Duc To turns into a tragedy: a new friend turns out to be a Viet Cong and, taking advantage of his gullibility, causes an explosion in a bar where the American military gathered.

And when Cronauer accuses him of betrayal and that two good guys died because of him, Phan Duc To answers him that they actually came to Vietnam to kill his people and his family.

Nice guy Cronauer, however, does not feel guilty for the actions of the American army and is more sad about his damaged personal file than about the lost family of a friend and the tragedy of the Vietnamese people.

Image copyright Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Image caption,

Actors Vincent d’Onofrio, Matthew Modine and Ronald Lee Ermey in a scene from the film «Full Metal Jacket»

«Full Metal Jacket» (Full Metal Jacket), 1987

The penultimate work of the great Stanley Kubrick is remembered primarily for the drill scenes soldiers in a training camp where they were trained as professional assassins.

The cruel Sergeant Hartman mocks recruits in every possible way, especially becoming attached to «favorites». One of the «favorites» on the last night before being sent to Vietnam kills Sergeant Hartman and shoots himself, and the rest of the unit goes to the front and dies already there.